The 10 Best Far Cry 5 Mods, Ranked Far Cry 5 is a great game on its own, but these creative mods add something special lớn it.

The Far Cry series is undoubtedly one of Ubisoft"s more treasured franchises, and people are waiting with bated breath for the sixth game in the series to lớn rear its head after a brilliant trailer that featured the likeness of none other than the great Giancarlo Esposilớn. However, until this title is released, fans need to lớn be patient và bide their time with Far Cry 5, which isn"t exactly all that bad a compromise either.

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After all, most people consider Far Cry 5 to be one of Ubisoft"s greatest games, featuring the most polished open-world systems that Ubisoft had been honing for the longest time in their previous games to make for a seamless and enjoyable experience. However, if people are bored of playing the same vanilla game over & over again, here are some of the best mods to make the act of playing Far Cry 5 on PC even more enjoyable.

10 Viewmodel-FOV-Mod Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Vector.45
A problem that most people have with Far Cry 5 is the fact that the FOV is too restrictive & the guns that the player carries end up occupying way too much space on the screen as well.

The Viewmodel-FOV-Mod aims to lớn rectify this by increasing the FOV while also ensuring that this central alignment of the player"s gun doesn"t end up taking too much room.

9 Far Cry 5 Better Ballistics

For gun nuts who want Far Cry 5 khổng lồ deliver the most optimal experience possible, the Better Ballistics mod is highly recommended.

This mod ends up taking everything into trương mục, ranging from the size of the magazine khổng lồ the actual fire rates of most weapons, và ends up integrating all of this into the main game to lớn provide a more realistic experience when it comes khổng lồ the weapons in the game.

8 Far Cry 5 - Competent Weapons

While having more accurate ballistics might be a great thing, one can"t deny that modifying weapons lớn make them pack more of a punch sounds like a way better idea.

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This is where the Competent Weapons gian lận comes inlớn the picture. By integrating this mod, players can improve sầu the damage of accuracy of the pistols, shotguns, rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, LMGs, and any other weapons along the same lines in the game.

7 Wolf Companion (FFH)

Wolf Companion gian lận in Far Cry 5
While Boomer might take up the role of the goodest boy around in Far Cry 5, some gamers couldn"t help but want this canine to be slightly more fierce.

For these people, this Wolf Companion mod is the perfect fit. It allows players to choose from a wolf skin that suits their fancy, integrating the same into the games so that Boomer actually looks like a canine that will bite down anything in his path.

6 Additional Perk Points

Perks might not be all that hard to come by in Far Cry 5, but there"s bound khổng lồ be a game thủ or two who ends up panicking and overthinking the most optimal manner possible to spend these perk points.

To help these players out, this mod makes it so that the game is more generous when it comes to its perk point system. That way, players can now easily spover their perk points without having to worry about making any mistakes.

5 Green Hope County

The world of Hope Country can be quite beautiful in its own right... yet one can"t help but wonder how this area would look if the seasons happened khổng lồ change. Well, modders have sầu that base covered as well.

With this gian lận, the player can transsize Hope Country into lớn a summer paradise that could"ve sầu been extremely serene and calming lớn explore... had it not been for the mad cultists who were trying to lớn hunt them down.

4 Winter Hope County

However, if summer isn"t exactly what the player had in mind when it came to lớn choosing a season, then there"s a Winter Hope County thủ thuật as well!

True khổng lồ its name, this mod transforms Hope Country inlớn a wintry wonderl& that is an absolute treat to explore. Seeing Hope County with such a fresh coat of paint easily makes the act of installing this hack completely worth it.

3 Unreleased Variety FC5

There were a ton of weapons in Far Cry 5 that didn"t make the final cut... but that was no problem for modders, who quickly fished out these files and integrated them in the base game for everyone khổng lồ enjoy.

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The Unreleased Variety gian lận ends up adding additional weapons to the game while making certain camouflages available to the player as well. The most notable change this mod makes to the game is altering the weapon Jacob Seed shoots with. Now, Jacob will use a chất lượng MBPhường.50 that sets its targets on fire!

2 Far Cry 5 Redemption

The speed at which players can accrue Resistance Points in Far Cry 5 is quite staggering, and most areas in the game don"t even need to be explored to reach the level of Resistance Points required to lớn liberate the region.

For people who want to savor Far Cry 5 for all its worth, then the Redemption mod will serve as a perfect way to vày so. This gian lận drastically lessens the number of Resistance Points that can be gained after a particular action, meaning that players will have to go out of their way khổng lồ vì chưng everything possible in a particular region in order khổng lồ liberate it once và for all.

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1 Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod

However, most people argue that the Redemption gian lận can make things way too grindy in Far Cry 5. For people who want more control over the rate at which Resistance points are gained, they can go for the Resistance gian lận instead.

However, the ability to customize the RP. system is only touching the surface of what this thủ thuật makes possible. It integrates a bunch of QoL changes & also allows players khổng lồ roam around in areas that were inaccessible before, with the most notable of the lot being the St. Francis Veterans Center. Normally, approaching this area in the base game caused "Only You" to lớn play before the player passed out... but with this hack, this area actually becomes accessible!