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a new version is in progress, many upgrades needed khổng lồ be done for this version concerning the database, the winter transfer window is open for all leagues, many players are being transferred between teams, some leagues will start a new season, this means there are promoted & relegated teams lớn manage.we will take this opportunity khổng lồ make some changes in this version, most notably:
SmokePatch17 (pes 2017)Alternative Leagues addonscompatible with SP17 v3 (version 17.3.2 or higher) The default patch has Germany, Colombia, và China leagues replacing the nhái game leagues, it is possible to lớn replace one league with the alternatives belowcannot use two alternative sầu leagues at the same time.Fake European league: (Bundesliga or SuperLig or RPL)
this new all in one version has completely reconverted formations and tactics that will resolve all issues và bugs in the teams' strategies, a database system files are converted from sp21.2.1, which means there are many new players added along with many fixes và corrections in the database, other graphics fixes are included for stability in football life modes.
SP17 v3 is converted from SP21 v3, there are differences between the games so there are changes made to lớn run without errors, see restrictions below
SP21 FacesSP21 ChantsSP21 CommentariesSP21 Sider stadiumsSP21 Sider kitserver* find more at the addons menu
SPtrăng tròn FacesSPđôi mươi ChantsSP20 CommentariesSPtrăng tròn Sider Cinematics
SP20 Sider kitserver* find more at the tiện ích mở rộng menu
SP19 FacesSP19 ChantsSP19 CommentariesSP19 Sider StadiumsSP19 Sider kitserver
* find more at the tiện ích mở rộng menu

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sp21.2.0: 29.000 usersptrăng tròn.3.0: 10.000 usersp19.3.5: 5.000 usersp18.3.2: 1.600 usersp17.3.2: 6.000 user* according to lớn GA và API analytics of the lathử nghiệm AIO versions