Battlezone Gold will include the game, Classic Mode and all released tank skins, and bobbleheads. A minor tweak sneaked inkhổng lồ v1.06 hotfix 1 but didn’t make patch notes: Increased time the respawn button must be held for while a player is being revived. This is intended to lớn discourage players from respawning while they’re being revived.

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Hey Battlezone fans! I hope you’ve been enjoying blowing up tanks together this last week or so – it’s been great to lớn see our baby finally out there in the wild!

So, big news today – Patch 1.02 is out! First of all, we’re delighted khổng lồ confirm Battlezone will indeed tư vấn PlayStation 4 Pro. Thanks khổng lồ our patch, players on Pro will get an even crisper, more vibrant experience, adding to the already incredible immersion offered by PSVR!

Also – with big thanks lớn you, the community, for providing us with such useful feedbaông chồng – 1.02 will bring a number of improvements to lớn in-game balance, focusing on the ‘EASY’ difficulty setting as well as minor performance and bug fixes. We’ll be continuing khổng lồ listen very closely lớn you, the Battlezone fans, và will keeping seeking to make playing Battlezone the best experience it can be.

Which brings us nicely onlớn our last piece of news – & sorry, it’s a bit of a tease – but we can confirm there is FREE CAMPAIGN CONTENT in the works for Battlezone. So, please stay tuned to lớn us here on the forums, và on Twitter and Facebook for more news when we have it. And thanks again for playing Battlezone – see you out there on the grid!

For more details see the patch notes below!

BATTLEZONE 1.02 Patch Notes

Added PS4 Pro support

Increased super-sampling resolution

Improved dynamic lighting in the Cobra cockpit

Increased reflective sầu lighting resolution

Balancing changes

Defend & Convoy missions are more balanced

Difficulty randomization more even throughout campaign

Enemy rank scaling more balanced throughout campaign

Bug, performance fixes & other changes

Improved clarity of particle effects

Fixed a rare framerate hitch during hangar sequence

Fixed rare physics issue that caused players to leave game world

Minor enemy behaviour tweaks

> >Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
4.48 / 5 - 1141 votes

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Westwood isn"t exactly a name people associate with innovation. Commvà & Conquer games, in the past, have sầu followed the same recipe. A few units và a battlefield with scattered resource fields at your disposal, you build a base, harvest these resources, & use funds thus gained lớn construct an army. Somewhere else on the battlefield your opponent is doing the same. It"s a simple formula, và a much-imitated one. But while other developers have been keen to lớn expvà on the theme, adding everything from 3D graphics to lớn first-person perspectives, Westwood has always remained true to lớn its retro roots.

So it"s little surprise to find that Red Alert 2 follows the tradition of ignoring recent developments in real-time strategy games & delivering the same pacy gameplay the others in the series offered. No flashy 3D graphics for Red Alert 2 here; no fog of war, no multiple mission paths in single-player - not even a rotateable isometric view lượt thích Syên ổn City or Rollercoaster Tycoon. And khổng lồ be fair, the previous games have sầu always been well-received and excellent sellers. Why change a winning formula?

However, it would be wrong lớn say there"s nothing new in Red Alert 2. As always, the pre-mission briefings are excellent - starring a cast of professional actors, they add spadefuls of character to the game. They can also help to lớn offset the inevitable repetitiveness of the single-player game by encouraging some personal involvement with the protagonists - this only works if the production is first-class, & it is. Tanya - an old favourite from past Red Alert games - makes a welcome return (the character does anyway as the actress has been replaced with an arguably more attractive counterpart), armed with her usual pistols and C4 explosive sầu. Her flesh-and-blood appearance will probably be the cause of many sweaty palms.

For the first time you can now battle around real places & buildings - sounds lượt thích a small point, but gives the single player chiến dịch a greater sense of personality. For the first time, the American forces must defkết thúc the Statue of Liberty from Soviet attaông xã, while in the first Russian mission you"re going after the Pentagon. Later missions involve sầu landmarks lượt thích the World Trade Centre, & there"s a great urban multiplayer map based around the Alamo.

Interface changes are minimal - a new system separates the build menus for base facilities, defences, infantry & vehicles, eliminating the long, tedious scrolling menus of the previous games. There"s a new set of icons at the bottom of the screen, but these mainly represent commands like "guard" & "select all units of this type", previously available as keyboard shortcuts. The familiar "build-then-place" system for base construction remains so, unlike units, building instructions can"t be queued.

All the structures can now be repaired by speciacác mục engineering units, and the various skyscrapers & office blocks dotted around many of the maps can be occupied by infantry. They will fortify them and provide fire from the windows - a few of these dotted around the maps makes a good way to lớn soften up incoming enemy forces before they reach your base.

