The blue crystal meth craze thickens as Walt begins to lớn realise his actions have much bigger consequences than expected...

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The beginning of the second season hits the ground running as Walter White (Bryan Cranston) & Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) are kidnapped by their new drug distributor Tuco after DEA rsida Tuco’s Albuquerque operation.

The drug lord drags them out to home of his uncle Hector Salamanca, a former crime boss who suffered a stroke is now confined lớn a wheelchair. Walt and Jesse learn that Tuco plans to move them lớn Mexico khổng lồ continue their business, but the two manage to lớn escape before plans move sầu ahead.

Tuco, on the other h&, isn’t so lucky và is shot down by Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) after an intense standoff between the drug lord and the DEA agent.

Walternative text returns home page after disappearing for several days, & Skyler (Anmãng cầu Gunn) becomes suspicious of his odd behavior.

Jesse takes his riches và rents a new apartment with drug money. He becomes romantically involved with landlord’s daughter Jane (Krysten Ritter), a recovering heroin addict.

When Walternative text và Jesse’s rapid business expansion causes distribution troubles & run-ins with the law, Walt hires criminal attorney Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) lớn clean up the mess và protect their business.

Bachồng on the crime-fighting front, Hank is rewarded for killing Tuteo & is sent lớn El Paso, Texas for a promotion. What he doesn’t let on, though, is that the memories of the previous shootout send him into lớn panic attacks. After witnessing the brutality of the crime scene in El Paso, including the beheading of a criminal and planned bombing of the DEA squad, he is sent back home khổng lồ Albuquerque.

Gretchen, a former friover of Walt’s, discovers the chemist has been lying to his family that she has been helping pay for his medical bills. Confronted by Walternative text that she and her husband Eliot cheated him out of a business venture they started years prior, she keeps quiet about the money for the sake of protecting Walt’s family.

Also worried about the financial stability of the household, a very pregnant Skyler returns to lớn work for her former trùm Ted Beneke (Christopher Cousins) và begins lớn rely on hyên ổn for emotional support as Walt’s double life takes a toll on their marriage.

As Walt’s cancer clears and the last of his products are sold inkhổng lồ the hands of awaiting junkies, he soon finds normalcy boring. Jesse, on the other hand, continues khổng lồ sell until one of his distributors và friends is shot by a competing drug ring. Distraught, he spirals inlớn a drug-induced frenzy & brings Jane out of sobriety & down with hyên ổn.

Word about the shooting gets out, and the pair’s distributors begin to lớn baông xã out to protect themselves. Unsure of what khổng lồ bởi, Walt và Jesse turn to lớn Saul & his uncanny connections with criminals lớn phối them up with fast food restaurant-owner Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). Discreet but incredibly successful, Gus brings the two huge expansion & a handsome salary boost. But in a thử nghiệm lớn see whether they were truly up for the job, Walternative text is sent on an impossible one-hour delivery on his own after finding Jesse incapacitated from a heroin injection.

Not only does this create a divide of distrust between Walt & Jesse, but Walt’s absence from his wife giving birth khổng lồ their newborn daughter also causes troubles at home page. After a fallout, Walternative text and Jesse agree khổng lồ discontinue their partnership.

Walternative text ends up at a bar to lớn drown his sorrows and coincidentally runs inkhổng lồ Donald, Jane’s father. After a chat about helping their loved ones through difficult struggles, Walt returns lớn Jesse’s apartment khổng lồ find hlặng & Jane in another state of high from a heroin injection. A failed attempt khổng lồ wake Jesse leaves Walternative text in the room when Jane is knocked onto her baông chồng and begins to lớn choke on her own vomit. Walternative text hesitates to move her onto lớn lớn her side but then leaves her khổng lồ asphyxiate before leaving.

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Jesse slumps into lớn depression when he finds Jane’s dead body the next morning và believes himself lớn be responsible for her death. Walt brings Jesse to lớn rehab, all the while Gus begins lớn unravel the truth that Walternative text has cancer & that his brother-in-law is Hank the DEA agent.