As the world moves wireless, tech lovers are eliminating cables wherever they can. New laptops often come without ethernet ports entirely và a minimum of USB ports, forcing users to rely on Bluetooth không dây and WiFi for their connectivity needs. Fixed-tower desktop users, & gamers especially, have been often resistant khổng lồ this change, preferring the tốc độ & reliability of ethernet lớn the inconsistency of WiFi. But with the most recent WiFi ac & ax generations, wireless internet has gotten really good. With a svào router và a svào internet connection, all that you need lớn be able to lớn have a reliable connection is a good WiFi card. And this guide will help you choose the WiFi card that is best for you.

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Some of you might be thinking of a WiFi dongle when we talk about adding wireless internet connectivity, based on the older USB models that were common for years as a method of adding wireless internet connections khổng lồ desktop PC’s. DON’T BUY ONE OF THOSE! This guide focuses on PCIE WiFi cards for a reason. Unless you absolutely cannot add a PCIe WiFi card (due to laông xã of slots or laông chồng of compatibility), avoid the USB dongles! They vì chưng not provide the same cấp độ of speed or reliability as a PCIe WiFi thẻ và cost nearly the same amount.

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So with that in mind, let’s dive in và give sầu you our recommendations for the four best PCIe WiFi cards available today:

Best PCIe WIFI Cards – My Recommendations

Best PCIe WIFI CardsDesignRecommendation
Best Overall PCIe WIFI Card for 2019
Intel AX200 M.2 WiFi card & Fenvi PCIe/M.2 Adapter

We are living in an increasing wireless world, và WiFi has become a central component of that push towards wireless connectivity. While many desktop owners will continue lớn look to ethernet as the fasthử nghiệm, cheapest, most reliable mạng internet connection available, some people will use WiFi to either avoid wires or simply because they vị not have easy access to a hard-wired solution.

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And if you need WiFi, then you will want the fasdemo, most reliable connection available, no matter your budget. If you can stretch it, the T6E will provide a great all-in-one solution. If you have khổng lồ keep your budget as small as possible, the N300 should be a great value-tier choice. If you have sầu enough money to shoot for the moon, the AC88 will ensure your WiFi is as good as it gets. And for one last alternative, if you don’t mind playing around a bit & have an internal USB header available, the combined Hãng Intel AX200 M.2 card and Fenvi PCIe/M.2 adapter will give you access to lớn the newest công nghệ at a reasonable cost.

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