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Median XL 1.3May 9 2018Full Version 24 comments

The 1.3 version features a brvà new uberquest, the hardest yet. New items, & multiple changes to lớn character skills can also be found in this new version...

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median xl 1.3 full version


Median XL 1.2Dec 25 2017Full Version 28 comments

The 1.2 version features multiple changes lớn character skills, lots of new areas and reworked endgame quests. Big improvements to game performance.

median xl 1.2 full version


Median XL 2017 1.1Sep 15 2017Full Version 27 comments

The 1.1 version features a major overhaul with the stages in the game! The entire endgame scheme has been reworked, featuring three major locations: Kehjistung...

median xl 2017 1.1 full version


Median XL 2017Jun 2 2017Full Version 129 comments

Another major release is here! Introducing the Median XL Core, a set of major features such as auto gold pick-up, và much more.

median xl 2017 full version


Median XL Ultimative sầu XVIMar 22 2016Full Version 44 comments

After one & a half years, the final ultimative patch before Median XL: Sigma series comes out. Several fixes, new items and skills are the main features...

median xl ultimative xvi full version

Median XL Ultimative sầu XVcNov 27 2014Full Version 29 comments

As usual, after a nội dung patch comes a balance patch. Together with a new secret uberquest, Zorun Tzin, many bugfixes và tweaks come with yet another...

median xl ultimative sầu xvc full version

Median XL Ultimative sầu XVNov 15 2014Full Version 10 comments

*** WARNING *** - The required version khổng lồ play online is XVc. Go khổng lồ the downloads page và make sure that you have sầu the laskiểm tra version! --- New major...

median xl ultimative sầu xv full version

Median XL Ultimative XIVbMar 4 2014Full Version 25 comments

New stable version which is mainly focused on several bugfixes, aesthetical improvements & minor content/balance tweaks. Soon to lớn be updated on TSW online...

median xl ultimative sầu xivb full version

Median XL Ultimative XIVFeb 1 2014Full Version 8 comments

Yet a new version with both content and improvements, polished nội dung, soon khổng lồ be converted in the very awaited Median XL SIGMA hack, some day.

median xl ultimative sầu xiv full version

Median XL Ultimative sầu XIIIJan 2 2014Full Version 8 comments

New version which is mainly focused on bugfixes and a few balance tweaks, which is also the version that will be used for the Ladder Reset on our TSW...

median xl ultimative xiii full version

Median XL Ultimative sầu XIIDec 30 2013Full Version 17 comments

This version is outdated. Please visit

median xl ultimative xii full version

Median XL: Ultimative XI DocumentationDec 9 2013Guides

Here"s finally the updated documentation. It contains everything your ordinary documentation contains, và more! If you open this documentation you will...

median xl: ultimative sầu xi documentation guides

Median XL: Ultimative XIDec 8 2013Full Version

median xl: ultimative xi full version

Median XL: Ultimative v7 DocumentationDec 7 2013Guides

Making a .chm tệp tin version will take more time since it uses ancient html code formatting and interpretation (thanks Microsoft), so we have sầu to rewrite...

median xl: ultimative sầu v7 documentation guides

Median XL: Ultimative (v7)Dec 7 2013Full Version

Installation instructions provided in the Read-me! If anyone isn"t upkhổng lồ lớn date, The Sin War multiplayer realm now have HongKong và Canadian servers...

median xl: ultimative (v7) full version

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