Asus Wireless-N300 Range Extender is an excellent three in one extender which we can use as a repeater, Access point và a truyền thông bridge. The Hãng Asus RP-N12 repeater has powerful external antennas that help to eliminate dead zones and improve sầu the coverage of your wireless router. Hãng Asus repeater comes with good thiết kế & a one-press WPS thiết lập. The Asus repeater can find the best location with advanced signal indicator & roaming assist which helps you lớn automatically switch to lớn stable connections. Let’s start ASUS RP-N12 N300 setup:

Asus Wireless-N300 Range Extender Setup with WPS button

Asus repeater can be easily set-up with a one-press WPS button. You can only use this method if your router supports WPS. If your router doesn’t support WPS then use the next method.

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Plug your RP-N12 repeater into lớn an Electrical outlet, it should be near your router.Please wait until the Wi-Fi LED starts lớn blinks green.Locate & press the WPS button on your router.Press the WPS button on your Asus N300 repeater.The Wi-Fi LED blinks for about two minutes và then turns solid green or red.Note: Colour of the LED denotes the Wi-Fi signal strengthRelocate the Hãng Asus RP-N12 N300 repeater to lớn an ikhuyến mãi location which is halfway between your wireless router and no signal zone.Enjoy browsing the internet in your comfortable spot.

Asus RP-N12 N300 Range Extender Setup with Web browser

Asus repeater can be set-up with a Web browser to lớn configure Asus repeater RP-N12 by visiting the liên kết We can vì the cài đặt with the following steps.

Plug your Extender khổng lồ an Electrical outlet.Make sure whether the Extender is nearer khổng lồ the router.Please wait a few seconds to bliên kết the extender Wi-Fi LED to blinks green colour.After Disconnecting your Ethernet connection. Cheông xã Wireless networks from any device, such as your Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet, etc.Connect lớn the Wi-Fi network named ” ASUS_RPN12 ” or similar lớn this name.After connecting, Open any web browser and enter ” http // ”Note: Fill the fields of your username và password as” admin “.Follow the instructions you see online to lớn complete the Asus RP-N12 N300 repeater thiết đặt.Relocate your RP-N12 repeater for the best and efficient performance halfway between the router và the place where you need mạng internet.Now you can use your extended network using default settings connect to lớn the extended SSID & type the Password.

Asus RP-N12 Extender Setup as Access Point Mode

Hãng Asus RP-N12 range Extender can be used as an Access point which is a built-in feature on Asus Wireless-N300 Extender.

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Power nguồn the Hãng Asus Extender using an Electrical AC outlet.Connect Extender to lớn your router using an ethernet cable.Note: Good quality Ethernet cable Recommended.Select the mode option in the Menu and select the APhường mode.Enter the SSID and Password you want to lớn create for your Hãng Asus Access Point.Now with your repeater, a Wireless hotspot is created.This Hotspot can be accessed through any gadgets such as desktop, máy tính, điện thoại thông minh, và tablet.

Asus Wireless-N300 Range Extender Media Bridge Mode

Hãng Asus Extenders are always much advanced than other Extenders with some features lượt thích Roaming assist or can be used as an Access Point. The most advanced feature of all these is Hãng Asus N300 access as truyền thông media bridge mode. You have sầu two ways lớn connect, using an Ethernet connection or wirelessly.

You can connect different gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, & DVR. Now, You can even connect khổng lồ the lathử nghiệm gaming consoles, smartphones, & Blu-ray players. Most of the Extenders at this price point not equipped with such features & Asus takes a great leap with this feature. This way we can reduce the mess by cable wires và make your system more attractive sầu as well. Unlike Access Point this mode only help users lớn share & access various truyền thông media content to many devices. We can go through Media Bridge thiết đặt now.

Connect your router lớn the Asus Extender.Now connect your Extender to the device via Ethernet or via wireless with SSID name ASUS_RPN12After successfully connected, xuất hiện any website browser.Enter URL và open the liên kết.Please wait a minute.Locate the top right trang chủ icon in xanh background.

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In the left side thực đơn, select administration.Now select the Media bridge model from the webpage.Save sầu & select the Wi-Fi Network to lớn be connected.Enter the Password & select connect.Please wait a few seconds & you can use your Hãng Asus repeater as a Media Bridge.

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