Grand theft tự động is one of the oldest và classiest of the video clip games that a bạn has played. The popularity of the series is lớn this extent that there cannot be a game thủ today who has not played GTQ once in his life. Well, if you are an ardent fan of the series, then you are most certainly going khổng lồ like what we have sầu got for you here. 

Here we are going khổng lồ talk about the 2013 installment of the game. If you have sầu already known what it is you can just go onkhổng lồ the features section khổng lồ have sầu a look at the package you get to lớn enjoy here. But if you are new to lớn the game & are wondering what the game is all about then you can start reading from the section just below. So then, what is the wait for?!

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About the game

After the last installment of Gr& Theft Aulớn IV in 2008, this is the next one to be added to the series. Gr& Theft Auto lớn V is an action-adventure game that was developed and published by Rockstar North & Rockstar Games respectively. The game belongs to lớn the popular series of Grand Theft Auto lớn and is set in fictional San Andreas.

The story takes place in the Southern part of California where a retired ngân hàng robber, a street gangster, & a drug dealer attempt to commit different heists. These characters are portrayed as under pressure by several powerful criminals & a corrupted government agency. 

This is a game constructed to lớn the concept of an open world, where the player can discover và wander in new places. This single-player game thus lets you roam about in almost all the places you want in the fictional place of San Andreas. You can also check out Los Santos (again a fictional city) and the countryside of San Andreas. 


GTA- V can be played either from the first-person point of view or a third-person point of view. The player can choose any of the three protagonists and have to travel either by foot or in some vehicle. A major part of the gameplay is based on the shooting and driving skills of the player. You can switch between characters even if you are on an ongoing mission. 

If you are lớn turn on the game’s online multiplayer mode, as many as 30 players can engage in different kinds of game modes. The players can use combat styled attacks và also have access lớn explosives và firearms for fighting enemies. The open-world construct of the game lets the players swim or walk or run or use a vehicle to navigate through the entire bản đồ of San Andreas và beyond. 

In case the character suffers health damage, it will be shown to lớn the player via the health meter present on the screen. If the characters suffer termination they would automatically kết thúc up in the hospital before the game ends. Fun details, amazing graphics, and simple key combinations make the gameplay of GTA V quite appealing khổng lồ the gamers. 


No matter how great the plot of the game is, it would not be as appealing if it does not have sầu a mix of strong features accompanying it. Grand Theft Aulớn V along with all the other installments in the series have sầu both of those things in quite balanced proportions. Here we are going to lớn take a look at some of the features that GTA V has lớn offer to lớn its eager and waiting players.


The missions 

The missions are probably the best part of the game. They are simple khổng lồ look at but can challenge you once you start playing them. With every difficult mission and its subsequent completion, you will be rewarded with points in various figures và forms. 

The game has now reached a level of popularity that only a few can achieve and at the same time maintain for such a long time. This installment particularly is worth a try if you are indeed an ardent fan of the series.

Grand Theft Auto lớn V PC trò chơi Download

NameInitial Release DateDesignersWriter(s)AwardsPlatforms
Gr& Theft Auto V
17 September 2013
 Leslie Benzies, Imran Sarwar
Dan Houser; Rupert Humphries; Michael Unsworth
British Academy Games Award for Multiplayer, The Game Award for Best Remaster

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