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Computer users will have khổng lồ worry about a lot of things for a smooth performance every day including the storage space. Resolution screen kích cỡ, processing tốc độ, and of course RAM. Both a gaming enthusiast or a regular multi-tasker need to ponder greatly over matters that can help reduce the lags of computers as much as possible.

And upgrading the PC khổng lồ a more premium DDR4 RAM is one of the few better decisions in this case. It’s proven khổng lồ let you have a greater tốc độ no matter what your main task focus is with the PC. However, such upgrades often bring a bit of confusion when there are two amazing options to lớn go for, which are DDR4 3000 & DDR4 3200.

So, let’s host a total battle of DDR4 3000 Vs 3200 và find out which one will be more pleased to lớn spover money on.

Main Difference Between DDr4 3000 Vs 3200 Ram

DDr4 3000 RamDDr4 3200 Ram
Ram Capađô thị & Type

Up to 64 GB with DRAM & DIMM Type.

Up lớn 64 GB with SDRAM, DRAM, & DIMM Type.

Clochồng Speed Frequency
3000 MHz

3200 MHz

Data Transfer Bandwidth



Motherboard Suitability

Hãng Intel Series 100, 200 và 300 và Hãng Intel X299.

Intel Series 100, 200 và 300 & Hãng sản xuất Intel X299 plus

AMD Series 300 & 400 and AMD X570.

CAS Latency

14-19 memory latency at 0.667 nanoseconds.

14-16 memory latency at 0.625 nanoseconds.

Top Picks

Both DDR4 3000 & 3200 Ram Capađô thị và Type

Rams can vary in different giải pháp công nghệ, memory types, and capathành phố depending on the given options. Most Ram types come with 64GB memory capacity that allows good access to lớn any workload especially for games or heavy multi-task.

In general, the Ram DDr4 makes sure memory capađô thị of 4GB to 32GB for most PC use. However, it depends on your PC workload & tasking programs to decide which type of Ram is best in both worlds. If you are looking for a good working 64GB capacity with SDRAM & DIMM memory type, then the HyperX Fury 64GB 3200MHz DDr4 Ram Kit is the best bet. This Ram also ensures performance for your gaming và rendering.

Usually, the DDr4 3000 Rams come with good memory capathành phố for up lớn 64GB for smooth tasking purposes. Also, they tend to lớn have sầu DRAM & DIMM good memory types for running apps easily with good frame rates. But they don’t have SDRAM memory type. On the flip side, the DDr4 3200 Rams have sầu similar memory capathành phố for up to 64 GB khổng lồ run heavy apps effortlessly. They as well come with SDRAM, DRAM, và DIMM memory types khổng lồ boost performance on most PCs. Also, the 3200 Rams allow single module options. In between both Ram capathành phố và memory types, we find the DDr4 3200 memory type likely victor for its mesmerizing functions.

***Best Pichồng For Smooth Performance- HyperX Impact 64GB 3200MHz DDr4 Ram Kit***

Difference Between Both Ram Cloông chồng Speed Frequency

Both Ram comes with different clock speed frequency that makes poles them apart from each other. In fact, they make sure a good memory module lớn play any apps flawlessly & faster tốc độ. Yet, we find one Ram better than another in clock speed rate.

Typically, all Ram comes with good frequency tốc độ that ensures better performance & frame rates when running high-over apps or games khổng lồ enjoy. Also, the clock tốc độ of Rams makes sure faster accessing or handling any tasks. And, for a faster & higher frequency included Ram lớn shift data, then the Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz DDr4 Ram Kit is a good option. We actually find this ram kit worth mention for its brilliant performance by processing data at the speed of a bullet.

Mostly, the DDr4 3000 Rams have a 3000MHz clochồng speed rate that ensures faster performance. They are in the midpoint of best & worst when it comes to faster operation và response when processing. Also, the 3000MHz clock tốc độ is good for gaming feel. Quite the opposite, the DDr4 3200 Rams come with a 3200MHz clochồng tốc độ rate that makes sure improved function & processing tốc độ. They are on top considered the finest to lớn play games like real graphics và motion. If putting both Rams in the same table khổng lồ compare their cloông xã tốc độ, we would lượt thích lớn say the DDr4 3200 memory is the winner for its faster tốc độ rate.

***Best Pick For Faster Clochồng Speed- Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB DDr4 3200 Ram Kit***

Both Rams Data Transfer Bandwidth Dissimilarity

The DDr4 3000 và 3200 Rams usually come with different data transferring bandwidth to makes sure PCs smooth performance. Even though both rams have sầu better data transferring ability, still we find one a clear winner.

Frequently, the Rams of most PCs are designed lớn shift data faster và smoother to lớn make better clearance on the path to acting smoother. The measurement of Ram’s data shifting bandwidth actually counts with Mb or Kb per second. Those of you who want better data shifting rate for making PC fast, then the HyperX Fury 16GB 3200MHz DDr4 Ram Kit is a big giảm giá. This Ram kit on top makes sure good access and smooth performance lớn make your PC energetically quiông xã.

