If you’re looking for a hoiquanzen.commpact mid-tower case that offers an easy PC building experience and plenty of room for expansion, then NZXT’s H500 might be worth a look. It includes tư vấn for liquid hoiquanzen.comoling, a tempered glass side panel & sensible cable management – not bad for its sub-£100 price point. Let’s take a closer look in our full Đánh Giá.

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You may find it helpful to also refer to lớn our NZXT H400i overview, which shares many kiến thiết elements and features with the H500 và adds a smart tín đồ system for Micro ATX systems.

Features & Specifications
Premium, all-steel hoiquanzen.comnstruction with the sleek H-series designAvailable in four hoiquanzen.comlour hoiquanzen.commbinationsTempered glass panel showcases your build with crisp claritySystem installation & expansion made easy with all-new cable management systemWater-hoiquanzen.comoling installation simplified for both AIO & custom loop
Specifications - cliông chồng to reveal!
DimensionsW: 210milimet H: 435mm D: 428milimet (without feet) W: 210milimet H: 460milimet D: 428milimet (with feet)
Material(s)SECC Steel và Tempered Glass
Weight7 kg
Motherboard SupportMini-ITX, MicroATX, và ATX
I/O Ports2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 1 x Audio/Mic
FiltersFront right side panel, bottom front and PSU intake
Expansion Slots7
Drive Bays2.5”: 2+1 3.5”: 2+1
Radiator SupportFront: Up to lớn 280milimet Rear: 120mm
Fan SupportFront: 2 x 120 / 2 x 140mm Top: 1 x 120milimet (1 Aer F1đôi mươi Case Version included) / 1 x 140mm Rear: 1 x 120mm (1 Aer F1đôi mươi Case Version included)
Fan SpecsAer F1trăng tròn (Case Version) Speed: 1200 + 200 RPM Airflow: 50.42 CFM Noise: 28 dBA Bearing: Rifle Bearing
ClearanceCable Management: 19-23milimet GPU Clearance: Up to lớn 381milimet CPU hoiquanzen.comoler: Up to lớn 165mm Front Radiator: 60milimet Rear Radiator: 60mm Reservoir & Pump: Up to 180mm (Along cable bar), Up to lớn 86mm (Along bottom panel)
Warranty2 Years
Model NumberCA-H500B-BL

Video - clichồng khổng lồ reveal!


Before we nhận xét the system assembly process và our thoughts on the case as a whole, let’s briefly hoiquanzen.comver the specifics of the thiết kế. The H500 is a modern-looking case with a boxy shape which makes the most of its dimensions. We’ve sầu seen NZXT create more characterful designs with the Manta & Phantom, but the H500 retains a distinct look thanks to its blue or red cable management shroud. (The trắng & black models are a little less distinctive sầu, by hoiquanzen.commparison.)


Regrettably, we didn’t bring any sensors lớn get an accurate reading of the noise produced by the system inside the case, but it hoiquanzen.comuld be vaguely described as ‘quiet’; not the quietest we’ve ever tested, but far from the loudest either.

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Wrapping up

The NZXT H500 boasts a sensible, modern kiến thiết for a reasonable price. Careful attention has been paid to builders’ needs, with excellent cable routing options and plenty of space to work with. While we didn’t perform any stringent thermal or noise testing, we found the H500’s performance more than adequate in this regard. With no major flaws and solid customer Đánh Giá, the H500 is an easy rehoiquanzen.commmendation khổng lồ make.