SAN FRANCISCO, OCTOBER 24th, 2017 -, the world"s leading system utilities and security software provider, today announces the launch of its flagship program Advanced SystemCare 11 which can help Windows users khổng lồ clean and speed up their computer, boost PC performance và protect the system và privacy.

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The new edition enhances its capabilities of PC cleaning và optimization with new stronger engines & better solutions.

Accumulated junk files may slow down the PC. The enhanced scanning và cleaning engine in Advanced SystemCare 11 can help users to lớn deeply detect and completely remove junk files và privacy traces accumulated over the years. And the whole cleaning process can be completed over 11/2 faster comparing lớn the old version. Meanwhile, the disk optimizing engine is newly added to lớn the Clean và Optimize module, which can improve disk performance by intelligently organizing drive data for a more effective sầu computer. Besides, the Performance Monitor feature has been redesigned with more easy và intuitive sầu operations, such as the high CPU usage alert & the quichồng approach to Turbo Boost which can help users make better use of the system resources.

One important part of the new edition is the newly integrated Security Reinforce. It can diagnose và fix system weaknesses such as vulnerabilities of RDP., UAC & Windows Updates và improve sầu the security of the system to prsự kiện hacking. To combat the increasing number of victims suffering privacy theft và data loss, Advanced SystemCare 11 offers a stronger protection with the new Homepage Advisor feature which detects any modifications of homepage và tìm kiếm engine lớn avoid browser hijacking. With the larger online database, Surfing Protection và Ads Removal feature can prevent users from more online threats and block annoying ads to ensure a secure and ad-free surfing experience.

"Advanced SystemCare 11 is a very comprehensive sầu system tool but we make it light and easy-to-use," Said Bing Wang, Product Director at "It takes little system space to vày its work & keep users" computer running smoothly while securing the system và browsing. Moreover, the new UI and the improved workflow of Toolbox module make it more convenient for users to effectively take advantage of all features và tools in Advanced SystemCare 11."

Advanced SystemCare 11 is now available on and CNET. It can fully tư vấn for Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, XP và Vista.

About Advanced SystemCare 11

Advanced SystemCare 11 is an easy-to-use và all-in-one PC optimization software khổng lồ clean, optimize and tốc độ up PCs & protect the system as well as secure users" online privacy. With the best 1-clichồng approach, users can easily clean up leftovers, registry entries even privacy traces and junk files accumulated over the years. Advanced SystemCare 11 can also accelerate Internet tốc độ, manage startup items, fix system weakness & remove sầu spyware threats. The optimized FaceID, Homepage Advisor & Ads Removal feature ensure a better privacy protection. Besides, Advanced SystemCare 11 rebuilds & improves over 10 useful tools and features such as Startup Manager, Default Program, Large File Finder, Hardware Accelerate & MyWin 10 lớn keep PCs running at top performance.


Founded in 2004, provides consumers with innovative sầu system utilities for Windows, Mac, and Android OS to greatly enhance operational performance and protect their computers and Smartphone devices from security threats.

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