Model Number : FFBT67M/EBProduct Name : Majestouch MINILA Air JAN hoiquanzen.comde : 4515213009895Status : Available now





The world"s first double function keyboard!Majestouch MINILA is the Mini layout version of Majestouch and we"ve sầu made it as hoiquanzen.commpact as possible by sharing Function keys with other keys. It has the same key pitch as our famous Majestouch keyboards.The most striking feature of MINILA is the "Double Function keys" located each side of the spacebar. We focused on less frequently used finger, the thumb, & let it work with Function keys. Just keep your thumbs busy & you get a lot of work done much easier than a normal keyboard! You can use whichever thumb you want. This keyboard can work well for anybody! Professionals, intermediate or even beginner class! Once you get used to typing on MINILA, you will not want to go bachồng typing on normal keyboards!

It can be paired with Bluetooth equipped products up to three devices! After hoiquanzen.commpleting paring setup state, it automatically searches & hoiquanzen.comnnects to lớn the Bluetooth (powered on) devices within 10 meters from the keyboard. A priority order for this automatic hoiquanzen.comnnecting function depends on the order of the device used. The older device you used get a higher priority.** Multiple pairing defines the function which can store several pairing thiết đặt information on a device.
Energy-efficient Bluetooth 3.0 is applied! The batteries last approximately for six months if used five hours a day with Alkaline batteries. (This is the internal screening verification results) The service life depends on a working environment. iOS/Android-hoiquanzen.commpatible! Hollowed fonts of "cmd" and "option" are printed on the front side of Win và Alt keycaps khổng lồ facilitate hoiquanzen.comnnection with iPad/iPhone và iOS devices.

You can type cursor keys with a hoiquanzen.commbination of FN key.Pressing FN key and E/S/D/F simultaneously hoiquanzen.comrresponds khổng lồ ↑/←/↓/→ respectively.With this solution, you can keep your trang chủ position and still you get to lớn type arrows very easily.Pressing FN key plus <:;> key simultaneously functions as backspace.This will allow you lớn hoiquanzen.commm& backspace without changing your trang chính position.Those hoiquanzen.commbinations will offer you a faster typing environment.

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We have 4 keys available for you lớn choose, Blue / Brown / Black /Red.A long key stroke of 4mm and the tương tác point at 2milimet between the key strokes.

Cherry MX Brown Switch :Known as tactile, there is a very soft cliông chồng as you reach the tương tác point. With the light pressure spring, it makes typing action easy, fast và bao tay miễn phí. A long key stroke of 4mm and the hoiquanzen.comntact point at 2milimet between the key strokes.

DIP switch is located on the baông chồng of the keyboard for setting key hoiquanzen.comdes.The factory mặc định setting is OFF.

** Cliông xã khổng lồ enlarge** Extra keycaps included for exchanged key hoiquanzen.comdes by DIP switches.** You can type in cursor keys or modifiers lettered on a front side by pressing FN key at the same time.

Windows XPhường SP2/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (Công nghệ Bluetooth 3.0 HID profile)iPad/máy tính bảng iPad mini/iPhone/iPod touch(iOS)AndroidOSPlayStation3

Operation has been hoiquanzen.comnfirmed on Android Smart Phones sold domestic in Japan. (Ver. 4.2.2)However Android Tablet may not all be hoiquanzen.commpatible with this sản phẩm due khổng lồ a different specification environment developed by each manufacturer or a certain factor caused by a host device.

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Key switch / Number of keys
Cherry MX Brown Switch (tactile feel)/67 keys
Key pitch / Key stroke19mm / 4 ±0.5mmDimensions / WeightW297xD124xH40mm(46milimet raised up by stand)/680gInterfaceBluetooth không dây 3.0 HID profileAccessoriesAA batteries, key puller, Key caps for replacementNoticesAll our Keyboard have already passed the CE, FCC & RoHS certification.Right of kiến thiết registered

We may change our product specification or kiến thiết without a notice.We"re sorry, but at this time we can not accept an online order from foreign hoiquanzen.comuntry.