The Sociadanh sách Republic of Vietnam is to receive sầu 12 Aero Vodochody L-39 jet trainer aircraft from the Czech Republic.

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Seen during its official rollout in October 2018, the L-39NG has now been acquired by Vietphái mạnh for pilot training. ( Jennings)

Czech defence exporter Omnipol announced the sale on 15 February, noting that the L-39NG version of the L-39 Albatross will be delivered from 2023 through to 2024.

“The contract includes the acquisition of 12 L-39NG aircraft, plus the training of pilots, instructors, ground crew, & mechanics. Also included will be the supply of aircraft spare parts, as well as the supply of equipment for ground-based training, logistics tư vấn, or specialised airport systems. This will give sầu the customer the capability of complete pilot and ground crew training,” Omnipol said.

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The L-39NG was first rolled out by Aero in October 2018, with flights trials concluding in early 2020. The L-39NG features a more powerful Williams International FJ44-4M engine, a wet wing, a modern cockpit, and a lighter airframe than its predecessor. In the light strike role it is equipped with five sầu hardpoints (compared with two for the baseline L-39) for a variety of air-to-air & air-to-surface missiles (AAMs), as well as other munitions and sensors. It also introduces the option for a gunpod. According khổng lồ All the World’s Aircraft: Development and Production, the L-39NG has a top speed of 420 kt, a payload of 1,200 kg, an endurance of 4 hours và 30 minutes, a range of 1,400 n miles, and a service ceiling of 38,000 ft. It is reported khổng lồ cost less than USD10 million to lớn procure.

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The Sociamenu Republic of Vietphái nam is to lớn receive 12 Aero Vodochody L-39 jet trainer aircraft from the...

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