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Her brother enlists the members of the volunteer fire department, up to lớn now better known for misusing public funds for their clubhouse.
From the late eighteenth century, however, inns và taverns were increasingly being turned inlớn new kinds of buildings such as hotels, corn exchanges và clubhouses.
The clubhouse also offered games, music and dance, and-a commentary on the embattled mentality of a colony determined to defover itself-physical training on virtually military lines.
It limits the number of gaming machines which may be installed in any one building—for example, in a golf clubhouse—to two.
I hope that it would be prefectly possible to lớn move that clubhouse were it khổng lồ be affected by the route.
In most such applications, in addition lớn the clubhouse và the hotel there is usually a substantial housing element.
Woodford rugby football club, for instance, had a major debt lớn finance a new clubhouse in 1994, and was in financial trouble by 2002.
An historical brochure is in preparation, và plans are well advanced for a clubhouse, providing leisure activities for whole families in one place.
In my constituency, one rugby league club hopes lớn have a healthy living centre based at its clubhouse.

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The facilities include six tournament grass courts & four tournament-sized hard courts, with a clubhouse and associated facilities.
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a large cylinder-shaped object that moves very fast by forcing out burning gases, used for space travel or as a weapon

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