Aulớn Chess is the biggest new thing. Whether it"s the League of Legends spin-off Teamfight Tactics, the Dota Underlords, Auto Chess, Chess Rush, or any other absurd variation, all of the big developers are jumping in on the lachạy thử craze, and it can offer you hours of fun.

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But the thing is, the Auto Chess ecosystem is practically split across sản phẩm điện thoại and PC, with some games exclusive khổng lồ Smartphone, others exclusive to PC, & few, like Dota Underlords, truly uniting that experience.

If you"re a budding Aukhổng lồ Chess người, then you will want lớn play your new favourite game in comfort, và in the manner you choose. So it"s great khổng lồ have options, but what bởi we do? Do we play on Mobile, or on PC? There are a bunch of factors to consider in this equation, so let"s break them down…

Form factor


So the key difference here will be the size factor. You can take your điện thoại phone anywhere, but your PC? That"s pretty difficult, even if you"ve sầu got a slyên máy vi tính.

So, you have a long daily commute on the train? Aulớn Chess on di động is perfect. Boot up your preferred version, relax through your train ride, pack up as your arrive at the office. Beautiful.

But what if you don"t struggle with that, & like to restrict your gaming time khổng lồ your không tính phí time? Well, you can play it at your PC when you"re unwinding after a hard day. Though, restrict is the key word here. Your options are going to be far more limited. And honestly, if you were going lớn be playing at trang chính, wouldn"t curling up on the sofa with your phone preferred?

Unfortunately, PC loses out on the khung factor front. It just doesn"t offer enough options & mobility lượt thích a di động device does.


If you"re a visuals snob, then you"re probably already playing most games on PC. 4K, high framerates, ultra graphics - they"re all attractive prospects, và I can"t blame you.

When it comes lớn visuals, your sản phẩm điện thoại device is likely lớn be less capable than a comtháng PC, and if you find your phone heating up after long game sessions, Auto Chess on mobile might not be a good choice.

If you bởi vì have sầu a high-powered phone capable of running the games at their best though, you honestly won"t be missing out on much, seeing as Auto Chess games are hardly graphics intensive even at their best.

A big, clear interface is essential for some players, and I"m sorry to lớn report that Mobile devices, with their often small screens, bởi vì not have the best interface.

Some options in games lượt thích Dota Underlords or Aukhổng lồ Chess are simply too small on điện thoại, and if you have sầu a small screen, then the UI will be frustrating.

These issues are completely alleviated on PC, though điện thoại isn"t out yet. If you"re playing your sản phẩm điện thoại games on a tablet, then suddenly that interface is perfectly viable and frustration không tính phí. A very tempting option.

Ultimately, there is no wrong way to play Aukhổng lồ Chess. What matters the most is how it fits inlớn your lifestyle, & how comfortable the experience will be.

Having said that, Dota Underlords happens lớn unite the experience và allow you lớn continue playing with your Steam tài khoản on both Smartphone & PC. This unification, arguably, makes it the best place to play if you ever wish lớn hop between the two platforms.

We are Mobile fans at heart, so it"s easy for us to lớn say it"s the definitive sầu place to play, but your own experience is the most important factor.

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That said, thiết bị di động certainly has plenty of advantages, eh? Play on your phone on the train, & on the tablet on the sofa baông xã home page. Perfect.