Massages in Vietnam are a great way lớn relax & in any places, there are services being offered. Vietnam overall does not offer a great nightlife.

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In Vietphái nam they offer legitimate massage as well as happy ending massages.

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What is a Vietnamese Massage?

Compared khổng lồ the massage in Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan, massage in Vietnam is derived from Chinese massage which involved focusing on points to lớn release tension and knots in muscles. On the other hvà, Thai mát xa involves stretching, muscle movement and moving limbs.

In this article I’ll show you where to get normal massages và extra special ones in Vietnam.

Dai Nam mas sa h& job

The Dai Nam hotel is located in the heart of District 1 in the backpacker area. There are two Dai Nam hotels, but only one offers handjobs.

To find the Dai Nam hvà job massage, walk into lớn the khách sạn and on the left you will see two glass doors và walk to the kết thúc & take a right. There will be a Vietnamese guy waiting next to the lift asking if you want a mas sa at Dai Nam.

Upon entering you will be in the lobby and the women at the reception will ask what massage you would like:


Every massage at Dai Nam comes with a happy ending except for the foot mas sa. The VIPhường và SUPER VIP are bigger rooms where the girls also bath you naked.

Before you take your mas sa, you will have the option khổng lồ use their Swedish saumãng cầu, steam room and hot baths. When you come out the stream room a guy will ask you for a VIP. shower, if you follow hyên ổn, you will get a non-sexual rubdown with a warm towel. You will need to tip hyên around 30-50k VND.

If you don’t want this then politely say no and shower yourself.

Dai Nam mas sa is strictly hand jobs only. You can not get blow jobs in Saigon or full sexual services here.

Girls will just not do it no matter what you pay them. If you want khổng lồ change your girl before the massages starts, you can ask her to lớn switch with someone else, however you cannot choose who you want.

After your massage is over the girls will hvà you a thẻ where you write down their tip. The normal price is around 250k-300k VND for a hvà job. Depending on how much of an amateur you look like, they will ask for 500k VND or maybe even 1 million VND.

It’s really up-to-you what you pay for your h& job massage at Dai Nam. But the minimum tip should usually be at least the value of the massage.

Vien Dong happy ending massage

Vien Dong is another khách sạn in the heart of Ho Chi Minch City District 1 that is a strictly hand job only massage. The mas sa is located inside the hotel on the 2nd floor.

When you enter the khách sạn, the lift will be on the right và go to the 2nd floor.

Vien Dong handjob massages offers the same prices as the Dai Nam mas sa, the rooms are the same & they offer a saumãng cầu service. Vien Dong HJ massage works in the exact same way as Dai Nam.

Once again girls will ask you khổng lồ tip them 500k VND or more, but the going rate is usually 250-300k or the minimum amount of the massage you selected.

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Vien Dong mát xa in Ho Chi Minch City does not offer BJ or any other sexual services other than h& jobs, there are also no Vietnam giới ladyboys working here, I asked them.

To get laid for miễn phí in Hồ Chí Minh thành phố, read this article.

Happy ending massages in Ho Chi Minh District 1

There are lots of happy ending massages in District one, you will find a lot in the main backpacker area of Bui Vien.

Visit with caution as some of these places will tell you one price & VND then when it comes to payment they will tell you they meant VND.

It’s best to look around or use either the Dai Nam handjob mas sa or Vien Dong mát xa. Most people will tell you that both are expensive & you can get cheaper if you go lớn the outer areas of Ho Chi Minch.

District 10 sex massages in Ho Chi Minh

If you visit the Le Hong Phuong area you can find full service mát xa shops in Ho Chi Minh:

When I was here back in 2016, I remember walking near this area and seeing a few shops in empty streets with neon signs. There is usually a guard outside the cửa hàng và as soon as he sees you, he will whistle you over & ask you khổng lồ go inside.

There is usually a guard outside the siêu thị và as soon as he sees you, he will whistle you over & ask you to lớn go inside.

During my last visit the girls inside weren’t nothing special but I did wonder in around 2pm, so I’m guessing there is more choice around 5-11pm when people finish work.

Unlượt thích District one where you can only get handjobs, in District 10 you’ll be able to lớn get full sex, blow jobs & whatever else it is you need.

Places where you can get a good Vietnam massage

Massage parlors in Saigon – these are where you can actually get good mát xa service. It caters to lớn everyone – male or female. They offer other services such as foot mát xa, reflexology mát xa or ventosa (hot stone). Massage parlors that caters to men only, also provides additional legitimate service for pampering such as shaving, sauna facilities and you can also order food.

