It is indispensable to lớn opt for a chất lượng vape device if you are looking to lớn have a worthy và desired vape experience. There are numerous vape machine manufacturers in the market which make it possible for you khổng lồ have sầu your kind of vape experience. SMOK is one such vape brand that has successfully rolled out scores of hack devices liked by people all across the world.

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However, at times the user may come across some problems with these vaping devices such as Smok Novo not working, Smok Novo not hitting& Smok Novo not lightingthat stops them from enjoying vaping. Through this article, we will introduce you khổng lồ some Smok Novo problemsthat are faced by its users và how to fix them up. So, if you ever come across any of the aforementioned problems, you know what khổng lồ do? Follow this article and know more!


1. Smok Novo Not Firing

Smok Novo not firing is one of the common Smok Novo issues faced by Smok users. It happens when the battery lid connectors are full of vape juice because of leaking. This issue can be sorted easily with a cleaning process using a dry cloth. It is advised to clean the device at least once a day lớn avoid such an issue.


To resolve sầu Smok Novo not firing issue, you need to thoroughly clean the air sensor. The air sensor is located on the inside, khổng lồ get there, look for the rubber boot placed over the battery, remove sầu it to lớn reach the sensor. This issue occurs when the e-juice leaks into lớn the rubber seal and cause sensor malfunctioning.

2. Smok novo not hitting

Smok Novo pod not hitting is another issue that many SMOK users have come across. Consider the below situation khổng lồ underst& the problem better.

“I got my Smok Novo about a week bachồng and it has stopped hitting since yesterday even when the battery is fully charged. Though I get a little bit of hit only when I tilt the pod upside-down, but again after a few puffs it would stop working, what can I bởi vì in this case?”


Remove the pod và kiểm tra for liên hệ points. ( At times, the pod can leak and e-juice can spill onto the contact points that prsự kiện the pod from getting recognised). Clean the tương tác points & the base of the pod, making sure that it's dry. A white light will glow in the firing key when there is a proper connection between the tương tác points & the pod.

If the given solution does not fix the issue then it's time to lớn switch khổng lồ Smok Nord coil or Smok Novo pod.

3. Smok novo not charging:

Charging issue usually takes place when there is a problem with the charging cable or port. The problem with charging cable primarily occur due khổng lồ any sort of internal or external damage whereas, in the case of a charging port, the issue may be due to lớn dirt & dust. Follow the given solution to lớn fix such an issue.


When you find that your pod device is not charging, it does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with the device itself, most often the issue is with the charging cable or charging point. The easiest method to kiểm tra this is by using another cable. If that cable also does not work then try blowing inkhổng lồ the charging port to clean it from inside and clear off debris or any other stuff.If this procedure also fails, then the next best thing to lớn do is lớn use some rubbing alcohol to lớn clean the port from inside, but be sure that the device is completely dry before you put it baông xã on charge.

4. Smok Novo not lighting up

The Smok Novo not lighting upissue occurs when the LED light keeps blinking or lighting. When this blinking happens continuously then it is a malfunctioning problem however if this blinking stays for some time only, the issue can be fixed and resolved.


When you see that your Smok Novo not lighting and flashing or blinking xanh light, it means that it requires cleaning. At the onset, take out the pod và use a paper towel or brush khổng lồ clean the connectors on the inside. Likewise, also clean the bottom/base of the pod device lớn remove dirt/debris.

At times the pod can leak so badly that it may cause the liquid to spill at the sides as well. In such a case, dry the sides and put the pod baông chồng in, this works most of the times. In case, this method does not work, take the pod out và put it on charging for about 5-7 minutes, making sure that it's clean và dry then put it back in và check if it works.

5. Smok Novo not recognizing pod:

Smok Novo not recognized pod issue may occur when there is an interference between the battery connections or there is a short in the coil. To resolve sầu and fix, follow the below stated procedure.


The Smok Novo not recognizing pod usually happens when the pod has given up the ghost, in such a case, replace with the new pod and check if it works. You can also try khổng lồ fix this with the help of rubbing alcohol or a cốt tông swab on the contacts of the battery and see if it gets fixed. There are mainly two reasons associated with the concern, one is that the battery needs khổng lồ be filled up and the other is that there is a short in the coil. When newly replaced pod fails to fix the problem, there might be some interference with the connections.

6. Smok Novo no smoke:

When you feel that there is no smoke production from your Smok Novo, it can be due to low battery or at times when there is no e-liquid in your vape tank. In such a case check your tank lớn make sure there is enough liquid. If there is an adequate amount of liquid but still there is low vapour production then it can be possible that the coil or atomizer is flooded


To overcome no smoke problem, change or replace the atomizer coil và kiểm tra if it eliminated the issue of no smoke due to lớn flooded coil. You can also try lớn blow some air through the atomizer and then dry off excessive vape juice using a paper towel/napkin.

