2a : an enjoyably exciting or stimulating chất lượng : zest really put some zing inkhổng lồ this industry— Erwin Fine

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Synonyms & Antonyms for zing

Synonyms: Noun

Antonyms: Noun

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Noun They needed lớn put some zing bachồng inlớn their relationship. The chili peppers give sầu the sauce a little extra zing. Verb The comics spent the evening cracking jokes & zinging each other. His opponent has run television ads zinging hyên ổn.

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Recent Examples on the Web: Noun That subtle collision of tastes—the sharp sheep"s cheese mixing with the salty-sweet pomodoro-mozzarella topping—gives every crunch a tiny bit more zing. — Bernhard Warner, Fortune, "Margin mayhem—finance stocks sink as Wall Street frets over billions in bad trades," 29 Mar. 2021 Horseradish not only gives a bloody mary its fiery bite and a roast beef sandwich a bit of zing but also can be used to brighten any number of dishes. — Tribune News Service, cleveland, "Horseradish has deep roots in history," 30 Mar. 2021 In Thủ đô New York, most museums và galleries reopened some time ago, but with the zing of spring now in the air—and more vaccines being administered all the time—setting a date to lớn go out và (safely) see some art feels especially apropos. — Marley Marius, Vogue, "9 Art Exhibitions Worth Masking Up For This Spring," 19 Mar. 2021 Fresh avocabởi with a perfect citrus hit of acid, a creaminess from crema và a zing from queso fresco. — Chuông xã Blount, San Antonio Express-News, "The Happy Gordita Mexican food truchồng has one of San Antonio"s best guacamoles & will leave sầu your belly happy," 5 Mar. 2021 Pickle brine, minced pickles và dill add zing và deli flavor. — Washington Post, "Chicken, egg, si and chickpea salad recipes for quichồng sandwiches in the trang chính office," 20 Feb. 2021 Like the funnybones of audiences, jokes change, losing their zing through time. — Willard Spiegelman, WSJ, "‘Aristophanes’ Review: Laughter on the Acropolis," 19 Feb. 2021 Here, salty pretzels work in a similar way, adding crunch và a toasty character alongside a saline zing. — Melissa Clark, Thủ đô New York Times, "There’s No Better Time for Maximacác mục Brownies," 11 Feb. 2021 The cheesy grits are capped off with hot sauce, offering a zing that doesn’t linger. — Sarah Blaskovich, Dallas News, "I’m calling it: This Fort Worth shop is the best new barbecue joint in North Texas," 10 Feb. 2021 Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Standing still out of fear while others zing past on the highway is like asking your GPS navigation system khổng lồ route you directly lớn Regretville. — Josh Linkner, Detroit Free Press, "đôi mươi feet at a time. That"s the best way khổng lồ navigate the road ahead during uncertain times," 1 Aug. 20trăng tròn Appearing with Anderson Cooper on CNN Monday night, Nancy Peloyêu thích zinged Trump for taking the drug. — Oliver Darcy, CNN, "Fox News can"t get its message straight on hydroxychloroquine," 19 May 2020 Earthy beets get a hit of smoke from the grill, zinged up with charred orange & letháng. — Caesarstone, Bon Appétit, "Real Outdoor Cooks Agree: This Is the Counter for Adventurous Cooking," 2 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. 20đôi mươi Sense & Sensibility" (1995) Ang Lee directs a script by Emma Thompson that zings energy inlớn the story of the Dashwood sisters (played by Thompson và Kate Winslet), who grow up in wealth but chiến bại everything after their father"s death. — Kelly Lawler, USA TODAY, "The 5 best Jane Austen TV and film adaptations, from "Clueless" to "Sanditon"," 12 Jan. 2020 The Canadian-American humorist died in 2012 at the age of 47 và his essays always crackled with zinging observations about other people’s foibles, but most often his own. — Maris Kreizman, WSJ, "In These 10 Books, the Blissful Pleasure of an Escapist Read," 16 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. 20đôi mươi Incredibly lean, not greasy, và a very generous portion zinged up by green peppers. — cleveland, "A perfect Clevel& fantasy brunch, all in one meal (photos)," 23 Feb. 20đôi mươi There"s a lot of flavors zinging around with this sandwich. — Marc Bona, cleveland, "Good Company: Northeast Ohio’s best weekover brunches, breakfasts," 11 Jan. 20trăng tròn USA Today posted a string of Twitter comments zinging Peloton on Jan. 29. — Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press, "Peloton offers a good holiday shopping exercise for thinking before buying," 5 Dec. 2019

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