In this Master Guide, I will be breaking down the three stages of Giants Keep, Basement 10 (GB10) teams from your first starter team to a fast team và finally tốc độ teams.

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After reading this guide you should have sầu a good idea of what units you need to lớn build for whatever stage of the game you’re at.

The goal of this guide is khổng lồ get your GB10 team to lớn a 100% success rate, ~40 second average runtime as efficiently as possible so you can really maximize on your rune farming và progress your Summoners War tài khoản as fast as possible.

Building a 100% success rate speed team isn’t about having overpowered natural 5-stars (nat 5’s), it’s all about having team synergy và the right rune builds.

Why Is Farming GB10 Fast và Efficiently So Important?

Giant’s Keep, Basement 10 (GB10) should be your first major goal in SW because runes are by far the most important thing lớn focus on, without great runes you won’t be able khổng lồ succeed in any area of the game.

GB10 also drops some of the best rune types in the game that are usable in every aspect of the game, unlike other dungeons like NB10 which drop runes that are mostly only used in PvPhường nội dung.

If you are a free-to-play player or only spover $30-$100 a month on in-game packs then you should be focusing on building a team with the highest success rate possible lớn maximize on the number of runes you get for your energy and crystals.

If you buy multiple packs every month or just have very little time to lớn play Summoners War then you might want to lớn consider speed as a more important factor to maximize your rune drops.

Starter Team (3 mins - 5 mins runs)

Who should build this kind of team: Anyone who is not currently able khổng lồ farm GB10 on tự động with above a 90% success rate should build this exact starter team.

If you already have I starter team capable of farming GB10 reliably, scroll down to either the Fast Team or Speed team sections.

Minimum Stats và Requirements:

HP: 17k+ for Non-Wind Mons & 15k+ for Wind MonsAccuracy: 35% on important debuffers (Try to get 45% as that is the cap for accuracy in GB10 & will increase the success rate of your runs)Speed: 170+ for important debuffers & healer

Most of your team should be built on Swift/Focus or Swift/Energy with Speed/HP%/HP% main stats on your slot 2/4/6 runes. You can replace an HP% rune with a Def% rune but make sure khổng lồ get good HP% substats.

The best way to get these runes is to farm a lower floor of giants like GB6-8 till your mons reach the minimum requirements listed above.

You will also need to fully skill up all your mons otherwise your success rate will likely be too low lớn efficiently farm GB10.

Important Skills, Buffs, And Debuffs:

Cleanse – The main reason your team will wipe is because the tower will put defense break on your team và the giant will one shot them. Cleansing the defense break off your team is the most important thing you must vị if you want to build a successful GB10 beginner team.

Heals – You will need a powerful healer to lớn sustain your team, make sure your healer has strong heals. Don’t bring two healers because typically you will wipe because the giant one shot some of your team members, so you want lớn focus on damage reduction not healing.

Buff Strip – You will also need a buff striper to remove sầu the attachồng buff off the giant boss, he will bởi much less damage without the attack buff và have no chance of killing anyone on your team unless there is defense break on them.

Attaông chồng Break – This debuff will significantly lower the giants attaông xã power & make it even harder for hyên to kill anyone on your team.

Attack Bar Increase và Speed Buff – These buffs are very svào because they will give your team a few extra turns compared to the GB10 boss, they are especial important if you don’t have very high speed on your runes.

Defense Buff – This buff is very svào & will reduce incoming damage significantly. Defense buff, attachồng break, và buff strip are great fail safes to have because with all three of these up your team will be able to survive a hit from the GB10 boss even if you get unlucky enough khổng lồ have sầu the trùm attachồng right after your team gets defense broken.

Defense Break – This debuff significantly lowers the giants defense allowing your team lớn kill hyên ổn quicker. Without it you will wipe too often because it gives the trùm more time to get lucky và l& a powerful attack while your team is defense broken.

Continuous Damage – DoTs are important because they will be your main source of damage. They do 5% of the enemies max HPhường every turn and since the GB10 boss has so much HPhường it will speed up your runs quite a bit.

