Do you want to lớn Install any Custom ROM for Realme Q device? then you are at the right place. Here we will danh mục all the Custom ROM for Realme Q. If you have a Realme Q device, then you may be knowing that this device runs on Android OS. Well, the biggest advantage of Android is that it is an open-source project. This allows every community to develop và Customize ROM for their phone.

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To begin with, Realme Q launched in September 2019 which came out of the box with Android 9.0 Pie. In this guide, we will show you which are the best custom ROM for Realme Q available now.

Before moving to installation and download, let us know the difference between CUSTOM ROM & STOCK ROM.

What Is Android Stock ROM?

When you buy a brvà new Android device, it comes equipped with a “Stock ROM,” also known as the “Stoông chồng Firmware”. The stoông xã ROM is the preinstalled operating system on your device. The stochồng ROM has limited functionalities that are defined by the phone’s manufacturer. If you wish to lớn have sầu extra features added lớn your device, then you will have to resort to custom ROM.


Chechồng Out the Difference between Stoông chồng ROM & Custom ROM.

What is Custom ROM?

As you all know Android is an open source platform where a developer can take all the source code from Google and build their own operating system images for Android phones & tablets from scratch. This Custom or trang chủ built an ứng dụng is known as Custom ROM. Custom ROM replaces your Android Operating system (Stock ROM) which comes with your Phone or Tablet. It comes with a kernel which makes it a fully standalone OS. So some developer in Android Community will customize the Android OS by stripping all the Garbage and makes it a pure Android experience with no carrier-installed app or OEM apps.

This Custom ROM is been updated regularly by the community and developers where they fix all the bugs related reports. Custom ROM also allows you lớn experience latest Android OS even if the OS has not available to your điện thoại thông minh.


Table of Contents

1 Best Custom ROM for Realme Q

Best Custom ROM for Realme Q

Here is the danh mục of Best Custom ROM for Realme Q. To Install Any Custom ROM for Realme Q, you need TWRPhường Recovery on your device. Once you have installed TWRPhường, you can easily start installing Custom ROM or any mods on your Realme Q device. Here is the guide to lớn Install TWRP.. Recovery on Realme Q.


If you have sầu TWRP., then you can simply flash one of the best custom ROM for Realme Q here. As we said, there are many custom ROM out there lớn choose from. Not every Custom ROMs are mean khổng lồ be stable khổng lồ use as a daily driver. You can read the mô tả tìm kiếm & the features that come with the custom ROM given below for Realme Q devices.

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Android 10 Q:

The Android 10 also offers built-in Call screening, multi-camera API, smart replies in the notification panel, 5G tư vấn, improved điện thoại tư vấn quality, bubble feature, live caption, & more. While the latest version also improves battery life, Focus mode which is similar lớn the Do Not Disturb mode, etc. Apart from that Android 10 also features 65 new emojis. It also comes with direct audio streaming support lớn hearing aid devices.

Download ROM Here

Android 9.0 Pie:

Android 9.0 Pie is the 9th iteration & a major update of Google’s Android OS. The new Android Pie brings a couple of design changes khổng lồ the successor Android Oreo but the most notable one is the gesture-based navigation system. Other features of Android 9 Pie are New Quichồng Settings UI kiến thiết, Redesigned volume slider, Advanced Battery with AI Support, Notch Support, Improved Adaptive Brightness, Manual theme selection, Android Dashboard which Google calls Digital Wellbeing, and more other features.

Download ROM Here

Lineage OS:

Lineage OS is the legacy of the old famous custom firmware known as CyanogenMod or CM. The company behind Cyanoren.Inc has withdrawn the popular Android gian lận, CyanogenMod that left many of its users disappointed. Few believed that the legacy of CyanogenMod will be taken forward by a new Android hack, however, it was all uncertain. It is amidst such chaos that Lineage OS was introduced & definitely it gave baông chồng everyone the answer concerning Android mod.

You can follow the link khổng lồ Install Lineage OS for Realme Q device.

Download ROM Here – Lineage OS 16

Download ROM Here – Lineage OS 17.1

AOSPExtended ROM:

AOSP Extended ROM is based on the AOSP.. Source code which brings a lot of various cherry-picked commits from multiple other projects. Being based on AOSP, it provides a smooth & lag-miễn phí experience out of the box. The developer of AOSPhường. Extended has promised to add many new features and make it even better for future updates. Just like every other custom ROM, AOSP. Extended ROM also has many features which as a Status bar and Lockscreen customization, Theming, DU’s navbar/Flingbar, AOSPA Pie, & many other features.

