Magina, the Anti-Mage, is a human, và as the name suggests, is phối out to lớn over all magic. His hate for anything unnatural and associated with the arcane arts, stems from when he in his youth witnessed the slaughter brought on by the dead gods legion. Anti-Mage was a pilgrim who had been an acolyte at the montain monastery of turstarkuri, where he had served the meditating monks tea. So dedicated were they lớn their meditation, that they didnt budge as the undead army invaded the lower kingdoms. The few who did stop khổng lồ open their eyes, ignored the assault, since they thought they were just hallucinating. Magimãng cầu watched as they were all slewn where they sat, & then rose again khổng lồ the dirgetuy nhiên as new members of the dead gods army. Anti-mage was the only survivor, & escaped with only a few scrolls & a burning hatred for the dead god và all magic users. He still has haunting visions of the monks, because of his shame that he was the single survivor. He vowed khổng lồ not rest until magic users were all obliterated, & thus the anti-mage was born.

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The dead god, for those who dont know, is one of the many deities in the dota universe. He raises the dead with his dirgetuy nhiên, and they mindlessly fight for him in huge, endless hordes. Basically, imagine the night king & the Trắng walkers from game of thrones. The chains of abscession, which you may recognize from pudges arcamãng cầu, is a weapon so powerful its basically sentient. It has been corrupted by the dead god và fallen inlớn pudges hands, và has a desire khổng lồ take down Anti-Mage.

From the turstarkuri monks’ scrolls, Magina has learned techniques that makes hyên resistant lớn magic, by literally hardening his skin. He has also gathered some passages from the Tael’am, which is a text that Anti-mages identity seems very inspired by. Both his actions, & way of spekaing. This COULD be the very texts he brought from turstarkuri.

He has since the incident went on adventures lớn many places. He has joined the highsand nomads; a tribe in the desert, & helped the kingdom yoskreth with getting rid of a sorcerer called sahsk. Other evil magicians he has dealternative text with is Hroth the anvil magus, who was possessed by an iron shell, and throsho, a shapeshifter. Throsho took the form of a demon so terrifying that anyone who looked upon hyên had their minds shattered, which he used to intimidate poeple inlớn worshipping hyên ổn. Anti-mage covered his eyes and slew Throsho, which could also be a reference lớn anti-mages dota 1 model which was blind. He has also joined the Tyler estate, which is an institution that hunts down and punishes dark magic abusers.

Anti-mage seems incredibly vain, which is ironic considering how otherwise ascetic he is. He often wears eccentric clothing và hairstyles, and lets be honest his way of speaking is a little pretentious. Thy & thee & thou and all that.

Lastly before we move sầu on, Anti-Mage is featured in the comic “a dark purpose served”, which is quite infamous. You pretty much either LOVE it or HATE it. Its about antimage và windranger who fight the dead god. But lặng pretty sure it has been retconned - correct me if yên ổn wrong. I of course is in the camp that LOVES it, và the bad aspects of it only imrpoves it in my opinion. The artstyle is cool, & the use of voice lines as their dialogue is funny.

In artifact, anti-mage is not a nhân vật of his own, but he is featured in the story and on some of the cards artwork. Most of this is about the tyler estate and weeping rose. He is seen kicking rubichồng, và we know he is hunting down lion. In underlords, we know that he is also tracking down Turath, one of the new characters. We dont know much about Turath yet, other than that he is a magic abuser who has escaped from the tyler estate.

In dota 1, Magimãng cầu the Anti-mage & terrorblade were twin brothers gifted with each their special power. But terrorblade chose the dark side, and so antimage is trying lớn save sầu hyên. They both used the mã sản phẩm of illidan stormrage, who in warcraft 3 was blind. Thats why antimage was also blind in dota 1. Also fun-fact: while anti mage & terrorblade are certainly not brothers in dota 2 now, valve sầu probably originally intended them to lớn be. But for some reaosn they decided khổng lồ move away from this at terrorblades release, và the voicelines between them is now unused.

