Luka Magnotta filmed himself murdering Lin Jun, then shared the đoạn phim online. "It just gave sầu me this weird energy," he later said. "Something just happened in my brain."


BNO News/YouTubeLuka Magnotta on the day of his arrest. June 18, 2012.

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“Something forced me lớn bởi it. It just gave sầu me this weird energy,” Luka Magnotta told a psychiatrist while waiting for his trial to begin. “Something just happened in my brain.”

Magnotta said that he và Lin Jun were lovers, sharing a night together when a black oto outside filled hlặng with a conviction that Lin Jun was a secret agent. “Tie hyên up. Cut it,” he heard a voice tell hlặng, he said. “Do it. He’s from the government.”

Then, after he’d slit Lin Jun’s throat và chopped up his body toàn thân, Magnotta said that the voices told him: “Give sầu it back to the government” (hence mailing the body parts lớn government offices).

But it’s of course hard to lớn say if Magnotta is telling the truth. The details và organization of the crimes, another psychiatrist said, show that Magnotta was having “anything but disorganized thought.” Instead, other analysts said that Magnotta knowingly committed the crime for the attention & that, for hyên ổn, the problem was simply that, “negative sầu attention is better than no attention at all.”

We may never know for sure what went wrong inside the mind of Luka Magnotta. His jury, though, didn’t accept his insanity defense. In Dec. 2014, they found hyên ổn guilty on all counts and sentenced him to lớn life in prison.

But for the family of Lin Jun, Luka Magnotta’s punishment will surely never be enough.

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“I will never see his smiling face,” said the victim’s father, “or hear about his new accomplishments or hear his laugh. Lin Jun’s birthday is on Dec. 30 và he will never be there for his birthday or ours.”

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