Optional: glancing hit, shield, attachồng speed slow, attachồng bar reduction, attaông xã buff

Team Composition:

Veromos (Leader)BelladeonBernardShannon+1 Support (I highly recommkết thúc Darion)Veromos, the Dark Ifrit


Veromos is one of the best mons to build for early game players for the following reasons:

+33% HP leader skill, early game you won"t have any mons with good leader skillsContinuous damage on his first skill that does a lot of damage lớn high HPhường targets (like the giants boss)An AoE stun on his second skill to help keep your team alive sầu on trash wavesHis passive sầu removes one debuff from your whole team each time he takes a turn.

To get Veromos you have lớn fuse hyên ổn via the fusion hexagram building. He should be your first or second 6* (you can 6* lapis for farming first) and he should be the first mon you fully skill up with devilmons.

There really are no alternatives to Veromos và I would not recommend trying lớn progress without hyên ổn. While it is possible lớn farm GB10 và get through the game without hyên it’s simply inefficient khổng lồ bởi so.

Full Veromos Monster Guide

Belladeon, the Light Inugami


Belladeonis the most important mon lớn your GB10 team.

She breaks the giants’ defenseStrips the giant"s attaông chồng buffBoosts your teams attachồng bar by 30%Heals your team for 30% of their max HP

Belladeon is very easy to lớn get & fully skill up. You can get her from a secret dungeon on Sundays which is light essence farming day. You can also skill her up by farming Garen Forest, Telain Forest, or Faitháng Volcano. Just make sure lớn do hard or hell mode for higher inugamày drop rates.

Do not try to replace Belladeon, while it is possible lớn bởi GB10 without her she is better than any other options while also being easy lớn obtain & great in other areas of the game.

FullBelladeon Monster Guide

Bernard, the Wind Griffon


Bernard is great for a starting GB10 team. He provides:

Backup defense break incase Belladeon doesn’t lvà itBreaks the giant"s attaông xã powerBoosts your teams attaông xã bar by 30%Increases your teams" tốc độ by 33% so you take more turns compared lớn the GB10 trùm.

You get Bernard from doing the storyline quests & can easily farm skillups for hlặng in Tamor Desert.

Bernard is another mon I would not recommkết thúc replacing because he is given to lớn you for không tính phí, easy lớn build, và also very good for other content in the game including PvPhường even at high levels of guardian.

Shannon, the Wind Pixie


Shannon provides a ton of useful buffs and debuffs that the rest of this team is lacking.

Greatly reduces incoming damage by buffing your teams" defenseIncreasing the giants chance lớn lvà a glancing hitAOE attachồng speed slows the GB10 trùm và crystals.Gives your team an attaông chồng power buff so they vì more damage.

Shannon is given lớn you through the story quest line và is also found in the magic siêu thị so skilling her up will be very easy.

An tăng cấp khổng lồ Shannon would be Megan, the Water Mystic Witch. Megan will provide the attack power & defense buff as well & instead of an attack tốc độ slow Megan will boost your teams attaông xã bar. The main reasons she is better than Shannon is she will strip the giants attack buff which is better than glancing debuff and her first skill does 5% of the bosses max HPhường in damage which will tốc độ up your runs. If you happen to lớn summon Megan early on & want to use her make sure you skill her up first because a fully skilled up Shannon is better than an unskilled Megan.

FullShannon Monster Guide

Darion, the Light Vagabond


Darion is a great 5th thành viên for your first GB10 team.

He is a backup defense và attachồng breakerHe also decreases all incoming damage by 20% for your other teammates.

You can get Darion from a secret dungeon on Sundays which is light essence farming day. Skilling up Darion is very easy since you can get Vagabonds from the magic shop and unknown scrolls.

You can replace Darion with any other support you may have sầu pulled from scrolls. You want a tư vấn that will heal, remove harmful effects, & or reduces the damage your team takes.

Fast Team (1 min – 2 min 30 second runs)

After you have farmed GB10 for a while & improved your runes you can look at speeding up your runs by adding in one or two damage dealers.

Before you try khổng lồ build a fast GB10 team make sure your team meets the stat requirements below, you will also need to have sầu summoned or fused a good damage dealer.