So like i said - antimage’s relationship with terrorblade is that they were brothers in dota 1, & then the idea was scrapped in dota 2. But otherwise, theres not much interesting going on in maginas life in the social department. The regular dark willow, monkey king & pangolier has some voice lines with him, but nothing out of the ordinary for them. Monkey king calls hyên a hypocrite, dark willow is basically wagie-shaming hyên, and pangolier think hes a bit stuông xã up. The only friend he seems khổng lồ have, is silencer who i will come baông chồng to. His enemies are far more numerous, và the most noteworthy ones are qop, rubichồng, shadow demon và pugmãng cầu. There is also a popular lãng mạn shipping of anti-mage và templar assassin, but this has no evidence or canonical basis at all. Its just xinh đẹp.

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Oracle says about antimage: I foresee an over to lớn magic. Your over in particular.

And i honestly dont klnow how to interpret this. Either that antimage will not succeed, untill everything is destroyed, OR, that if he would ever succeed, it would be his over, as he would thảm bại his purpose. It could also be because magina being a hypocrite is mentioned a few times in voice lines, & maybe oracle is low key critisizing anti-mage for himself using magic. So anti-mages end, is also an end khổng lồ his own magic? Honestly, no clue. Let me know if you have sầu an idea.

In the dota world as a whole, it is the sapphire conclave that is the authority when it comes to magic usage. If you partake in forbidden sorcery, or commit crime, you will be held at the sapphire conclaves mercy. Crystal maiden has worked with them, as she is the guardian of icewrachồng. And the sapphire archons are the absolute authority in all of the magical world, except for weeping rose.

Weeping rose is a place where all the rules of the outside dont apply, & they govern themselves. The government is the Quorum, a senate of 31 wizards. You find the burnt hall in weeping rose, where powerful và cursed artifacts are kept - such as the apotheosis blade - which is very similar lớn dooms blade. Weeping rose seems lượt thích the mecca of magic, as they dont have a lot of rules, and its always night time so they can utilize the power of the stars. For example, no kind of magic is forbidden, even the dark và evil kind. But while the rules are few, they are very strict, & if not obeyed you will be sent lớn the fright-inducing tyler estate. It colabborates with the quorum, to lớn ensure that there is no chaos and order is kept. if youre irresponsible, you might over up at the mercy of silencer, anti-mage & votajo, who are aước ao the employees of the tyler estate. Silencer is the warden, và he was the one who sought out and hired anti-mage. He seems very unsympathetic with the wizards brought in though, as he doesnt even care to hear their stories before punishing them without mercy and individual consideration. Votajo is a cencor, so probably like a prison guard, & antimage seems lượt thích hes basically a cop - hunting down the criminals. Being a tyler estate prisoner seems like no joke, as most of the time youre there for life, và the few cases where someone is let out, they are irrevocably changed.

Lion is hunted by anti-mage, so he is trying to find the emissary of the quorum, so he can throuhg her try khổng lồ get asylum in weeping rose. This will be difficult as long as hes on the tyler estates hit các mục, & hes kind of in a hurry since basically everyone wants hlặng dead. Hes negotiating that he can be useful khổng lồ silencer, & that he wishes to be a friend of the tyler estate.

Pugmãng cầu is not being pursued by the tyler estate to lớn my knowledge, but he hates the institution none the less. He wants to lớn burn it down, demonstratively agianst what he considers them being too tyrannical in their control of magic users. He truly is the anti-anti-mage, as he has said in a voice line to antimage in dota 2.

And lastly, dark willow is in dota 2 concerned about being taken there. Why, và what she did lớn fear this, is unknown. But it might have sầu lớn do with theft. Maybe the apotheosis blade which is kept in the burnt hall in weeping rose, which dw has talked about stealing.

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So long story short, the tyler estate is a prison within weeping rose for evil wizards, and antimage hunts down those who the quorum deem as criminals.

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