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Reliable and space-saving slim tower offering next-generation features, extensive sầu connectivity & exceptional value.

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Sorry, this item is not available anymore for purchase online. Please see our recommended replacement sản phẩm.



Next-generation performance

Multitask effortlessly và take advantage of the lachạy thử productivity tools with up lớn Windows 8.1 Pro.

Count on long-term performance from a tested và proven design with a mean time between failure (MTBF) rate of 500,000 hours.Connect a wide range of devices và media with six USB ports và options that include a DVI port, parallel or serial thẻ, optical drive, PCI slot, two PS2 ports and 8-in-1 truyền thông media card reader.

The right fit for your space

Seamlessly integrate your desktop into your environment with the compact kiến thiết of the Vostro 3800 sllặng tower.Expand your view with optional multi-display support for efficient multitasking.Surround yourself with rich sound và bring videos and music lớn life with support for 5.1 audio.
Turn your desktop purchase inlớn a full business solution by adding a slipcase, backpack & mouse. Look for these great products and more at checkout.

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Get peace of mind long after your purchase with a suite of service và support options.
* ProSupport PlusUpgrade lớn ProSupport Plus – the only complete support that combines proactive resolution, automated prevention and protection for PCs and tablets.
Svào protection comes standardWork confidently with a standard 3-year Limited Hardware Warranty* and 3-year Next-Business-Day Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis*.
Keep Your Hard DriveGet a replacement hard drive sầu — without giving up your old one — and retain complete control of your data. If your hard drive sầu fails, lets you wipe your drive sầu or handle its disposal on your own, preventing your data from being compromised in any way.

Upgrade lớn ProSupport Plus – the only complete tư vấn that combines proactive sầu resolution, automated prevention và protection for PCs and tablets. We’ve sầu got your business covered.
Your system comes with’s Base Warranty*. If your system encounters an issue that is covered by the warranty that cannot be resolved remotely, will provide a convenient way for your system to lớn be repaired.

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When you customize your system you will find these other support options, with ProSupport Plus offering the most complete support ProSupport Plus is’s premium tư vấn service that automates tư vấn for PCs & tablets* lớn prsự kiện issues before they occur & quickly resolve issues when needed.’s SupportAssist will detect when a hard drive or battery is about khổng lồ fail, automatically create a case for resolution và notify the customer that the new hardware is on its way. ProSupport Plus combines 24x7 expert hardware & software tư vấn by ProSupport engineers, onsite* repair after remote diagnosis, repair for devices that are accidentally damaged and the ability khổng lồ keep a hard drive sầu after replacement lớn ensure data security* ProSupport* provides direct access khổng lồ ProSupport engineers who provide help for hardware & software challenges 24x7. Plus, SupportAssist giải pháp công nghệ remotely monitors PCs và tablets, provides notifications for issues that arise and automatically creates a case to resolve sầu them. When necessary, will provide onsite* tư vấn to ensure repairs are done quickly và conveniently.Accidents happen, and with’s Accidental Damage Service* you can reduce the downtime. We’ll repair a máy tính damaged by an electrical surge, liquid spill or drop.

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