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For KZ ZST available compensation & emulation of the frequency response in the Vacuum tube player. Based on measurements of Reference Audio Analyzer.

The table shows a most important technical characteristics of KZ ZST

*Center channel tai nghe is received by averaging between left and right channels

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Sensitivity of KZ ZST headphone

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Brief information The sensitivity of the headphones F.A.Q. is determined by the amplitude-frequency response curve F.A.Q. with the specified sound pressure dB SPL of 1 VRMS. For 0 dB, đôi mươi μPa is assumed. By the sensitivity of the headphones, you can predict the volume cấp độ developed by the headphones at any chosen frequency with the known supply voltage to lớn the headphones from the amplifier. Three-wave smoothing F.A.Q. is used khổng lồ eliminate the interference of waves due to the use of a "point" microphone. The frequency response in RAA is obtained through the reproduction và analysis of a special noise signal with the subsequent generation of an impulse response. The frequency response plot is constructed from the spectrum of the impulse response. During the measurements, a special amplifier was used with zero total output impedance over the entire frequency range, which required no compensation for the amplitude response F.A.Q.. The microphone is calibrated to lớn 45 kHz F.A.Q. with an appropriate frequency response correction. The difference in amplitudes of 6 dB is equivalent khổng lồ a twofold ratio of signal levels. Original text in Russian report. You can help with translation via the forum or feedbaông chồng.

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