I maybe one of those new people in the Christmas crowd. It looks fun, but I'm wondering how the multiplayer works? It is like survive as long as you can, or is it doing missions but with others?


You can pretty much explore to your hearts desire. I have it on pc and have finished the game twice and it's still super fun. I'm also about lớn get it for Xbox one khổng lồ play with friends but if you need a partner to slay zombies & stuff I'll be happy to add you.

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It's a great game. I bought it during the Xmas sale, & haven't put it down. Very difficult but keep churning & you'll be fine. Try the coop out, I've found the community khổng lồ be pretty great!

Oh yeah, I definitely want to play with others. Does it have sầu any sort of matchmaking, for finding others khổng lồ play with?

There's 2 multiplayer aspects khổng lồ the game (3 technically).

1 is just coop. You can join others or others can join you with a limit of 4 people per lobby. You just run around in the open world of the game và can mess around, bởi vì missions together, side missions, or even challenges. Completing the missions saves as your progress even if you did nothing while the other players did all the work.

The other multiplayer aspect is the Invasion PvP mode. You alone or a full lobby of 4 players can open the game up to invasions where a 5th player invades the game as the Night Hunter. It's a mini game with slightly different rules, và you're against a player controlled quái vật that is unlike anything you see in the main game. It moves around like spider man using tendril locomotion, can see you through any walls, and can perform a one hit kill pounce attachồng where it wraps it's tendrils around you. It's weakness: UV light. You use survivor sense to lớn find it, and UV light + UV flares to lớn keep it at bay. Hitting it with light makes it's skin glow, making it easier lớn spot, & if you drain his stamina completely, he will burst inlớn flames and be severely limited in movement making hlặng easy khổng lồ attachồng. He has a variety of abilities lớn attack with, but the pounce is the most powerful. He can only bởi it with full stamina, so keep the light on him.

The mode is balanced so your weapon damages và stuff don't really matter. Use any one handed melee weapon such as a machette, sword, or even a water pipe to deal the same damage. Firearms are almost useless, so don't bother. They can finish off a damaged hunter but won't vày you much good otherwise.

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The 3'rd option is still Invasions, but as I said it's a player controlled zombie. Enter "Be The Zombie" mode from the main thực đơn lớn be the night hunter. Invade games and defeat the survivors to lớn rank up. The Night Hunter is a separate save sầu with it's own skill tree. Your early abilities are fairly limited, but as you progress you unlochồng more useful or powerful moves.