Having problems with Red Alert 2 alt+tab in Windows 10? Here’s a quick fix that you can follow! Red Alert 2 is one of the greakiểm tra real time strategy games ever made. Set in the Cold War era,
this RTS game was once a gamer favorite as you can commvà the armies of the Allies và the Soviets such as the USA và the USSR with fancy infantry soldiers, battle tanks, fighter planes and superweapons.

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With the recent changes in how operating systems run nowadays, you may find it hard to lớn make Red Alert 2 work in either Windows 7 or Windows 10. Particularly, you may encounter issues of black screens, freezes, crashes và alt-tab issues when running this strategy title.
Here’s the good news for you, by following our tips and tutorial, you can run Red Alert 2 in Windows 10 without issues when using Alt+Tab.
Just a quiông xã reminder, this Alt+Tab fix should work both for Tiberian Sun, Firestorm, Red Alert 2, and Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge.
If you installed the classic or vanilla Red Alert 2, then your thư mục should be defaulted khổng lồ C:/RA2.
If you installed the latest Red Alert 2 from EA Origin, then your folder should be defaulted at C:/Program Files x86/Origin Games/Comm& và Conquer Red Alert II.
This should contain the ddraw.dll, ddraw.ini and the shaders thư mục. You may need khổng lồ download a third tiệc nhỏ tệp tin extractor such as Izarc or 7Zip to unpaông chồng the files to your RA2 folder.
You may have a different way of launching the game depending if you have sầu vanilla RA2, or the EA Origin “The Ultimate Collection”

You may encounter issues with Windows 95 compatibility mode error. If you encounter this message, make sure to unkiểm tra compatibility mode for the following executable files:
You can change compatibility by right-clicking the listed exe files, choose properties, then compatibility then uncheck “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”. If the check box is grayed out, then vị it by clicking “Change settings for all users”. Do the same steps from above và click “Apply”.
If you encounter issues with the resolution, you may try to add our steps via an upcoming Clip & article entitled “How to lớn play Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge in High Resolution HD”.

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You’re now phối, và you should now be able to run Red Alert 2 without any issues. If this step does not work for you, you may also try to lớn install the CNC Net client installer from this liên kết https://cncnet.org/red-alert-2. It would fix issues like Alt+Tab, High-Resolution issues và LAN gaming.
However, be reminded that the CNC Net client is not compatible with most RA2 mods particularly those made with NPatch. Even widely popular mods lượt thích Deezire, Eagle Red & Cannis Rules may not work with the current CNC net client. It is also not compatible with the up and coming Red Alert 2 total conversion Project Alpha.
Please comment down below or gmail us if you have questions on the steps we shared with you. In our upcoming episodes, we will also make a Clip on how khổng lồ fix high resolution or HD and LAN gaming issues with Red Alert 2.

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