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But as she grew, and her strange connection with the guardian wind became ever stronger, an unease about her origins began to take hold. And though she thought khổng lồ run from it, her headlong path led only lớn the discovery of a difficult truth — that her village and blood kin had been destroyed by wind elementals on a night of righteous reckoning, & that such destruction was necessary to lớn reclayên her as one of their own.

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A flurry of arrows takes down Windranger’s foes at an unflagging pace. Caught unaware, there is no escape from her Focus Fire và the relentless volley unleashed from Windranger’s bow. Bear witness lớn your accumulated damage, delivering limitless arrows from Windranger’s infinite quiver, ultimately unlocking a second Arcamãng cầu style: Reflections of the Gale.
Summoned by the winds of change, Windrunner harnesses the spirit of the wood to lớn bring fall lớn her foes.
Kill enemies with Focus Fire & raông xã up 2,500,000 in damage lớn unloông xã the Reflections of the Gale alternate style for this Arcamãng cầu, featuring an autumnal color theme for its Mã Sản Phẩm & effects.

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Windranger"s entire Model, items, và loadout pedestal have sầu transformed lớn evoke the power of the guardian wind.
Features an all-new animation set, sound effects, Focus Fire damage counter, a custom-designed channel bar, new ambient wind effects for both styles, additions lớn base và Immortal effects for her abilities, & new death effects for both Windranger và enemy heroes she takes down.
Raông chồng up 2,500,000 damage using Focus Fire kills lớn unloông chồng the Reflections of the Gale alternate style.

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