7. Smok Novo no light:

Smok novo no light issue comes up when the device is not charged, make sure that you are not using the uncharged device. In case your device is charged but still, there is no light, in such a case, follow the steps in the solution.


To fix no light problem, open the panel of your device khổng lồ get khổng lồ the circuit board, the panel can be opened using a tweezer or some pins. Once you open the device, you will be able lớn see three silver knobs, rub these silver knobs to produce electricity or charge. Once the charge is produced, close the panel và charge your device lớn kiểm tra if there is a light or not.

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8. SMOK NOVO no airflow:

When there is no airflow in your Smok Novo, it could be due to lớn the blockage in the airflow control. To overcome this issue, you need to clear the airflow control using some object such as a flat screwdriver or knife.


To begin, remove the pod from the toàn thân by unscrewing. The airflow control is from the base of the tank, so look for the airflow slot at the bottom of the tank. Now, use a knife or any other tool that can clean get inkhổng lồ the slot to clear it up, while making sure not to lớn put much pressure to prevent any damage. Once you are done with the cleaning, screw the pod bachồng and kiểm tra if the airflow is fixed or not.

9.Smok novo leaking:

Leaking is not unusual when it comes lớn vaping devices, most of the mods start leaking with time. The Smok Novo is equipped with top refilling tank lớn prevent leaking & spilling but, vape juice can still leak out from the openings and air vents. There is nothing lớn worry if something lượt thích this happens to you as there are some solutions that can help you fix these sort of smok novo problems.


Solution 1: Always keep your gian lận device upright. Vapes can easily leak when they are not held properly và kept on their sides. If you keep it somewhere, be sure khổng lồ keep it upright. Besides, you can eliminate leaking by shutting the air holes when the vape is not in use.

Solution 2: Vape devices can leak when the seals are not tight. Therefore, always screw the sections of the tank, o-rings và glass pieces tightly to lớn prevent leaking.

Solution 3: Vape juice can leak out when the wattage is kept at low, this means that the vape juice is not vaporised before making it to lớn the top chamber và thus causing leaks. However, be sure not khổng lồ exceed beyond recommended wattage as given on the side of your vape coil.

10. Smok Novo blinking:

If your Smok Novo vape is blinking or flashing when the battery is fully charged, it means that there may be a “short” in your vape device or protection measure is activated lớn save your device from short. In such a case the first thing lớn vì chưng is lớn clean the contacts, which can be done by following the below steps.


Then you see that your Smok Novo is blinking constantly, you can try to lớn fix this up by cleaning the contacts between the device & pod. You can vị this with the help of a cue tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, clean the contacts using this. After you are done swabbing the contacts with alcohol, completely dry it because if the contacts are gummed up the connection won't work properly. Doing this should be able khổng lồ resolve the Smok Novo blinking problem.

11.Smok novo pod not connecting:

The issue Smok Novo not connecting arises when the terminals inside the hack are spaced out, therefore, the small metal(gold) piece wouldn’t touch the other terminal at the same time, which eventually would short the coil. It's a bit tricky to sort this issue but khổng lồ give it a try, follow the below steps.


Since there is no liên hệ with the loose pin in this case, thus we have sầu lớn connect the pin to the pod lớn complete the circuit so that the thủ thuật start firing. This can be done by taking a spare pod (if any) or you can also use a small wire of gold, a pair of pliers lớn bend the gold plate/pin baông chồng at the bottom. Use pliers to lớn snap off the pin from your old vape device & then use the pliers again to flatten the terminal of the small metal/gold piece.

Now, take your Smok Novo pod và hold it upside-down to lớn phối the little piece of metal on top of the terminal which had a loose connection. Doing this will fill up the gap between the pod & pin, & your device will be ready lớn work again.

12. Smok Novo won't turn off:

At times, you may come across a situation when your Smok Novo won’t turn off. It doesn't matter if there is a pod or not. To understand the situation better, read the below concern.

“My Smok Novo won’t turn off until the battery on it die. It doesn’t matter if the pod is connected or not. If the pod is there, it will create the vapour lượt thích it normally does when I am hitting it. But if I don’t have sầu a pod and it’s still acting like it’s been hit. Any ideas on how khổng lồ fix this?”


When your Smok Novo won't turn off, this implies that the e-juice has entered into lớn the draw sensor. In such a case, disassemble the pod from the device and clean it on the inside, thoroughly. Make sure to lớn properly clean và dry the two brass contacts. Following these steps should fix the issue, in case you are still facing the problem, then the issue is probably with the internal setting.


There could be scores of reasons causing Smok Novo Pod not working issue, it's an electronic device after all và any carelessness towards it may lead khổng lồ major damage. There is no need khổng lồ worry when you face any kind of problem with your vape device as most of the problems can be sorted using simple fixes và solutions.

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However, it is always better to keep your device updated and clean so that such issues and problems can be avoided. If these fixes vì not work out for you then the next best thing to vì chưng is lớn liên hệ the service centre to lớn get your Smok Novo checked and fixed.

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