Minimum Stats And Requirements:

Support Stats:HP: 23k+ for Non-Wind Mons và 20k+ for Wind MonsDef: 800-900 for Non-Wind Mons and 750-850 for Wind MonsAccuracy: 45% on important debuffersSpeed: 190+ for important debuffers & healerDamage Dealers:HP: 16k+ for Non-Wind Mons và 14k+ for Wind MonsDef: 600+Speed: 130+As much ATK, CRI Rate, & CRI Dmg as possible

If you’re having trouble figuring out how lớn meet the stat requirements, I break down exactly how khổng lồ rune each quái nhân for GB10 and GB12 in my Rune Farming Guide.

Important Skills, Buffs, And Debuffs:

Cleanse – At this stage, you still have sầu to lớn rely on cleansing the defense break because you will not have sầu the damage khổng lồ kill the giants boss before he gets a turn.

Heals – You most likely will still need a healer with only one or two damage dealers.

Defense Break – This debuff is even more important for a fast team because you need to kill the trùm quickly before your damage dealers die.

Attaông xã Bar Increase & Speed Buff – These buffs are also more important for a fast team because your damage dealers will be built on high damage & low speed.

Have at least three of the following: Buff Strip, Attachồng Break, Defense Buff, Attaông chồng Speed Slow, Attaông chồng bar Reduction

The first step to lớn building a fast GB10 team is lớn replace Darion or whoever your +1 tư vấn was with a damage dealer. When you are looking to add a second damage dealer you will either replace Shannon or Bernard depending on your runes, if your runes have sầu good tốc độ but lacking tankieness then replace Bernard if your runes are lacking speed then replace Shannon (If you have sầu a skilled up Megan then use Megan because she has both an attack bar boost và defense buff).

Team Composition:

Veromos (Leader)BelladeonBernard or Damage Dealer #2Shannon or Damage Dealer #2Damage Dealer #1

Here is an example team for this stage of progression:

Sigmarus (Leader)LushenVeromosBelladeonMegan (Can replace with Bernard or Shannon if you don’t have one)

With this team, I recorded over 3,000 GB10 runs with SWARFARM.com when I was still an early game player with decent runes running the Lushen attack power leader. Here were the results:

Average Success Rate: 98.6%Average Clear Time: 1:45 mins

If you don’t have Lushen or want khổng lồ build an even better team than the examples I listed you should consider getting my Rune Farming Guide, in there I have sầu 70+ teams broken down into a tier menu so you will know the best possible team you’re able lớn build with the monsters you currently have sầu.

The first priority should always be to lớn get as cthất bại lớn a 100% success rate as possible before increasing the speed of your runs.

The only time you should accept less than a 99% success rate is if you’re willing to lớn buy tons of packs and just need lớn burn through your crystals as fast as possible.

Who are the best damage dealers for GB10?

The top two damage dealer options for this stage is Sigmarus, the Water Phoenix & Lushen, the Wind Joker. Here"s why:

Lushen, the Wind Joker

Lushen is pretty much considered the best damage dealer for GB10 from early game lớn late game you will never replace hlặng, most tốc độ teams even include two Lushens. Lushen is so good for GB10 because his third skill is AOE ignore defense so he can one shot the trash waves with no defense break or attaông chồng buff, this will speed up your runs significantly because the trash waves are what makes your runs take so long.

Lushen also has a 33% attack power leader skill you can use once your runes are good enough not khổng lồ need the HP. leader.

Lushen is the only semi-difficult to obtain mon from this team because he is a 4* that you can’t farm or fuse. If you were not lucky with your scrolls và didn’t get hlặng yet you can save all your exclusive summoning stones from events, guild wars, ToA, ect for a Lushen week & summon for hyên.

Lushen is probably the most important tháng lớn sumtháng for early game progression because he will be very impactful for you in giants, guild wars, & arena. Late game you will still use Lushen in GB10, Arena Offence, occasionally Guild Wars Offence, NB10 tốc độ runs, và ToA speed clears for the lower floors.

Sigmarus, the Water Phoenix


Sigmarus is one of the best first or second damage dealers for GB10 because her leader skill will give your team 44% more HPhường lớn Cosplay for the additional damage you will take from removing a tư vấn.

Sigmarus also has a hard hitting 3rd skill that is AOE và scales based on enemy max HPhường which will help tốc độ up clearing the trash waves and burn down the giant trùm due to his large HP.. Her second skill also hits very hard because it scales off enemy max HP.

