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These days, any shoe that"s a) not lined in fleece or b) able khổng lồ easily convert into a slip-on is a serious no-go. And I get it, dude. I"m with you. We"re all only human, & the last thing any of us need right now is an additional iota of discomfort lớn compound the everyday misery of our already-miserable lives. But sometimes the only thing you need khổng lồ snap yourself out of a rut is a new pair of shoes—at least, that"s what I"ve sầu been telling myself—and what is 2020 but one long rut with no foreseeable end in sight?

If you"re looking lớn siêu thị away the pain, you can"t vày much better than Dr. Martens" genuinely timeless 1461 leather oxford, a silhouette that earned its associations with the counterculture the hard way và is suddenly looking lượt thích the sturdy, reliable shoe you"re going to want lace-up (!) throughout this fall.


They work with everything you should be wearing right now.

Docs in general tkết thúc khổng lồ be pretty flattering shoes, & the brand"s classic three-eyelet oxford is no exception. These shoes are so damn versatile even your swagless—sorry, ah, "stylistically challenged"—homie from high school could plausibly get off a bomãng cầu fide fit wearing them. (Parents: Talk lớn your children about swaglessness today!)

Roông chồng "em with a fuzzy, slightly oversized cardigan and faded vintage jeans. Roông chồng "em with a cropped work jacket và wide-legged corduroy trousers—bonus points if they"re pleated. Hell, rochồng "em with a well-cut pair of shorts and some thiông xã camp socks for a look that emulates the inimitable goofball energy of Tyler, the Creator at his neo-prep best. Trust me, man: You really can"t go wrong.


SHOPhường. $1trăng tròn.00, drmartens.com

They"re sturdier than any pair of sneakers.

These bad boys ain"t another pair of dainty little sneakers that"ll scuff at the first hint of dirt. No, Docs are grown-ass shoes that"ll saunter up khổng lồ those precious sneakers gathering dust in the bachồng of your clophối, look them straight in the eye, & then let them know in no uncertain terms that they eat footwear like them for breakfast. *Extremely Bane voice* Oh, you think leather is your ally? You merely adopted the material. I was born in it, molded by it!

And you can forget the dopp kit full of cleaning supplies you used lớn dutifully tote around with you to make sure your shoes stayed crispy at all times, because these sturdy stompers only look better—you guessed it—the more beat up they get. (Man, sneakerheads used khổng lồ be out here wiping down their footwear more scrupulously than they did any part of their whole damn body toàn thân. Take a shower, dog! You smell like a half-empty bottle of Jason Markk.) The point is, Dr. Martens" shoes are built lớn last, & if you"re ready khổng lồ put in the time breaking them in, last they will.


They don"t break the ngân hàng.

If you"re an avid reader of this site, you know we"re all about scouring the deepest depths of the dark web—or at least, lượt thích, doing a preliminary Google search—lớn find the sweekiểm tra deals around for all you style-savvy bargain-hunters. These shoes aren"t dirt cheap, per se, but they"re in that realm of general affordability that"s catnip khổng lồ any spendthrift fashion-lover. And for all the slowly recovering classic menswear heads out there, you"ll be happy lớn hear that your money is once again going towards some sweet, sweet, Goodyear-welted goodness. (And FWIW: Ya"ll are really worrying about the wrong soles.)

So if you"re looking to spring on a pair of shoes to lớn wear as soon as you"re ready khổng lồ start wearing shoes again, these are them. Because there"s no doubt we"re living through some strange times but, as it turns out, these shoes might be exactly....

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what the doctor ordered.

Damn, sometimes I swear this shit writes itself. That"s all, folks. I"m out.

SHOPhường $1đôi mươi.00, drmartens.com

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