Resolutions are pressure.A single word can mix the tone forwhoyou want và need toBEregardless of what you want khổng lồ vày.It always comes down khổng lồ your way of being.The what, your goals & aspirations matter, they vì, but your mindphối is what will get you through the rough times. Cliông xã HERE khổng lồ learn how to select your one word for the year khổng lồ keep you moving forward.

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Start the New Year with a Simplification Month

Leaders can gain clarity by using January to simplify operations & focus on desired outcomes for the coming year
This time of year always ushers in resolutions & thoughts of what will be different when we wake up on January 1. W hy not tackle something at work that is well within your control và will make a real difference?A simplification month is a smart approach lớn focus everyone"s attention on one of the greademo challenges for companies of any size: complexity.So as you"re looking ahead to lớn the next year, try to lớn answer this simple question: What are the three or four things that you need lớn accomplish over the next 12 months so that, at this time next year, you can look bachồng and say that 20trăng tròn was a successful year?If you want to lớn commit to making January your simplification month, clichồng HERE lớn learn two ways khổng lồ get started.



Kathy joined the VTC team in November. She has more than trăng tròn years of experience in the combined fields of title insurance & mortgage banking. Kathy was a title examiner và title agent for nine years in the Tidewater, VA area. She & her husband moved khổng lồ Wilson, North Carolina where she worked in mortgage banking and managed the first bank-owned title insurance agency in North Carolina. Kathy is a graduate of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. She and her husbvà moved to the Roanoke Valley in 2019 because they love the area & wanted khổng lồ be closer khổng lồ family, especially their four beautiful grandchildren! Their youngest daughter is a recent graduate of East Carolimãng cầu University và lives in Arlington, VA. Kathy enjoys travelling, especially cruising, và making family memories. Please join us in welcoming Kathy to lớn the Team!
Catherine Wertz, Title Underwriter

Catherine joined the VTC team in December as a Title Underwriter. She is a native of New Jersey, yet has been proud lớn điện thoại tư vấn Virginia home since graduating from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Catherine has worked in the title and settlement industry ever since, including positions in pre-processing, post-closing, và underwriting. After many years spent in Northern Virginia, she now resides in the Troutville area of Botetourt County with her husband Weston, their four children & their mèo và dog. In her spare time she enjoys reading mystery novels, camping, và exercising. Please join us in welcoming Catherine to the Team!
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Virginia Title Center is Pleased to lớn Announce the Opening
of a Satellite Office in Blacksburg, Virginia
We are growing again! In addition khổng lồ our main office in Roanoke, our satellite office in Rocky Mount, we are adding a new satellite location in Blacksburg! We are located at 1997 South Main Street, Suite 604 at Colony Park. Our NRV Settlement Processors - Dawn Sartin & Melody Marick - will be available by appointment. Our new office provides a convenient location to lớn conduct settlement closings for you & your clients. We look forward lớn continuing to lớn expand our relationships throughout the NRV. You can reach us by phone at 540-772-0585.
The most successful community banks adapt to lớn the 21st century, yet they don"t thua thảm sight of a valuable, age-old skill of building trusted relationships.The goal for community bankers is to lớn be on the cutting edge, being ever mindful khổng lồ avoid the bleeding edge . This implies opportunity. Sticking with the hiring example, today"s employers are searching for và choosing employees of all kinds - from thiết bị di động support specialists to lớn online fraud responders and cybersecurity experts. Community banks can lead the way here by understanding the need for new skills và experience, but also the necessity of the traditional workforce that has served us well for decades. Cliông xã HERE lớn learn more.
Do Bank Management Training Programs Create "Leaders of Yesterday"?
by Jyên Marous, The Financial Brand
The management training and executive sầu development programs at most banks may be reinforcing the culture & business processes of the past instead of developing leaders for tomorrow.The question then becomes, are today"s management training programs aligned with the objective sầu of many organizations to lớn become more agile, more innovative sầu, more digitally focused, and more customer-centric? Or vị current management training programs simply reinforce current values, behaviors và processes that are already in place? If the latter is the case, there will be continuous reintegration of existing habits và practices, thus slowing change. So, how should training be changed lớn reflect the needs of digital transformation?ClickHERElớn gain more insights.

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The mortgage industry consistently shifts, requiring mortgage professionals khổng lồ regularly evaluate their business planning strategies lớn improve mortgage growth year-over-year. Ben reached out to several mortgage experts from a variety of backgrounds, including mortgage influencers, top producing loan officers, real estate experts & industry leaders, khổng lồ gather their perspectives on successful business planning strategies in the mortgage industry. While interviewing them, a common phối of themes emerged that anyone in the mortgage industry can leverage in their business planning strategies going forward. Clichồng HERE to lớn learn more.