Roadside or Beach – you can either get a mát xa, with clothes on, on the side of the street or even while you are enjoying the beach. This is cheaper compared lớn the service being offered on legitimate spas.

Plan to visit Hanoi on this trip? Read my guide on where lớn get happy endings in Hanoi và where khổng lồ meet girls in Da Nang.

Foot spas – tired feet can find solace for this type of service – but it is really just up to lớn that. Places that offer foot rub also offers other service such as pedicure, etc.

Happy Ending massages in Vietnam giới

When you think that you can actually get happy ending mas sa in Vietnam giới, then you would have khổng lồ think again. Often times, the skimpy the girls wear in a mát xa parlor the more likely they are a legitimate mas sa spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp. Unlike in other countries where happy ending is most likely advertised, in Vietnam giới if you want to lớn get a happy ending you would have sầu to find the needle within the haystack.

There is one place that is located around Hoang Van Thu Park that is near the airport. There are several mát xa parlors in this area. Happy ending costs about 1 million Dong if you are a foreigner, but you can haggle it down to lớn around 200-300k.

If you head lớn Ho Chi Minc, you can also find several here in the backpacker areas, the girls in District 1 will not offer a full sex mas sa, only handjobs.

These massage places caters to lớn foreigners and locals alượt thích. Vietnamese girls are pretty compared khổng lồ other countries I have sầu been but the mama sans can be really too pushy. There are also places where women will allow you khổng lồ touch và rub them.

On another thought, happy ending mát xa in Vietnam giới is also available & you can get it from establishments that are located on top floors of a khách sạn. But this includes for you to write down your details and pay entry ticket. Of course, tipping is important in these establishments.

Not So Good Massage

Why am I saying that it is not so good, the mas sa itself is not that bad? It is not so good because I am talking about getting laid. Most establishments that offer mas sa in Vietphái mạnh are owned & controlled by the government. Sleazy mas sa parlors have sầu been raided once or many times so you have to lớn be careful with that.

If you are a foreigner, you are most likely lớn get the oldest masseuse because they reserve the younger ones to lớn local patrons. Local men would complain if they get the older ones. However, if you visit the massages I stated above many of the girls are in their early 20s & really, really hot.

Happy ending mát xa in Vietnam often lasts for about 45 minutes. At the end, your masseuse will ask if you would lượt thích special service which costs about $30 for a hvà job. If you are good at bargaining, you can low ball the price down to $20 (which is about 200,000 Dong).

The average price for a handjob in Vietphái nam is around 250,000 Dong and the price of the massage.

A Little Bit of Action

I can tell you that the girls who are offering the service in these mát xa parlors don’t really look bad at all. They are usually scantily clad women but it is quite difficult for you to gain easy access. If they are up for it, they will let your hvà slide up and down their jumpers or some would even get their tits out. Despite of all these, they will still pamper you. Let you on a steam room, give sầu you a wash down the tub and give you a good mát xa. For a hand job, you can pay in between 300,000 lớn 750,000 VDoanh Nghiệp.

To be honest, the service for happy ending is illegal. Rooms in most mas sa parlors have sầu a small window on the door so that management can monitor if something is going on between the client and the masseuse. Girls will be terminated if they get caught offering “extra service.”

Are girls miễn phí of STDs?

In full-service sex massages in Ho Chi Minh, all the girls will ask you to use a condom. I am actually not sure on what their policy is over there on how often they get tested, as in Thailand it tends lớn be around every 3 months.

I always advise you to wrap up & wear a condom anyway as STD rates are quite high in Vietphái nam. If you’re worried about getting STIs then I suggest you avoid mas sa shops & find yourself a normal local girl off a dating site.

The best part of massage in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minch or Hanoi offers great massage services. There are several parlors that you can go to lớn but that actually depends on what you would like to lớn avail. While it is not as rampant compared khổng lồ Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan, you can still be able to lớn avail happy ending mát xa in Vietnam giới.

The best thing about these is that girls are actually beautiful. They are far better looking than Tnhì girls. Another good thing is that they are not as aggressive. These girls are a bit shy và would take a hint if they know that they are being rejected. Rejected? Who would reject a petite, sexy and pretty girl? A guy can have a full hour service (massage & happy ending included) from a beautiful 19 year old Vietnamese girl for about 70 USD.

Recommended places to lớn go to:

Please note that these places are legit massage parlors.

If you are in Ho Chi Minch City, places in District 1 such as Nails & Beauty Shop, Cat Moc Spa or Indochine Spage authority.

If you are in Hanoi nightlife check out:

There is Omamori Spa in Dong Da District, Just Massage in Tay Ho District & Moc Spage authority in Hoan Kien District.

