If you use Facebook, you must have sầu noticed the error Sorry, something went wrong, We are working on getting this fixed as soon as we can at times. This error usually appears at the login screen, but you may face it while trying to load new tabs after logging in as well.

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In the Clear all history window, kiểm tra the boxes associated with Cache and Cookies.Select time range as Everything.Clichồng on Clear now to clear the cabít files & cookies.
The procedure lớn delete cabít and cookies from Google Chrome is as follows:
mở cửa the address chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in Google Chrome’s address bar.Select time range as All time & check the boxes for Cookies and other site data & Cached images và files.Cliông xã on Clear data khổng lồ clear the files.

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2> Remove problematic extensions from your browsers

Problematic extensions can also cause the Facebook login error “Sorry, something went wrong.” To verify this case, try opening your browser in private browsing mode. In case you are prompted, don’t select the option lớn activate the extensions.If Facebook works fine in private browsing mode, you can remove problematic extensions, especially those which are associated with Facebook.

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Hope it helps!


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