In order to lớn change HuaWei VNPT WiFi modem password, we also need to lớn access the modem administration interface like other WiFi networks.

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In the previous articles, the Network Administrator showed you how khổng lồ change the WiFi password of many networks such as VNPT, FPT, Viettel. And in this article, we will guide you lớn read how khổng lồ change the WiFi module HuaWei VNPT. Similar lớn changing password for WiFi of other networks, users also need to access the modem management page lớn be able to lớn change pass for VNPT WiFi.

Instructions for changing pass WiFi HuaWei VNPT modem

Step 1:

First, you need lớn kiểm tra the baông chồng of the HueWei WiFi modem và will see 3 necessary information including IPhường address, WiFi name SSID and mặc định login password for WiFi. Next, on a computer website browser, we will access the modem management page via the IP address behind the modem.

Normally, the IPhường. address khổng lồ access the Huawei modem management page will be .


Step 2:

After successfully accessing, at the new interface you will enter information at the Username as root and the Password box is amine . Cliông chồng Login khổng lồ continue.

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Step 3:

At the thiết đặt interface for WiFi, we clichồng on the WLAN tab . Looking down at the interface below, enter your SSID Name for the WiFi name . WPA PresharedKey enter new password for WiFi .

To make sure you have entered the correct password, you should uncheck the box at Hide khổng lồ display the entered password.


After you have sầu finished entering the required information, we scroll down and click on Apply khổng lồ save sầu the information.

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The final action is that we will reconnect from the beginning with WiFi. Since you have sầu entered a new name for WiFi, you will not need lớn delete the history of connecting khổng lồ the old WiFi before. In case we still leave sầu the WiFi name but only change the WiFi password HueWai VNPT modem, then you must delete the connection with the previous WiFi. Read more article How khổng lồ delete Wifi saved on Windows 10 ?.

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I wish you all success!

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