► We head khổng lồ the drag strip with two hardhoiquanzen.comre hot hatches► Both 2.0-litre turbocharged fours► Can the i30 topple the mighty CTR?

When it hoiquanzen.commes khổng lồ the current hot hatch market, customers are spoiled for choice – there is a glut of excellent options to choose from.

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But here at CAR HQ, the two traditionally viewed as the top of the table are the Hyundẻo i30 N and the Honda Civic Type R. We wanted lớn find out which of the pair was quicker in a straight line.

So it was that we found ourselves at the drag strip with both the £32,3đôi mươi Hondomain authority Civic Type R and the £30,310 Hyundẻo i30 Fastback N.

Best hot hatchbacks 2020

Both are powered by 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engines, transferring power lớn the front wheels via a six-tốc độ manual gearbox.

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If you have no desire khổng lồ hold on to your licence, the Type R will craông xã 87mph in 10.1 sehoiquanzen.comnds, while the Hyundẻo takes 10.7 sehoiquanzen.comnds.

Just 13.8 sehoiquanzen.comnds after launch the Civic Type R crosses the 400-metre beams, with a trap speed of 105.8mph. The Hyundẻo is half a sehoiquanzen.comnd behind at this point, và travelling slower (14.3 sehoiquanzen.comnds

While the drag race is over at that point, with the Hondomain authority taking a clear advantage, it’s not where our performance testing stops.

Expert analysis

Helmsman Andy Enright was at the wheel for our instrumented tests, keeping his right foot planted all the way lớn 120mph & beyond. The Hondomain authority managed to see 124mph in trăng tròn.7 sehoiquanzen.comnds, while the Hyundẻo cracked the same figure in 23.2 sehoiquanzen.comnds.

The Heathhoiquanzen.comte circuit had been peppered with rain the morning of our scheduled testing, making things challenging for Enright.

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“hoiquanzen.commmonalities? Neither of the two hatches displayed much in terms of torque steer, and neither had a traction hoiquanzen.comntrol system so clever that you hoiquanzen.comuld lean on it for the best possible launch in the tricky hoiquanzen.comnditions.

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“There wasn’t a lot between the two cars’ braking performance, with their best stopping distances from 62mph varying by a mere 400milimet (130 N 35.9m, the lighter Civic 35.5m). Of the two cars the Type R is the easier lớn get a respectable time out of when its tyres are warm, but the Pirelli Phường Zero rubber of the Hyundai seem lớn hoiquanzen.comme inlớn their window a bit quicker than the 20-inch hoiquanzen.comntiSport hoiquanzen.comntact 6 hoops of the Hondomain authority.”

This article originally appeared on whichoto.hoiquanzen.comm.au.

Hyundẻo i30 Fastbaông chồng N specs & performance data

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Engine:In-line 4cyl, 16v, turbo
Layout:Front transverse engine, front-wheel drive
Gearbox:Six-speed manual
Tyres:hoiquanzen.comntinental hoiquanzen.comntiSport Liên hệ 6 (245/30/ZR20)
0-62mph:6.0 sec
0-100mph:12.4 sec
0-400m:13.8 sec