In general, the DDr4 3000 Rams come with PC4-24000 data transferring bandwidth that makes sure faster-transferring tốc độ. On top, the PC4-24000 actually indicates 24,000 Mb per second tốc độ of data variable tốc độ. On the other hvà, the DDr4 3200 Rams come with PC4-25600 data shifting bandwidth speed that makes sure your PC khổng lồ handle multiple online activities at ease. Also, they make sure good data flowing tốc độ with no lag so that you can enjoy 25,600 Mb per second speed. After reading out both sides, we find the DDr4 3200 Ram the best in both worlds for increasing the PC’s response & reduce the bottleneck.

***Best Pick For Data Transferring Speed- TEAMGROUPhường. T-Force Vulcan Z DDr4 3200MHz Ram Kit***

Both Ram Motherboard Suitability Variation


The motherboard compatibility of Rams is a huge factor that makes sure good fitting to lớn any desktops. Basically, not all Rams are good for the most motherboard to lớn use well. Yet, there are some benefits of motherboard compatibility options.

Both Rams on top make sure good motherboard suitability lớn fit into lớn any PC with no difficulty. However, we find one Ram better when it comes khổng lồ motherboard compatibility than another option. And, if you want an Hãng sản xuất Intel và AMD motherboard compatible Ram, then the G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB Ram Kit is your finest choice. This Ram kit on top makes sure good options và durability at a friendly rate.

Mostly, the DDr4 3000 Rams come with a good range of motherboard compatibility to enjoy in your PC. They on top have Hãng Intel Series 100, 200 và 300, & Hãng sản xuất Intel X299 motherboard friendly thiết kế khổng lồ attach easily and mount for daily use. Then again, the DDr4 3200 Rams come with tons of motherboard suitability options to fit into lớn at ease. They on top have Hãng sản xuất Intel Series 100, 200 & 300, và Intel X299 plus AMD Series 300 & 400 and so on compatibility on PC’s board to lớn fit & run apps smoothly. Between both memory types motherboard suitability, then we would lượt thích to say the DDr4 3200 Ram is the frontrunner for its brilliant fitting options.

***Best Pichồng For Motherboards- OLOy DDr4 16GB 3200 MHz Ram Kit***

The CAS Latency Difference of Both Ram

Both Rams come with better CAS latency that makes sure good performance but in different ways. They tover to lớn have dissimilar memory latency & identical speed at nanosecond measurement. Yet, one Ram has better CAS latency than another.

On the whole, the CAS latency of Rams makes sure good bus speed and frequency to match the intense workload without making lag or latency. It also makes sure a good capathành phố to load games or high-kết thúc apps at ease to run smoothly. For those of you who want a smooth performing PC friendly Ram, then the Crucial Ballistix RGB 3000 MHz DDr4 Ram Kit is a fine piông chồng. It on top makes sure a good performance of the processor và PC lớn cut latency và buffering.

Naturally, the DDr4 3000 Rams have 14 lớn 19 memory latency with 0.667 nanoseconds identical latency tốc độ. They on top make sure you are using most PC at ease và smoothly with slightly higher latency. On the other side, the DDr4 3200 Rams come with 14 to lớn 16 memory latency with 0.625 nanoseconds identical latency tốc độ. Even if they have similar latency speed, the DDr4 3200 Rams are not good enough for FPS lớn play most games smoothly. If comparing both memory types, we would like lớn say the DDr4 3000 Ram better than another for its fast và reliable performance with no bottleneck.

***Best Pick For CAS Latency- Patriot Viper Steel DDr4 16GB 3000MHz Kit***

Comparison Between Both Ram Power nguồn Consumption

The power consumption of Rams is a good consideration that sometimes causes trouble if being neglected. As Ram needs a good range of voltage khổng lồ support the PC when being operated, it causes bills and energy wastes.

On the whole, the DDr4 3000 and 3200 Rams have different voltage requirements with different options lớn save energy and money. However, we bởi vì find one Ram clear winner than another. And, the XPG Spectrix D41 DDr4 RGB 3000MHz 16GB Ram is a fantastic piông chồng if you want a low power spending with better options và unique. In fact, we find this Ram finest for its brilliant consumption limitation at a low voltage. Generally, the DDr4 3000 Rams come with good options that need up lớn 1.2 khổng lồ 1.4 voltages lớn access on most PCs effortlessly. Also, they make sure good power-consuming options that will save both your home bills và energy usage.

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On the contrary, the DDr4 3200 Rams come with chất lượng options that will run in 1.35 khổng lồ 1.4 voltages. Unlike the 3000 Rams, they tend to lớn spend more energy and cause your home bills to lớn increase faster. If we put both memory types side by side, we find the DDr4 3000 Ram the one to lớn beat for its energy-efficient options.