You might need khổng lồ Word converter so as to lớn convert files khổng lồ editable formats which are easily accessible. Abbyy Finereader khổng lồ Word Converter is a great optical character recognition (OCR) system that converts documents, scanned documents và image files (digital photos included), into editable formats. The OCR giải pháp công nghệ recognizes & retains original form of any file, quickly và accurately. However, there might be some times that the Abbyy Finereader khổng lồ Word Converter stop working. No worry! Here are solutions for you khổng lồ fix the problem of Abbyy Finereader lớn Word Converter not working. Among all the solutions, the best choice is to switch khổng lồ a better alternative: hoiquanzen.comelement Prohoiquanzen.comelement Pro.

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Part 1: The Best Abbyy Finereader to Word Converter Alternative

hoiquanzen.comelement Pro - The Best Abbyy Finereader Alternative

hoiquanzen.comelement Pro is the highly recommended alternative khổng lồ Abbyy Finereader to lớn Word Converter. It is a powerful software that comes with stunning editor tools that allow you lớn align và distribute texts lớn edit files. You will be able to lớn add, extract, delete, crop, replace images on your files & insert, replace, rotate, delete, split, combine, crop, organize và rearrange pages with ease. The Editor Pro is programmed khổng lồ convert files lớn other editable formats, with high accuracy, & at excellent speed. Users can convert their files into Word, Excel, Rich Text, Images, EPUBS, Plain Texts và HTML formats while retaining the original file format.

Why Choose This Editor:

You can convert files in batch as it supports multiple conversion into other formats.It features the Optical Character Recognition that allows you to lớn edit copy or tìm kiếm the scanned files.The software lets users create, fill và edit files are secured with passwords, custom stamps, & digital signatures.The editing tools allow you khổng lồ watermark or remove watermarks from, change the background or text color, highlight and underline specific lines in files.
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The Easy Steps on How to Convert to lớn Word on Mac

Step 1. Run the software and import

Launch the Editor and kiểm tra the "Convert" button on the primary window. And drag the files you are about to convert into the pop-up window.


Step 2. Select the output đầu ra format

Choose "To Word" as your preferred output đầu ra format. And customize the pages you would like to convert. For scanned, enable the OCR function.

Step 3. Convert to lớn Word

After you have confirmed the settings, click the "Convert" button. The software converts tệp tin to Word at high speed. The final document will retain the original text outlay and quality.

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Part 2: Fix Abbyy Finereader to lớn Word Converter Problems

1. Error Message, "The RPC hệ thống is unavailable" Appears when You Start Abby FineReader.

To solve this, use the following steps.

i. Click Start>Control Panel>Administrative tools>Services, then find "Abbyy FineReader Licensing Service" và right click it.

ii. From the shortcut menu, select Properties>General, và verify if the Automatic tòa tháp is selected in the Start type drop-down list. If you find out that a different thành tựu is selected, you will have to lớn select Automatic và click OK.

iii. Go to Services dialogue and right click Abby FineReader Licensing Service then select Start or Restart from the shortcut menu. Launch the program khổng lồ determine if it"s working properly.

2. Abbyy FineReader Sprint Causes MS Office Application to lớn Work Improperly.

If you experience this problem, check whether you are using the recent version of Abbyy FineReader Sprint. Run the Abby FineReader Sprint then go to Help> check for updates. If this does not fix it, contact Fine Reader technical support, support và specifying the model of your device.

3. An Error Message That Reads "Requested member of the collection does not exist" Appears When You Start Microsoft Word.

i. Type Regedit in "Search programs and files" field then press the Enter button. If you are using Windows XP, just xuất hiện the Start menu, go to "Run item" then type Regedit in the open "Run dialog field" before you can press the Enter button.

ii. If you are using Microsoft Office 2007 enter, HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice12.0WordData in the registry, select it & then delete the selected registry subkey.

iii. If its Office 2010 use, HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice14.0WordData, select it and then delete the selected registry subkey.

4. "Fatal Scanner Error" while Scanning.

Click the Tools>Options>Scan/Open tab. Under the scanner heading, select "Use native interface" option then click OK.

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5. Incorrect words Order After Processing a Document in Right to Left Language và Exporting it lớn MS Word.

This issue connected to your MS Word settings for the right khổng lồ left languages. To lớn get the correct word order for the right to left languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew & more, địa chỉ these languages into “Office Language Preferences” of your MS Word. Go lớn Start> Office> Office Tools> Office Language Preference then showroom the languages.