I"d like lớn update my BIOS on my Dell Studio XPS 1340. I have the .exe tệp tin for installing it with Windows, but I don"t have Windows installed on this computer. I"m currently running Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit.

What can I do to update my BIOS from A07 lớn A11 now? I have no floppy drive available, and looking around the Dell linux firmware tools pages shows that my Mã Sản Phẩm (SystemID: 0x0271) isn"t in their repository.

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I"m not opposed lớn going out and buying a new thumb drive if necessary.



If it"s a DOS based installer, you can use an Boot CD instead - the CD just needs khổng lồ have DOS booting on it. try www.bootdisk.com for some downloadable ones. Otherwise, if it"s a Windows based installer, I would suggest creating a WinPE/BartPE boot CD and installing off a flash drive (WinPE/BartPE Flash drive should also work).


If you are not using Windows for idealogical reasons, you may want lớn look at FreeDos rather than Microsoft based solutions (you may want khổng lồ look at it anyway, of course).

I have sầu, in the past, written image files of Dos boot floppies to cds lớn get a proper Dos boot cd - you"d kết thúc up with a coaster after your single use, but it saves messing about getting Dos and USB to lớn work together (mkisofs"s -b option will get you going).


Edit: As ~quaông chồng pointed out below, this script uses the same repository that you reference in your question, so of course it won"t work. It may be that Dell only maintains this repository for computers on which they support Linux.

Does dellbiosupdate.sh not work? It"s what I"ve been using. Just tải về the shell script và run it as root. It will tell you your system info, your current bios rev, & danh sách all available bquả táo revs, then ask you what lớn vày.


Convert the floppy image lớn CD, burn the Cd, boot from it và flash from there. Just did it on my Thinkpad T42 last week.

This may only work for floppy based flash utilities, as some windows based flash utilities are too large to fit on a floppy image, even though it is a Cd you are still limited khổng lồ 1.44mb of space for the files.

Some Dell flash updaters that run in windows will run in DOS also, but may not fit on a DOS floppy image converted to lớn CD.


I wrote instructions a while back specifically for Ubuntu/Debian systems. As requested, here"s the gist of it:

Use gparted khổng lồ create a single FAT16 formatted partition on the flash drive sầu.Use unetbootin khổng lồ install a bootable FreeDOS onto lớn the flash drive sầu.Copy your motherboard"s BIOS update & flashing utility files inlớn the root of flash drive.

Both gparted and unetbootin are available via apt-get & probably via yum.


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