It is also helpful if you know a little bit of the language so that it would be easier for you to lớn negotiate with the masseuse, especially if you would lượt thích khổng lồ avail of the “happy ending” service.

Happy ending massage in Vietnam giới

We all agree that mát xa offer great relaxation. If you are in Vietphái nam, you will get you massage plus extra services for even better relaxation. One of the extra services are happy ending massage in Vietnam, one that I will tell you more in this article.

Vietnam giới is amuốn the top Asia sex tourist destination, và for a reason. The local girls are dễ thương và their plus plus services are highly recommended lớn any one looking to lớn have sầu fun in the country.

What is Vietphái nam massage?

You can get either normal /family/couple massage or erotic mas sa (handjob, boobjob, sex, và blowjob) in Vietphái mạnh.

All you have sầu to vày is find the right one. Otherwise you might find it awkward when the masseuse’s hand wonder “accidentally” to lớn your pants.

I have a lot of good happy ending mát xa experience in Hanoi red light district. Don’t be surprised if a masseuse ask you if you are interested in marriage.

Hanoi girls are attractive sầu yet inexpensive if you’re looking for sex. With VND 450 K is enough to get pleasured in a fancy spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp in Hanoi, HND 200k is average parlors.

My first experience was in a spa where I was không lấy phí to lớn take off my pants. In other cities parlors.

Windy VIP mát xa in Hanoi (windy Hotel)

Location (3 branches in Hanoi)

Windy 1 on Villa B9 Nguyen Thi Dihn, 4ht F

Windy II on 18 Nho 76 Duy Tan

Windy III on 256 Kyên Nguu

Open hours: 7:30 am to lớn 9:30 pm

Services offered

All sexual services

Blue Spa

Location: 5/5 Nguyen Kkhô giòn Toan

xuất hiện hours: 10 am to 1am

Services offered

HJ and BJs

See here for detailed info on where to lớn find happy ending mas sa in Hanoi.

Tips for bro when getting happy massages in Vietnam

Just because you find scantily dressed ladies outside a spa doesn’t quality it to be a pink spa làm đẹp. In fact, you will find most girls in the parlors wearing sexy little unikhung that show lots of skin & cleavage with the same girls making it difficult lớn grope the goods.

In some spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp, the girls will let you slide your palm under the skirt as the fun get going. Other will let go their bras & allow you lớn knock yourself out.

In any decent or upscale happy massage spas in Vietphái nam, all ladies will be pretty. Masseuse in cheaper spots might look a little skanky but their skillset will make you explode.

For those looking for normal mas sa, foot massage works great if you spent most of your day touring the thành phố.

Unlike erotic, which must be done behind doors, you can get normal massage by road side or at the beach.

In fact, roadside foot mas sa are cheaper and equally rejuvenating as those done in Vietphái mạnh massages.

In any of these roadside foot mas sa spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp in Vietphái nam, the routine is simple. You will lie down on a chair, sometimes a bed and given some shorts to lớn change.

Regardless of the place, you are guaranteed lớn fall inkhổng lồ a state of complete bliss for the duration of your foot massage.

If you opt for a normal mát xa in the spas, the mát xa thực đơn can get quite lengthy. Here, don’t expect a $5 Vietnamese foot massage but the extra facial, body scrubs & related spa treatment makes it worth.


Something similar that in both normal và happy ending mát xa in Vietphái nam is tipping.

For example is your happy ending mát xa service cost VND300K, the tip can go as high as VND200K. Basically expect a tip of between 10% and 30%.

Reason? Girls who work in these establishment are paid on commission so they make most of tips.

chú ý that the tip issue catch a lot of westerners by surprise. In any case, it’s advised that you asked the total payment in advance.

For the spas and foot massages in Vietnam, the total cost (mas sa + tip) is as per advertised. If such details are not listed, be sure to clarify.

While some massage accept credit payment, it’s recommended khổng lồ always carry cash.

Another word of caution. Leave sầu most of your baggage at your khách sạn. If a happy ending spa làm đẹp look suspicious, trust your guts.

You could choose to lớn try other 50+ parlors in the area or go baông xã and leave sầu the baggage safe in your khách sạn.

For the ladies, not many male work on foot mas sa spot. Try lớn find a masseuse, otherwise you can opt to relax và enjoy the massage only if the therapist hand don’t cross the boundaries.

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Massage in Vietphái nam which offers sexual services are also considered khổng lồ be quite expensive sầu compared lớn other countries in South East Asia particularly xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan.