The MapleStory franchise has been one of Nexon’s more notable properties with its MMO world of cartoonish & lighthearted aesthetic. The first game was hugely popular for a long time, and the second would eventually go live in 2018, but it has never quite found the love sầu & enthusiasm of the original. To that end, the MapleStory 2 devs have announced that they are shutting down service on the game at the end of March.

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The closure of MapleStory 2 was announced on the MapleStory 2 website on March 19, 2020. According lớn the statement written by the developers, service will be discontinued & shut down completely on March 27, 2020. This will mark the final update of the game & purchase of virtual currencies will also be discontinued. Although customer support will remain open for the next couple months following the final update & the game will still be miễn phí to play on the Nexon launcher, servers will altogether be shut down on the March 27 date.

MapleStory 2 tried a lot of different things khổng lồ reinvent itself and become more popular, including a battle royale mode, but just never quite reached the popularity of the original MapleStory.

MapleStory 2 went through quite a bit of rework that included adding a questionable battle royale mode & quite the revamp of major changes baông xã in 2019 as the game continued to lớn tìm kiếm for its own quality footing and audience. Unfortunately, it never quite got there và could not find the success the original MapleStory had.

Nonetheless, the MapleStory crew thanks those who stuck around for the long haul.

“We are forever grateful for your patience & dedication khổng lồ MapleStory 2 as we tried lớn rework the game starting with Project New Leaf,” the MapleStory team wrote. “But ultimately we’ve sầu decided that we will not be able to lớn provide the type of service that would live up lớn your expectations. We took a hard look at the current state of the game & its future roadmaps, and sadly reached the conclusion that it would be difficult to lớn maintain long-term continuation of the game while remaining true to lớn what made MapleStory 2 your MapleStory 2.”

Refunds on the virtual currencies in MapleStory 2 will be offered, và instructions on how to pursue qualifying refunds are available with the closing message. Unfortunately, this seems to lớn be the over of the road for a Nexon’s colorful MMO for the timebeing.

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