Moon Hee Jun is facing severe backlash from his own fans after he was caught lying lớn them on multiple occassions.

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Ever since he debuted with veteran idol group H.O.T in 1996, Moon Hee Jun has kept his popularity up due to lớn his solo activities as a solo rochồng singer.

Currently, fans of Moon Hee Jun are now outraged and boycotting all of his activities due to lớn his insincere attitude towards his fans, as he was caught lying to lớn them, criticizing the other members of H.O.T, selling illegal goods, and evading taxes.

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The reasons behind the fans’ boycotting were organized & listed in H.O.T’s DC Inside gallery, an online community portal for H.O.T fans. Fans revealed some of the ways Moon Hee Jun had disappointed them by showing rude behavior or treatment to fans.

1. Rude Behavior


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