Hunter X Hunter: The 6 Nen Types, Ranked By Power One of the ways that Hunter X Hunter sets up a power structure for its characters is in the six types of Nen & how each is used.

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Even though the Hunter X Hunter anime has been around since 1999, there has yet khổng lồ be a battle anime quite like it. Many anime have sầu attempted khổng lồ replicate the success of Hunter X Hunter, but the adventures of Gon và Killua will forever be cemented as a staple of the anime genre, making it a difficult show khổng lồ match. The show"s cast of characters, chất lượng settings, & well thought out power structures make it one of the most enjoyable and visually stunning anime to lớn date.

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The power structures within Hunter X Hunter are all related to the power of Nen. This Nen teaches characters lượt thích Gon and Karapika khổng lồ control their aura in incredibly powerful và chất lượng ways. Each Nen user works lớn manipulate their aura within the framework of a specific Nen type, and some are definitely more powerful than others.

A skilled conjurer has the ability to lớn overcome any other Nen user regardless of their Nen type thanks khổng lồ its conditional nature. Kurapika demonstrates this when she defeats Uvogin, a powerful Enhancer.

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However, once it is committed khổng lồ a specific condition, it loses the versatility that the other Nen types are capable of. It is true that Kurapika"s chains are able of defeating the entirety of the Phantom Troupe alone, but outside of this condition, the chains are reduced to lớn ranged melee weapons that, while formidable, are not nearly as powerful as Gon"s enhanced strength or Killua"s lightning abilities.

Like Conjuration, manipulation has the ability to overcome any other Nen user if utilized correctly. The ability khổng lồ coerce & even control an enemy gives a manipulator the ability to win a battle with a single blow.

The problem with this ability is that it relies entirely on the manipulator gaining control of their opponent. If they are unable khổng lồ gain control of their enemy, they are forced khổng lồ rely on their skills as a fighter. Considering how difficult it is for a manipulator to lớn learn enhancement & conjuration abilities, they would certainly struggle against foes if they could not rely on manipulation khổng lồ find success.

The strength of an emitter relies entirely on the strength of their aura. Though most Nen users" aura grows weaker when separated from their body toàn thân, an emitter can maintain the strength of their aura for a short period of time after it has be separated from them.

This make Emission one of the most powerful offensive sầu abilities of all the Nen types because of the raw power of aura itself. While Transmuters & Conjurers can mimic other powers và objects that exist in the world, an emitter can hurl the power of pure aura at their opponents. If Gon were khổng lồ have sầu fallen into lớn the Emission category, he may have rivaled Dragon Ball"s Beerus in terms of destructive power— but in tow, lost his edge in terms of defensive strength.

The transmutation Nen type seems lớn borrow the best qualities from both the conjuration & emission types. Two of the strongest characters in Hunter X Hunter are practitioners of this type of Nen which speaks to lớn its strength more than any description could.

Both Killua và Hisoka demonstrate incredible transmutation abilities by using their aura lớn create powers & abilities unlượt thích anything that exists in the physical world. Killua mimics the properties of lightning in order to lớn enhance the strength of his attacks, while Hisoka invents an entirely new substance by combining the properties of both rubber & gum. Much lượt thích the enhancement type, this ability had both offensive và defensive sầu capabilities, but because it requires a sharp mind lớn truly take advantage of, it doesn"t quite take the crown of the most powerful Nen type.

Enhancement is as simple as it is powerful. Nen users that fall into this category are able lớn enhance both themselves and the objects they carry. This makes Enhancement igiảm giá for characters that prefer hvà to h& combat.

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With enough training, an enhancer can deliver a punch with the force of a missile & make their skin more durable than a tank. This balance of offensive & defensive strength is exclusive lớn this class, making it perhaps the most versatile and powerful Nen type. Gon Freecss, the main protagonist of Hunter X Hunter, is an excellent example of how powerful enhancement can be.

1 Specialization

It is difficult to lớn rank Specialization as a Nen type because of the variety of abilities it can grant a Nen user. One thing is clear though: Every specialist is privy to lớn a powerful Nen ability, but these abilities are not always powerful on the battlefield.

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For example, Neon is a specialist that can write out the future as a fortune teller. This ability is powerful, but Neon would be decimated on the battle field by most other Nen users. Kurapika proves how powerful Specialization is early on in the anime by stretching his Nen affinities further than most believe possible. Though the strength of specialized powers varies in combat, each speciamenu goes into lớn battle with an element of surprise that the other Nen user laông xã thanks khổng lồ the variety of speciamenu Nen abilities.