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Reference: Da Nang, Quality Assurance

Department: Quality Assurance

Location: Da Nang

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Gameloft DAD Studio was established in 2010. After 8 years of development, we now have nearly 500 employees working in a modern building with splendid river view in Danang thành phố, Vietnam giới. DAD Studio took part in production of many famous Gameloft games worldwide including Modern Combat 5, My Little Pony, Ice Age Adventures, Asphalt Nitro, NOVA3 ...We are looking for the next talents to lớn join the game. It can be YOU!!






Job Description

Gameloft Vietnam is offering an exciting opportunity for video game lovers to lớn become a professional trò chơi Tester who would like to lớn break inkhổng lồ the career in game development. Game Testing is un-detachable part of đoạn Clip game development process lớn ensure the quality of the game when it is handed to over user in the market.

As a trò chơi Tester, member of Gameloft’s Quality Assurance team, you are expected khổng lồ play the game under development in order to detect và describe all abnormal behaviors (bugs) regarding game functions,graphics, ngắn gọn xúc tích, design và content… Such bugs need khổng lồ be reported to the development team for resolving to lớn ensure the best game player experience and game overall unique before being released khổng lồ the market.

The Game Tester is required to understvà and follow video clip game testing processes, the different checklists, game design documentation, standard requirements at Gameloft.

The Game Tester also needs to handle English written reporting, bug mô tả tìm kiếm, communication (locally và internationally) as well as scheduling the testing work.


The igiảm giá khuyến mãi candidate will demonstrate the following skill set: 

- Interest & experience in playing Clip games;

- Experience with various thiết bị di động application/game testing for iOS or Android, Windows, Facebook…;

- English reading & writing skills to describe bugs/issues clearly and precisely report và communicate using emails;

- Troubleshooting skill, strong logic thinking;

- Detail-oriented & quick learner in a fast moving environment;

- Teamwork và cooperation skills, working well with a team;

- Ability to stay organized và exhibit great follow-through;

- Ability to handle pressure và meet strict deadlines.

And above sầu all, motivation & a passion for video clip games!

Please kindly danh mục down, in your CV, the games that you have played.

Additional Information

Why join the Gameloft universe?

- Because you want khổng lồ be part of an exceptional experience, within a company that is constantly growing!

- Because you want khổng lồ work with talented people who are industry pioneers!

- Because you want to join a global company & meet great people around the world from all walks of life!

- Or, just because you’re looking for a great place khổng lồ work!


What we offer:

- Health insurance coverage;

- Lunch allowance, 13th month salary and semester bonus twice a year;

- Splendid river view from our office;

- Amazing staff events around the year (Company trip, New Year Party, Women’s Day, Christmas, Gameloft Day...);

- Many sport/game/tech clubs for enthusiasts. A fully equipped game room with PS, Wii and Xbox Kinect;

- Soft-skill training internally và externally;

- Be a part of a global team, work directly with your teammates from many places in the world.....


We can’t wait khổng lồ find our next great talent!

- Please submit your CV, cover letter or portfolio (if applicable).

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- Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted and your CV will be saved in our files for a period of 6 months.