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Download ROM Here

AOSiPhường OS:

AOSiPhường OS stands for the full khung of Android xuất hiện Source illusion Project. It is a quality custom ROM based purely on Google AOSP source since 6.0 release. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive sầu for perfection and it shows.

Download ROM Here


ArrowOS is a new Custom ROM & it is AOSPhường inspired open source project started with the ayên of keeping things simple, clean and neat. The ROM brings almost the same feature which is very useful for the ROM customization và at the kết thúc aiming khổng lồ deliver smooth performance with better battery life.

Download ROM Here

AICPhường OS:

AICPhường also stands f0r Android ICE Cold Project which is an aftermarket firmware based on Android mở cửa Source Project. The ROM is first developed for the HTC Desire HD device in the year 2012. Since then AICPhường has evolved into lớn a mature ROM with the BEST community that you can find! Currently, the ROM is based on Lineage OS with some tweaks from AOSP.

Download ROM Here

CrDroid OS:

CrDroid OS is a new custom ROM based on AOSP/ Lineage OS built from scratch by adding customization option from AOSPA, Lineage, SlimROM, crDroid OS và many others great ROMs out there. The ROM brings a lot of customization option along with Pure Android Experience.

Download ROM Here

Resurrection Remix:

Resurrection Reset is a combination of the stability provided by CM & features from Slyên ổn, Omni và original Rephối builds providing an awesome combination of performance, customization, power và the newest features brought directly khổng lồ your device. This ROM is an ultimately full-featured, stable và combined with the best features of open source ROMs. The ROM is also providing a lot of awesome original Resurrection Reset ROM add-on s in the builds which include best of performance, customization, power & the newest features of your device!

Download ROM Here


BlissROMs comes with a wide selection of customization options from around the Android community. Apart from that, it has also added some of its own chất lượng features to lớn the ROM. The stable build of this ROM is based on Android 10 (or Android Q) and brings with itself all the goodies that the said Android build has. Apart from there, you also get some Bliss exclusive features.

Download ROM Here

Paranoid Android:

Paranoid Android is one popular custom ROM built with many new innovative sầu features, a sliông xã user interface, improved performance, and battery backup.

Download ROM Here

Havoc OS:

Havoc OS is a new Custom ROM designed on the base of Lineage OS & brings many new features that may not be present in other Custom made ROM. The ROM brings a System-wide Rounded UI, Spectrum support, Battery Teak features, Status bar tweaks, OmniSwitch & Slyên recent option for quick multitasking & many more.

Download ROM Here


MIUI 12 is the lademo iteration of MIUI ROM developed by Xiaomày company. It is also used in many devices as a custom ROM. It is developed based on Android Operating system. The ROM comes with many features such as Theme tư vấn, Customization of Status bar, Mi Launcher without ứng dụng drawer, and many other features.

Download ROM Here – MIUI 12

Pixel Experience ROM:

As the name suggests, ROM brings the real Google Pixel Experience ROM on Realme Q. It has all the features and applications which comes out of the box with Google Pixel điện thoại thông minh. Now you can experience the real Pixel Smartphone with this ROM.

Download ROM Here

DerpFest ROM:

DerpFest ROM, is the lakiểm tra addition khổng lồ the community. It is based on Android 10 & brings tons of goodies with itself. These include themes in the form of new system fonts, new system ibé shapes, new background colors, new additions lớn the status bar, changes khổng lồ the quiông xã settings panel, ability lớn modify on-screen keys, mapping hardware keys, tons of modifications the loông xã screen & notifications và additions of new animations are just some of the new features lớn be welcomed in this ROM.

Download ROM Here

POSPhường. OS:

Potato Open Sauce Project (POSP) is a buttery-smooth Android custom firmware (aftermarket) that is basically based on AOSPhường. (Android xuất hiện Source Project). The POSP.. developers have sầu handpicked the best features around the Android OS và have added their own sauce lớn it. In a simple way, this ROM aims to deliver some quality features to experience a better Android taste.

Download ROM Here

Bootleggers ROM:

Bootleggers ROM is an aftermarket firmware based on Ground Zero xuất hiện Source Project (GZOSP) and brings custom features with the most useful apps on your device, with the goal of “Making you feel like 家”. Using the stability & compatibility of GZOSP, this ROM is also packed with some custom wallpaper (Dawn by fxckingdeathwish), ringtones, and fonts, to bring lớn your device into lớn a more fresh look, also with a selection of icons, header packs, & wallpapers (on ShishuWalls app).

Download ROM Here

That’s it! I hope you have installed the Custom ROM for Realme Q. Leave a phản hồi or feedbachồng down below. Thank you!.

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I hope this guide was helpful khổng lồ find the Best Custom ROM for Realme Q which is suitable for you.

Best Custom ROM Realme Realme Q

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