Americans are traveling in the greatest numbers in more than a year, and soon they will have sầu two new leisure-oriented airlines to consider for those trips. Both hope to lớn draw passengers by filling in smaller strands on the spider website of airline routes crisscrossing the United States.

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Virginia became the first Southern state to lớn legalize marijuana Wednesday, as lawmakers voted lớn approve Gov. Ralph Northam"s proposed changes khổng lồ a bill that will allow adults lớn possess và cultivate small amounts of the drug starting in July.

Large numbers of students are not returning lớn the classroom even as more schools reopen for full-time, in-person learning, according to lớn a survey released Wednesday by the Biden administration.


A House subcommittee is investigating YouTube Kids, saying the Google-owned đoạn phim service feeds children inappropriate material in "a wasteland of vapid, consumerist content" so it can serve sầu them ads.


With a massive infusion of federal aid coming their way, schools across the U.S. are weighing how lớn use the windfall khổng lồ ease the harm of the pandemic — & khổng lồ tackle problems that existed long before the coronavi khuẩn.


Italy may be in a strict coronavi khuẩn lockdown this Easter with travel restricted between regions và new quarantines imposed. But a few miles offshore, guests aboard the MSC Grandiosa cruise ship are shimmying khổng lồ Latin music on deck & sipping cocktails by the pool.

Ask Americans if they believe sầu in God và most will say yes. But a growing number have sầu lost faith in organized religion. For the first time since the late 1930s, fewer than half of Americans say they belong to lớn a church, synagogue or mosque, according to lớn a new report from Gallup.

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AP source: VW plans brand-name change to ‘Voltswagen’ in US

Volkswagene plans to change its brand name in the United States khổng lồ "Voltswagen" as its shifts its production increasingly toward electric vehicles and tries to distance itself from an emissions cheating scandal.

UW-Madison police said three 19-year-old university students stole the tree as part of a "pledge" activity for the former Chi Phi fraternity, which hasn"t been recognized as an official student organization since năm ngoái.

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‘Clear the Capitol,’ Pence pleaded, timeline of riot shows

From a secure room in the Capitol on Jan. 6, as rioters pummeled police & vandalized the building, Vice President Mike Pence tried khổng lồ assert control. In an urgent phone Điện thoại tư vấn to lớn the acting defense secretary, he issued a startling demvà.

The House Ethics Committee has opened an investigation of Rep. Matt Gaetz, citing reports of sexual và other misconduct by the Floridomain authority Republican, the panel"s leaders said Friday.

The NFL và its players" union have sầu an array of health programs designed lớn help players in their life after football. According to his agent, Phillip Adams did not avail himself of those opportunities.

The chief county medical examiner who ruled George Floyd"s death a homicide testified Friday that the way police held hyên down & compressed his neck "was just more than Mr. Floyd could take," given the condition of his heart.

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No region in the world spared as virut cases, deaths surge

Hospitals in Turkey & Pol& are filling up. Pakisrã is restricting domestic travel. The U.S. government will skết thúc more help to the state with the country"s worst infection increase.

Caitlyn Jenner has been an Olympic hero, a reality TV personality & a transgender rights activist. Her next step could be candidate for California governor.

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nước Australia khổng lồ buy extra trăng tròn million doses of Pfizer vaccine

nước Australia said Friday that it has finalized a giảm giá khuyến mãi to buy an extra trăng tròn million doses of the Pfizer vaccine as it rapidly pivots away from its earlier plan khổng lồ rely mainly on the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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Prince Philip, the irascible & tough-minded husband of Queen Elizabeth II who spent more than seven decades supporting his wife in a role that both defined & constricted his life, has died, Buckingsi mê Palace said Friday. He was 99.

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