New to lớn flashing firmwares. My question is what is the difference between DD-WRT and OpenWrt? I could not find an explanation lớn help me decide which firmware to flash.

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Thank you


Openwrt is nice because it has a package manager that allows you lớn simply install some tools you might lượt thích to have.

There is also more development happening I would say.

I had a much more stable experience with OpenWRT but that could hav just been my luchồng... It also depends on your use case. If you just want a better home page network, dd-wrt has you covered. If you want khổng lồ vì chưng something that yêu thích more specific/complex, go with OpenWRT.

Saved you a google search:

OpenWrt is the father of DD-WRT. Thanks to the first there is the second. It is not true that it does not tư vấn old devices. You just have sầu khổng lồ compile.

Are you certain about this? I have used both projects and read lots on either trang web but never heard one was a fork of the other.

I've sầu had better luchồng with OpenWRT over DD-WRT. When I used DD-WRT, it was using an outdated package manager, & I had a hard time going around looking for or using any packages. I found out about & started using OpenWRT because it started having LuCi (web GUI) and I never left OpenWRT ever since.

Some older routers are not supported by OpenWRT (or does not have a binary compiled for it). I suggest using OpenWRT if available.

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LuCI is quite a while ago. What happens is that they recently started khổng lồ include LuCI in the installation image.

Use OpenWRT if your hardware is supported.

Features of dd-wrt are far inferior IMO. Even setting it up as an simple APhường is a PITA.

Honestly, the only reason khổng lồ use dd-wrt is if your hardware is unsupported in OpenWRT but supported in ddWRT.

I've sầu used both và think open-wrt is much more stable. The developers actually work towards creating milestone/stable builds while dd-wrt is perpetually beta software. If your hardware supports openwrt the release builds should work fine. With dd-wrt you need to lớn research builds in their forums to even hope to lớn figure out which build might work best. It can break things from one build to the next or even brichồng your router if you happen to lớn download a bad build just because it's newer.

That said, openwrt is way harder khổng lồ configure unless you know what you're doing. The learning curve is much greater. Dd-wrt is a complete package & things lượt thích setting up an open-vpn client are a breeze compared to openwrt.

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OpenWrt news, tools, tips and discussion. Related projects, such as DD-WRT, Tomakhổng lồ and OpenSAN, are also on-topic.

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