Sigmarus adds a few safety precautions khổng lồ your runs by freezing the trash waves và attack power breaking the boss.

You can get Sigmarus though fusion via the fusion hexagram building so anyone can build her. She is also a good investment because she is amazing for DB10 (the next dungeon you will be working towards) và she is good for the fire rift beast you will need khổng lồ farm later in the game.

Other Good Damage Dealer Mons You Can Use:

Teshar, the Wind Phoenix


Positives: Best wave sầu clear damage dealer for GB10 aside from Lushen. Teshar hits extremely hard on the giant boss & has AOE skills khổng lồ clear the waves fast. She is also a Wind tháng with a crazy good 33% crit rate leader skill.Negatives: She is a Nat 5 star mon that has to be summoned so she is not obtainable. Teshar also doesn’t have an HP. leader skill like Sigmarus that is sometimes needed for early game players transitioning inkhổng lồ a fast GB10 team.

Taor, the Water Chimera


Positives: Amazing GB10 damage dealer because he has both hard hitting AOE và single target damage skills. He also has an attaông chồng tốc độ slow debuff which is great because you will be replacing Shannon who was your only attaông chồng tốc độ slow debuffer.Negatives: Hard khổng lồ obtain Nat 5 and no helpful leader skill.

Lagmaron, the WindChimera


Positives: Amazing for similar reasons as his brother Taor and he will have sầu elemental advantage by being a Wind mon.Negatives: Hard khổng lồ obtain Nat 5 and no helpful leader skill.

Theomars, the Water Ifrit


Positives: Hits pretty hard and has a backup defense break. His passive gives hyên ổn elemental advantage và endure buff that makes it very easy for hyên khổng lồ survive sầu. Also has a nice 24% crit rate leader skill in case you’re lacking good crit rate runes on your damage dealers.Negatives: Has no AOE skills for tốc độ clearing the waves. Can take a while lớn get if you don’t get lucky and get him on your first ifrit summon from guild wars.

Charlotte, the Wind Occult Girl


Positives: Does decent AOE damage for clearing the waves. Provides an attaông xã speed slow & reduces enemy attaông chồng bar to make your runs safer.Negatives: There are other options that will bởi vì more damage, no useful leader skill and she is a hard khổng lồ obtain Nat 5 tháng.

Poseidon, the Water Sea Emperor


Positives: Does decent AOE damage for clearing the waves và has a 33% attaông xã power leader skill if you don’t have a Lushen. Provides an attaông chồng speed slow and reduces enemy attack bar khổng lồ make your runs safer.Negatives: There are other options that will vì more damage and is a hard lớn obtain Nat 5 mon.

Hraesvelg, the Wind Barbarian King


Positives: Great utility/damage dealer hybrid. Does good damage while providing a brvà, attaông chồng power, and attaông xã tốc độ buff.Negatives: No useful leader skill.Speed Team (30 secs – 1 min runs)

After you have been farming GB10 and/or DB10 for at least a few months you can look at building a speed team. For a reliable speed team, you are going lớn need high rune chất lượng, a Galleon, & 3-4 damage dealers.

Please Note:After the twins nerf I have sầu removed twins based GB10 teams because they"re not recommended anymore because there are better options now.

Minimum Stats And Requirements:

Galleon Stats:HP: 20k+Def: 700+Accuracy: 45%Speed: 200+Get as much ATK và Crit Rate as you can once you meet the above statsTurn Denial DD Stats:HP: 20k+ For Fire Mons, 16k+ for Non-Wind Mons & 14k+ for Wind MonsDef: 600+Accuracy: 45%Speed: 150+Get as much ATK & Crit Rate as you can once you meet the above statsDamage Dealers:HP: 16k+ for Non-Wind Mons & 14k+ for Wind MonsDef: 600+Speed: 150+As much ATK, Crit Rate, and Crit Dmg as possibleThe reason you want over 150 speed on your damage dealers is because the GB10 boss has 75 tốc độ so with 150 speed your damage dealers will take two turns before the trùm can take a turn even without attachồng tốc độ slow or attack bar pushbachồng. If you lvà the attachồng speed slow và or 2-3 attaông chồng bar pushbacks your damage dealers should be able khổng lồ take 3 turns each before the trùm.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to meet the stat requirements, I break down exactly how khổng lồ rune each boss khủng for GB10 and GB12 in my Rune Farming Guide.