An attempt has also been made to vary the races in multiplayer - each of the nine nationalities available in multiplayer has a specific, speciadanh sách unit available to it. The British get a xạ thủ unit, with a rifle similar lớn the weapons carried by commanbởi units in the past. The Cubans get a terrorist, a kamikaze human bomb. Each has its strengths, although the selection of other units remains the same according khổng lồ whether that nation is allied with the Soviets or the US.

Other new units include dolphins và giant squid to lớn spice up the naval battles, time-warping Chrono Legionnaires (which erase enemies from history) & the Soviet"s Kirov Airship: a powerful but slow-moving and vulnerable dirigible, which carries a cargo of devastating bombs (và, unopposed, will wipe out most bases in minutes). Also worth a mention is the Allies" new one-man APC, which changes its weaponry to lớn match the armament of its passenger - so placing a xạ thủ unit in one makes for a long-range và potent anti-infantry vehicle, not something seen in C&C games in the past. New structures include the familiar nuclear missile silo & the tremendously powerful (perhaps too powerful) Allied weather generator, which creates devastating thunderstorms over a large area.

Although units gained in ability with experience in Westwood"s last real-time strategy game Tiberian Sun, the effect has become faster & more pronounced. A little time guarding your base will toughen up your tanks nicely, và with a little repair they"ll make a good spearhead for your next assault.

Multiplayer choices remain largely unchanged from earlier incarnations. Matchmaking is still via the Westwood online servers, và with the popularity of the series you can expect khổng lồ have little trouble finding a game. The options are fairly varied, and once you"re bored of the single-player campaigns this should provide plenty of lasting appeal. Fixed & random bản đồ skirmishes against the computer are also easy lớn organise and, finally, Westwood has fixed the most glaring problem with its artificial intelligence - now, on harder levels, your opponents will make some effort khổng lồ use ships and other naval units properly. The AI makes for a reasonable opponent, although it won"t be troubling veteran C&C ers for long.

Those who spent any time playing earlier versions of C&C online will be familiar with the "tank rush" tactic. This involves setting up a minimal base very quickly, then churning out as many basic tanks as possible. Once a sufficiently large force is gathered, tank rushers then attaông chồng en masse, crushing the opposition with sheer weight of numbers. But in Red Alert 2, measures have sầu been taken lớn help make this strategy a little less successful. The Soviets have a very handy spider unit, the Terror Drone. Fast & hard khổng lồ detect, they attach themselves khổng lồ enemy tanks, destroying them & moving on to the next one. Often going unnoticed, a few of these beasties can cripple a burgeoning tank rush by themselves.

Stronger base defences also help improve matters, and in a subtle-but-important addition, defences & other structures can be built simultaneously, making it feasible khổng lồ build strong defences right from the start, while still concentrating on developing a base infrastructure. Inexperienced players, however, will probably find themselves crushed by tank rushes a few times.

Westwood"s past decision lớn split the C&C franchise inlớn two parts seems to be more one of plot & themes rather than belying any difference in gameplay. Red Alert games bear a loosely factual premise và have sầu some relation lớn reality while the original C&C;/Tiberian Sun series hold a more science-fictional approach. Seems Red Alert was just looking for some name recognition on the box lớn help its sales.

It was widely expected that this episode of the series, like the others before it, would focus on developing established Comm& & Conquer traditions, rather than breaking new ground. And even in ignoring the other evidence supporting this, the fact that it made its promised release date indicates not much beyond superficial artwork changes, some more full-motion Clip work, and a lot of playtesting và balancing has gone inkhổng lồ producing Red Alert 2.

In spite of this, the established Commvà và Conquer tín đồ will be pleased to lớn find the old magic lives on. Red Alert 2 is still eminently playable, & who knows, maybe even the real-time strategy hardcore player will be tempted away from his more modern 3 chiều extravaganzas. It would be a shame lớn miss out - despite being shallow, simplistic and old-fashioned, Red Alert 2 is polished, well-balanced and even more fast-paced than the previous games; it"s also perfect for the real-time strategy novice. If you know what lớn expect, you won"t be disappointed, & though Westwood has continued to lớn milk its successful concept for all it"s worth, it has produced a competent, if uninspired, sequel.

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Commvà & Conquer: Red Alert 2 has an addon available: Command và Conquer: Yuri"s Revenge, don"t miss it!

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had contact with EA for the Comm& & Conquer™ The Ultimate Collection and they will not help to get the game working. they say the game is not supported. (và still sell the game with a bundle?) had to run the .img from archive sầ to lớn get this working. no love sầu for EA unless the place the RA2 game lớn abandonware. or just give sầu the support needed.

