Download Google Drive Large Files: Hello Friends, Today I am going khổng lồ show you how to tải về Large Files from Google drive through IDM. It’s a very difficult problem for the users. They can’t tải về their important files via IDM only because the Large Files google can’t scan & when you cliông xã the download anyway button it takes a long time & can’t resume that file after stopped for any reason from your browser.

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How To Download Google Drive’s Large Files with IDM

How To Download Google Drive’s Large Files with IDM.

But don’t worry here I am giving you the best two ways which help you to lớn download your files using IDM. First Using of Firefox browser & then Google Chrome Browser. So, let’s see how to lớn vày that.

Download Google Drive File with IDM on Firefox

Step 1: First of all, open your Firefox Browser. Cliông chồng open Menu & then clichồng on “add-ons” option.

Step 2: After that scroll down & hit on browse all add-ons. Type “Flashgot” on the above tìm kiếm box and press enter.

Step 3: After that, you can see Flashgot mass downloader came on the top of the search result you just cliông chồng on Add khổng lồ Firefox button. And then clichồng on install.

NOTE: If Firefox will ask you to restart then you have sầu to lớn cliông xã on restart now button.

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Step 4: Copy your google drive links và paste it into lớn your Firefox browser và hit enter. Now clichồng on Download anyway.

Final Step: A pop-up box will come up here you just cliông chồng on flash got và on the right side, you will get many options khổng lồ choose. Select Internet Download Manager. And cliông xã ok & start the download. If not please watch the GIF given below which will definitely help you.

That’s It Enjoy!

Download Google Drive sầu File with IDM on Google Chrome

Step 1: First of all, Open your Google chrome browser & open google drive tệp tin tải về liên kết which you want khổng lồ tải về.

Step 2: When you open it just cliông xã on “Download AnyWay” button and when it starts downloading cancel it.

Step 3: Now press CTRL+J to lớn go to lớn your downloads option. Just copy the liên kết address và paste it on Add URL option on your Internet tải về manager {IDM> và clichồng enter. wait for it load properly & then cliông xã start download.

Step 4: After downloading click on the open folder. Open that HTML file by double cliông chồng on it. After that, a Gmail login page will come out type there your Thư điện tử ID and Password & click on sign in option.

Step 5: Now download that tệp tin again và again, cancel it. Press CTRL+J và press right cliông xã on that link và copy liên kết address.

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Final Step: Finally paste it on Add URL option on your Internet download manager {IDM> and cliông xã enter. Now you can see you google drive sầu file began to start the tải về. Hope you understood. If not please watch the GIF given below which will definitely help you.

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