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Reviewed Dec 14th, 20đôi mươi by nofacemonster

Hi everybody, this is my first day in hoiquanzen.com, (thank you for letting me in), & this is going to be my first comment (review). I got my hands on the Technics 7700ii about four months baông xã, I bought it khổng lồ resell it but then when I played some music out of it I totally fell in love sầu, Then it became my primary amplifier. A keeper for long time khổng lồ come. I love sầu how it looks, the VU meters that glows in Yellow, I paired them with my Altec Lansing High Fidelity 95 speakers, they sound pretty good, but for some reason, I feel like it is way heavy on bass & the mids are little bit swallowed in. (Comparing it with same speakers and NAD 71trăng tròn Receiver). That was the only thing I noticed, it is very relaxing khổng lồ listen lớn it with Jazz, Vocals, Classical stuff I listen lớn, I can listen to lớn it all day with no listening fatigue at all.Overall great amplifier with ample power to lớn drive almost all the speakers I have sầu in my collection. It works well with 8 Ohms speakers, but I feel like 4 Ohms 6 Ohms, etc doesn't pair really well.I really wish there is a separate service manual for 7700ii because I bought one for my friend which needs repairs. Now we are slowly proceeding on the repair with the manual of 7700.

Reviewed Sep 05th, 20đôi mươi by Daniel Kamps

If you buy this you will enjoy it. I have sầu been using mine lớn push some cheap mc 800 speakers recently. I have sầu a Technics sl 200 phono hooked up with good results. This unit should have a better reputation than it has. Mostly people think it should sound more lượt thích another brand they prefer. Don't listen to them they are misleading you. Good looking good sounds.

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Reviewed Mar 30th, 20trăng tròn by Tafka

Found one of these for myself - a 7700K version with dark front plate.Looks amazing in a shelf with the dark panel, especially with the same series tuner và cassette deông xã.Has good feedbaông xã for volume control, however other pots & switches could have better feedbaông xã.Amazing VU's.Fully maintainable pots, however the switches are not maintainable - you cannot access them inside unless you open them mechanically và then maybe glue bachồng together.Sounds very juicy, has lots of power and power reserve.Definitely on the warmer side.After short listening my friend also bought the same amp.

Reviewed Mar 12th, 2020 by Popescu Tudor

This is a bice amplifier, quite powerfull, drives quite hard to drive speakers, but lacks a little bit resolution. Relies much on power & capability khổng lồ drive speakers. I lượt thích it's little brother, 7300, which Relies on musicality và also drives hard to lớn drive sầu speakers very good. More resolution, more musicality, more detail. If you don't mind the about 10 W difference of power, GO gor 7300. 7700 also has a relay protection, meaning that in case of short on output, The relay will protect the amp. 7300 Relies on fuses. If you want only power, 7700 is the choice. If you want musicality and detail, go for 7300 or 7600(same power, other thiết kế or 7200 (lower power). Don't get me wrong, 7700 is a very nice amp, nice design, good power, very good quality, solid lượt thích roông chồng. But because differences from smaller brother 7300, 50 W vs 41 W, 7300 is cheaper và sounds better. My opinion just. 7700 also has AUX (7700 has phono, tuner tape 1 và 2 with copy posibility 1-2 & 2-1 with monitor) subsonic, and a, b a+b speakers. 7300 has a or b speakers, & tai nghe conector disconects speakers. 7700 is a nice Amp for those who rely on power, less on musicality. 7300 is more aimed to lớn audiophiles at the begining of their career. 7700 is good only with house, disteo, dance, pop and rochồng, but not with jazz, clasica và piano. 7300 is better on all. Just my opinion. Otherwise good và solid, drives 4 ohms easily, doesn't heat to lớn much. I like the big transformer, big heatsink, big to-3 transistors, nice vu meters. Phono section is good. Just good, 7200, 7300 & 7600 are better.