Each điện thoại thông minh is made by Google & runs Google’s Android operating system, marrying hardware và software that were made for each other

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Google Pixel 2/2 XL/3/3 XL (Verizon & GSM Unlocked) (Refurb. A-Grade)

Since the first Google Pixel debuted—earning a review from Wired calling it “the best phone ever, period”—the Pixel family of smartphones has only grown & gotten better. Each phone offers powerful performance and an excellent camera packed in a slyên body; choose the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL to lớn enjoy wireless charging, or select either XL Mã Sản Phẩm if you want a larger, sharper screen.

Google Play: Apps, Entertainment, and More

The official online marketplace for Android devices, Google Play brims with well over a million downloadable apps, as well as songs, movies, TV shows, & e-books. It also offers nội dung for customizing your device’s functionality, from virtual keyboards lớn loông xã screens.

Ask Questions, Get Answers

The intelligent Google Assistant stands at the ready khổng lồ answer questions about the weather, local business hours, sports outcomes, and more. Just ask a question aloud, and it will quickly search online for the answer it speak it aloud to you.

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Dual-Bvà WiFi: Play and Stream Without Lag

If you play a lot of data-intensive online games or stream online Clip for hours on over, dual-band WiFi ensures you can connect lớn the fasdemo available network. While most mạng internet networks operate on the congested 2.4GHz b&, dual-band WiFi also lets you connect to networks operating on the more modern 5GHz band, which provides more bandwidth for faster app downloads and smoother đoạn phim streams.

SpecificationsThese attributes apply to each available Model. Operating system: Android Processor: octa-core RAM: 4GB Storage options: 64GB, 128GB Memory-thẻ slot: no Rear camera: 12.2MP single with 2160p đoạn Clip recording at 30fps WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Bluetooth: 5.0 NFC: yes Cellular data: 4G LTE Ports: USB 3.1, Type-C (no 3.5mm headphone jack) Condition: refurbished (A-grade) Google Pixel 2 Screen: 5” AMOLED capacitive touchscreen Resolution: 1080x19trăng tròn Front camera: 8MPhường. single with 1080p Clip recording at 30fps Battery: nonremovable 2,700mAh lithium-ion Weight: 5.04oz. Product dimensions: 5.74”x2.74”x0.31”Google Pixel 2 XL Screen: 6” P-OLED capacitive touchscreen Resolution: 1440x2880 Front camera: 8MPhường single with 1080p Clip recording at 30fps Battery: nonremovable 3,520mAh lithium-ion Weight: 6.17oz. Product dimensions: 6.22”x3.02”x0.31”Google Pixel 3 Screen: 5.5” P-OLED capacitive sầu touchscreen Resolution: 1080x2160 Front camera: 8MPhường dual with 1080p đoạn Clip recording at 30fps Battery: nonremovable 2,915mAh lithium-polymer Qi wireless charging Weight: 5.22oz. Product dimensions: 5.73”x2.69”x0.31”Google Pixel 3 XL Screen: 6.3” P-OLED capacitive sầu touchscreen Resolution: 1440x2960 Front camera: 8MP dual with 1080p video clip recording at 30fps Battery: nonremovable 3,430mAh lithium-polymer Qi wireless charging Weight: 6.49oz. Product dimensions: 6.22”x3.02”x0.31”
FAQ: Cellular Carriers & CompatibilityHave sầu more questions about carrier compatibility? Read our FAQ.
Deals for Cell Phone CasesCustomize the look of your phone và keep it in great shape with a cell phone case. Shop cases here.

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