Important Skills, Buffs, And Debuffs

Defense Break – This debuff is the most important thing to have sầu for a tốc độ team both to lớn make your runs faster and for safe runs. Without a reliable defense breaker or two defense breakers your team won’t vày enough damage which will give sầu the giant trùm time lớn get lucky kills on your monsters.

Attaông chồng nguồn Buff – This buff is important for the same reasons as defense break, it greatly increases your teams’ damage. It’s not as important because defense break gives a much higher damage output.

AoE Damage – If you don’t have sầu at least two AoE damage dealers your runs just won’t be as fast. You can bởi a tốc độ team without AoE damage but you will notice a significant increase in the time it takes to clear GB10.

Attaông chồng Bar Reduction – Using attachồng bar reduction is how you’re going khổng lồ make your tốc độ team cchiến bại to lớn a 100% success rate. Since you are no longer using tanky mons with damage reduction or sustain you have lớn kill the boss before he can attack your team with his powerful attack. By using monsters with attaông chồng bar reduction skills you can make it so that the GB10 boss can’t take a turn.

Optional: Attaông chồng tốc độ slow debuff is also very useful

Team Composition:

If you want lớn build a reliable GB10 tốc độ team you are going to lớn need a Galleon because he is the only reliable AOE defense breaker và attaông chồng buffer in the game. In order to lớn make a tốc độ team work you have to lớn kill the giant’s boss before he gets a turn, so without a reliable defense break và attaông xã power buff, your team won’t be able to lớn vì chưng enough damage.

The second thing you need is a damage dealer that can push baông chồng the giants attack bar và or slow down the giants attaông xã speed so your team has more time khổng lồ kill the giant before he gets a turn, this is called “turn denial”. (Galleons 30% attachồng bar pushback isn’t enough). You can use Veromos as a replacement for a turn denial damage dealer because he will just cleanse the defense break off your team so you can take a hit from the GB10 trùm but this will slow down your runs.The other option you can go with instead of turn denial is Laika because he can solo the GB10 boss if your team gets wiped out. (More about why Laika works down below)

The third thing you will need to lớn vị is khổng lồ “tốc độ tune” your team. You will need your Galleon to lớn move first so he AOE defense breaks và attaông xã power buffs your team then you need your hard hitting AOE damage dealers (Like Lushen) to lớn move right after hlặng so they can one shot the waves. If you have sầu single target damage dealers moving before your AOE damage dealers they will just waste time using their skills on each wave sầu when you could have just one shot the wave with an AOE damage dealer. If you are using Veromos he will have sầu lớn be fast making hyên move either first or second on your team, this is one of the reasons he slows down your runs is because he will waste time on each wave.

Turn Denial With 4 Damage DealersGalleonAOE Damage Dealer #1AOE Damage Dealer #2Big Single Target Damage Dealer or 3rd AOE damage dealerDamage Dealer With Turn DenialNo Turn Denial With 3 Damage DealersGalleonVeromosAOE Damage Dealer #1AOE Damage Dealer #2Big Single Target Damage Dealer or 3rd AOE damage dealerExample Team #1:GalleonLushen (Leader)LushenTesharBarqueExample Team #2:GalleonLushen (Leader)Lushenor TesharLynHwa

If youwant lớn build the best GB10 and GB12 team possible you should get my Rune Farming Guide.

The rune farming guide program includes:

60+ teams broken down inlớn a tier list so you will know the best possible team you’re able to lớn build with the monsters you currently have sầu.How to lớn build the best fully free-to-play speed team with only farmable & fusable monsters.A detailed guide on how lớn build the best performing Twins dungeon farming teams.In-depth rune & stat guide that will break down exactly what runes and stats you will need for each trùm cuối on your team.

If you"re looking for more customized advice based on your accounts monsters and runes take a look at our live sầu coaching membership.

Galleon, the Water Pirate Captian


Galleon isamazing in a tốc độ GB10 team because he has a single-target defense break & an AOE defense break that can’t glance because it does no damage. He also gives your team attack power buff with the same skill as his AOE defense break, no other tháng in the game can provide both the tốc độ and reliability of Galleon.

