Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake remains one of the very best Sony-exclusive sầu games to lớn lvà on PlayStation 4 towards the kết thúc of the console’s lifecycle. And while the remake of the beloved JRPG remains exclusive sầu lớn Sony consoles for the foreseeable future, there’s reason lớn believe sầu that might not be the case forever.

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Square Enix hasn"t made any details available just yet, but here"s what we know whether or not FF7 Remake might arrive sầu on Xbox, Switch, or PC in the future.

FF7 Remake is a "timed exclusive" for Sony consoles for one year following its April 10, 20đôi mươi release date, which means that as of April 10, 2021 it becomes at least possible for the game to migrate over khổng lồ other platforms. We learned this back in December 2019, when an eagle-eyed bạn of the franchise on Twitter spotted the fine print on box art for the upcoming game. Gaming industry analyst
BenjiSales reminded his followers of this via Twitter on April 7, 2021.

PlayStation consoles remain the best place to lớn play FF7 Remake in the near future considering the fact that FF7 Remake: Intergrade is due out on the PlayStation 5 in June 2021.

It will include a next-ren upgrade for the base game along with brand-new story chapters featuring Yuffie Kisaragi. But we don’t know the finer details of the timed exclusivity contract between Sony và Square Enix. It may have been extended as part of the Intergrade publishing giảm giá khuyến mãi.

But it’s just as likely that Intergrade will be PS5 exclusive sầu while the base game gets ported over lớn other platforms. In any case, big announcements such as these would probably happen during a summer Square Enix Presents showcase.

Here’s a more in-depth look at the possibilities for each platsize.

Will FF7 Remake come to lớn Nintenvị Switch?

Square Enix has yet lớn announce plans to lớn bring the game khổng lồ Nintenbởi vì Switch. However, an enhanced port of the PS1 version of the game is already available for all your on-the-go và bedtime Final Fantasy needs. Sure, it"s not quite as spiffy as the new version, but you can speed through battles if you"re not down for that random encounters grind.

FF7 Remake is a rather large game, coming in cchiến bại khổng lồ 100 GB — far larger than the Nintendo Switch’s based storage space. Storage aside, the Switch doesn’t really have sầu the hardware needed to lớn run a game like this. Then again, they got The Witcher 3Skyryên ổn lớn run on Switch, so it may indeed be possible. There’s also the possibility that Nintenbởi invests more in cloud công nghệ to bring a game lượt thích this lớn the platsize. Assassin"s Creed Odyssey was previously brought to lớn Switch as part of a partnership with Ubitus GameCloud, similar to what happened with Control in late 20trăng tròn.

So it’s possible but not all that likely.


Will FF7 Remake come khổng lồ Xbox One or Xbox Series X?

On the other hvà, there"s good reason lớn suspect FF7 Remake will eventually make its way lớn Microsoft platforms. Back in July 2019, the official Xbox Facebook trương mục in Germany "accidentally" posted a message indicating the game would come to lớn Xbox in March 20trăng tròn.

Obviously, that didn"t kết thúc up coming lớn pass, but there"s good reason to hope that we"ll see Xbox One and Series X versions of the game out soon after Square Enix"s exclusivity agreement expires in April 2021. Bachồng in February 20đôi mươi, Xbox head Phil Spencer said one of the team"s goals with Series X is lớn make the console more appealing in Japan. Presumably, that means ensuring that marquee Japanese-made games come lớn the platform.

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According lớn a January 2021 report from True Achievements, several more Final Fantasy games would be added khổng lồ Xbox trò chơi Pass at some point in 2021. They’re expected to lớn include Final Fantasy X, X-2, XII: The Zodiac Age, XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns. As of early April 2021, there’s no word as lớn when it may happen — or if FF7 Remake might be included — but that might just be because Microsoft & Square Enix are waiting for FF7 Remake’s exclusivity lớn expire khổng lồ make any big announcements. If FF7 Remake is included, it doesn’t seem likely that Intergrade nội dung would also make the leap.