Bạn đang xem: How to find out the full mp4 link for multiple ts separated files

Feb 13 20đôi mươi, 07:52 PM, updated 2y ago

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Usually IDM pichồng up đoạn phim lượt thích cát.mp4 và can download fullyBut videos stream sometime give sầu saperate .ts file when tried to lớn download& if u download one it's give sầu u 5seconds videos then u need khổng lồ play the video abit longer to get the part 2 another 5seconds videos & so on.The .ts only show up when u stream the videoSo if 1hour video clip u can't download everythingThe site is người lớn though if u need it to reaserch pm me for linkQuestion: How to lớn tải về multiple .ts video clip stream
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