Lushen, the Wind Joker

The reason Lushen is the best damage dealer for GB10 is because of his third skill Amputation Magic which ignores defense. He is the only mon in the game capable of one-shotting an entire wave of mons without defense break, attachồng buff or high rune chất lượng. His second skill can also one shot the wave sầu if your Galleon uses Time To Loot first.

You can replace Lushen with other strong AOE damage dealers but I recommover using Lushen if you have sầu hyên và if you don’t have sầu hyên use your summoning stones on the weeks where you can get him.

Teshar, the Wind Pheonix


While Teshar is just as good as Lushen at clearing the waves she needs high rune quality in order to lớn bởi it. The main reason you would use Teshar instead of a second or third Lushen is because she hits harder than Lushen on the trùm stage.

There are a lot of other options that will work well instead of Teshar like Sigmarus and Taor.

Barque, the WindPirate Captian


Barque is great for your tốc độ GB10 team because he greatly increases the success rate of your runs without slowing them down. Barque makes it possible to get 100% success rate with 35-45 second tốc độ runs because he has 2 skills that will defense break incase Galleon’s gets resisted & he has 2 skills that reduces the giants attachồng bar so he can’t take a turn.

While Barque is the best option for this slot other good replacements are mons like Loren, Hwa, or Laika.

Hwa,the Fire Rakshasa


Hwa is amazing for making your runs safe because her attaông chồng bar push reduction on both her skills & attaông chồng speed slow on her first skill. This means she will be reducing the bosses attachồng bar every turn she takes unless it gets resisted.

If you build Hwa with over 225 speed she will get three turns before the giant can even move (GB10 trùm has 75 speed), the chances that the giant will resist three times in a row is very unlikely. With good luck a fast Hwa can permanently loông chồng down the giant making hyên ổn completely unable khổng lồ take a turn and the best part is Hwa’s damage scales with her tốc độ.

Even though Hwa is a fire mon it doesn’t matter she is still one of the best for making a reliable speed GB10 team, attaông xã bar reduction cannot glance it can only be resisted so try khổng lồ get her around 40-45% accuracy & about 20k+ HPhường. which shouldn’t be an issue as you will be wanting her with some tanky stats for Rsida.

Loren, theLight Cow Girl


Loren is one of the best monsters to lớn the game for making your GB10 team safe và reliable. She provides a Def break & ATB reduction every turn with multiple hits. She also puts up Attack Speed slow on the boss making it even harder for him to lớn get a turn.

I would highly recommend building her for your semi-speed team and also using her in your first full-tốc độ team.

Tarq, the Water Hellhound


Tarq is a great option for free-to-play players or anyone that has not gotten lucky with their summons because he is an easy khổng lồ farm và build 2 star tháng. He isn’t as reliable as some of the other options I have mentioned above but he does make for speedy runs.

His second skill is a huge single-target nuke that scales off of his attaông xã speed và his third skill allows 2 other members of your team to get an extra attachồng, by giving your team an extra attack not only are you doing good damage but you are lowering the cooldowns of those team members. This will allow Galleon lớn get his Time To Loot up more often and Lushen to lớn get his Amputation Magic up more often khổng lồ tốc độ up your runs, it also adds a bit of safety to lớn your runs because if Galleon’s defense break gets resisted Tarq can Group Hunt with Galleon so he can land his skill one defense break.

Please Note: Tarq becomes pretty useless once you get better monsters, like the twins (Shaina, Sabrina, Talia).

Lyn, the Light Amazon


Lyn is also a great option because she is the hardest hitting single-target nuker for dungeons. All of her skills scale based on enemy max HP.. và since dungeon bosses has incredibly high HPhường she does crazy damage.

Laika, the Fire Dragonknight


Laika can replace the need for attack bar reduction because he will keep your runs safe by being able to lớn almost solo the GB10 trùm with good runes. His passive makes it so that he can only take 35% of his max HPhường. as damage each time the boss hits hlặng. Just make sure you build him with decent tank stats good damage & on vampire runes so he heals himself baông chồng up. Laika also cannot glance so being the fire element doesn’t lower his damage vs water mons.

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If you"re looking for customized advice based on your accounts monsters and runes take a look at ourlive coaching membership.