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The feature images below will give sầu you a good idea of what this card has to lớn offer. All feature images and descriptions are courtesy of HIS.

The iPower feature promises better overclocking because of more power phases, better chất lượng MOSFETs, và a 40% higher current output when compared to the reference design.

The next image shows the the factory overcloông chồng versus the reference thiết kế. The 850 MHz core tốc độ they show for the reference thiết kế might be the “official” core cloông chồng, but as our recent Reviews on the reference R9 280X showed, it never strayed from 1000 MHz Boost clock. In all fairness to lớn HIS, we didn’t see their card stray from the advertised 1050 MHz Boost either. I suppose both cards would drop khổng lồ the non-Boost tốc độ should they reach power or temperature limits, but we haven’t seen that happen on any of the R7/R9 cards reviewed so far.

I’ve sầu always found the IceQ X2 cooler to be one of the best proprietary coolers on the market, and I don’t expect that khổng lồ change this time around either. With five copper heatpipes, dual 89 milimet fans, & a copper block, it certainly has the DNA khổng lồ perform very well.

HIS touts the thẻ as having “OC Equipment”, which references their dynamic phase control PWM & advanced digital power design.

There are two crossfire connectors on the thẻ that make it 4-Way crossfire ready. You’ll need a motherboard that supports 4-Way crossfire in order to lớn take advantage of this, but the option is there if you ever need it.

In order to lớn get the most out of the overclocking potential, a good software package is needed. iTurbo aims to fill that need with its user friendly interface. You can control tín đồ speeds, tự động overcloông chồng, và supposedly control voltages too. Sounds good khổng lồ me!

The HIS R9 280x iPower nguồn IceQ X2 Turbo also offers the latest GCN (Graphics Chip Core Next) technologies và a host of other capabilities listed below. These additional feature descriptors were pulled from the HIS website.

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Packaging and First Look

The familiar HIS boxing hasn’t changed over the past couple of years, but it does bởi a nice job of giving the potential customer the information they need. The box front & back give us plenty of kinh doanh details on just about every aspect of this HIS offering. Both sides give sầu additional information regarding system requirements and what’s included in the box. The box top & bottom have sầu additional branding & a brief multilingual feature list.