Tonya is such a righteous babe. I used khổng lồ freeze the videos and fap until I was sore & she was spent.

I have sầu the game on ORIGIN, but i"m looking for original CDs filessince i have sầu an original cd-key ( from origin ) i prefer to lớn get drm-không tính phí copy

It works perfect on my Windows 8.1 (Acer laptop 4GB RAM) with ORIGIN.This is my problem; ORIGIN"s DRM is a pain. I know thats a caveat of ORIGIN but that"s not the point, I"m looking for a way to lớn play without the internet because usually I"m "out và about" when I play on my máy tính xách tay. Admittidly i I"ve sầu heard about ways to lớn "Enable Origin In trò chơi for.." in the ORIGIN launcher settings, but I don"t trust it as a definitive sầu solution. Because I haven"t had success as of yet.Both RA2 and YR are basically work 100% on my máy tính xách tay in offline mode - as I don"t play online. I didn"t even need lớn adjust any compatibility settings. After a "hefty" download of 1.9GB the only thing needed was basically choose if I wanted to lớn play RA2 or YR.Do you want to lớn install ORIGIN và download both games together? I cannot currently find any patch allows khổng lồ play with bypassing ORIGIN - và also ORIGIN version comes automatihotline with lakiểm tra official patch v1.006.

Anyone knows where khổng lồ find the Ra2 Allied.img & Ra2 Soviet.img from this page first (about 1.4GB) as mentioned by "Andy" & "IT WORKS JUST FINE"?

love this game so much

from năm ngoái khổng lồ 2019 comments, can anyone give a brief short way to lớn install & play this game please!

The Origin version of this game is BROKEN. It is not tuned to lớn work on modern operating systems & Origin prevents users from changing the compatibility settings or altering the game in any way. As of now, there is nowhere khổng lồ online to lớn download a virus-không tính tiền, working version of this game, official or otherwise. You should not have taken it down as there are literally no other alternatives.

can some 1 help me out?i still cant get lớn play.window 10 here..

I"m SHOCKED that GOG hasn"t decided to port this game; because its a gem. A true masterpiece. Needs more than just pure luông xã khổng lồ get this game to lớn run on modern 64bit operating systems. Although I did manage khổng lồ run it on Windows XP 32-Bit SP2. Ran flawlessly.

Downloaded RA2 from this site and it works fine.But Yuri"s revenge isn"t working.Gamemd.exe pháo doesn"t works.When I try to run the setup it asks to lớn first tải về RA2(which I already have).Can anyone plz explain the download process in detail?I would be very thankfull.

love this game so much!

Emiel 97


is this & yuri original iso files? i need these to lớn play mental omega. I have lớn have the original exes

hi cant install the game, when i opened the thiết đặt exe cộ the game thực đơn says WARNING MILITARY SOFTWARE DETECTED TOPhường SECRET ACCESS IS REQUIRED then i ignored it then clicked on install and nothing happens even after waiting for a while , tried it compatibility settings still didnt work need help

thank you for this game

good memories! Thank you

So, I ran inkhổng lồ a problem while installing this game on windows 10The tải về file provided will give 2 .img files and in a general manner usually, you have to mount one of the two disks (Soviet disk or Allied disk) using a virtual drive sầu manager and install them. However in this particular case (at least in my case) the autorun will initiate but as soon as you click the install button, it will tell you lớn log in using an administrator account even if you run it as administrator.So, to fix this I"ve sầu taken a Rewriteable DVD and burned the .img files khổng lồ it one at a time & after I burned one of the two .img files to lớn it & installed using that disk.This did fix this error and allowed me khổng lồ install.

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I always have sầu that one installed. Everywhere.

this is my favourite game

Hm..So, I downloaded the package of red alert 2 that you guys kindly provided and I extracted it.After that I launched the ra2.exe cộ tệp tin.It game me an error saying "This application has failed to lớn start because binkw32.dll is missing."Then I thought "Well there are different executable files and I probably clicked the wrong one."I went to lớn cliông chồng the other .exe cộ files & it showed up the same error.Then I thought. "Well, this game is old & it probably had some compatiblity issue with windows 10." (Also I did the Windows 10 Patch Thing And Followed The Instructions And That Didnt Work Either.)So then I fired up a VM in VirtualBox with windows XPhường installed.I dropped the file in, launched the game và, I got the same exact message.At this point I started Googling how khổng lồ exactly fix this but I couldn"t find an awnserIm stumped và if anybody would help that would be very much appriciated. -Thanks! ~Ustuban