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AMDreleases its secondASICbased on Polaris 10, theRadeonRX 470 with 4GB graphics memory is bound lớn impress for the money. Join us in this article where we"ll tell you all about its performance and features. This mainstream graphics card series will allow you khổng lồ play your games in both the Full HD 1080Phường range and perhaps a game or two as well in the WQHD (2560x1440) range for a price of under 200 USD. The RX 470 isa graphics card series that will allow you to lớn play your games in both the Full HD 1080Phường. range và all that at a very reasonable price as well. See, the 4 GB variant will start selling at $179 / 200 EURO. At the Full HD tên miền 4GB we feel is plenty graphics memory. These cards come with 2048 shader processors & are clocked at a dynamic boost frequency of up-lớn 1206 MHz on the reference cards.

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In this Đánh Giá we"ll look at temperatures, noise, performance and go with the lachạy thử game titles on the globe. This reviews is all about Polaris 10, a code-name indicative of the mainstream khổng lồ high-kết thúc products (but not enthusiast):

Vega 10 - AMD Radeon RX 490 8GB (enthusiast class performance)Polaris 10 - AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB and 8GB (high-kết thúc performance)Polaris 10 - AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB & 8GB(mainstream performance)Polaris 11 - AMD Radeon RX 460 2GB/4GB (entry level)

The Radeon RX 470 graphics thẻ will be made available in 4 and 8 GB versions, the 4GB version will be the predominant standard though as it will be the most price effective sầu solution. The GPU used for the 470 series is a familiar one, the Polaris 10 (Pro), an Ellesmere(codename) GPU based on 4th generation Gcông nhân architecture.The 14 nm FinFET+ process basedRadeon RX 470 will push the hàng hóa lớn 4.9 TFLOPS. With its 120W TDPhường it has 32 CUs (compute units aka shader clusters) x 64 shader processors per CU = 2048 shader processors). The cardhas 256-bit GDDR5 memory which offers an effective sầu 6.6 Gbps / GHz memory bandwidth. The reference cards will run in the 1206 MHz range on its boost cloông xã. Expect board partner cards khổng lồ run a good 50 MHz faster.The GPU retains technologies of the Radeon GCN lineup such as DirectX 12, FreeSync and XDMA for CrossFire support.The GPU with its 2048 shader processors are tied towards 32 ROPs with 128 texture memory units. The initial consumer graphics card based on Ellesmere (PRO model)is the Radeon RX 470 The Radeon RX 470 Polaris 10 GPU is based on a 14nm fabrication process, as such you will see many enhancements in efficiency and that shows in power consumption, the reference cards will use just one 6-pin power PEG (PCI Express Graphics) header to give sầu the the card its power. The reference boards have sầu a 6-phase VRM power supply design và display output wise the new cards have seen an nâng cấp as well, including three DisplayPort 1.4 connectors và one HDXiaoMI 2.0b. AIB partners mayrelease SKUs with a DVI connector as well, the reference PCB shows SMT traces for a DVI connector. Overall the specs show a very potent card khổng lồ play the lathử nghiệm games with whilst offering a good memory kích cỡ versus price in the1920x1080 và even 2560x1440 monitor resolutions.

For this reviews we did not receive a reference thẻ, instead it is one from Powermàu sắc, the Red Devil edition. The thẻ is fitted with 4GB of graphics memory và has been factory tweaked for you a little bit towards 1270 MHz on the Boost frequency, the memory for example runs at an effective sầu 7000 MHz. Being an tweaked Powermàu sắc mã sản phẩm it has been fitted with a proper back-plate and acustom cooler.The card we received for review is a dual-slot, dual-tín đồ solution & for something very mainstream certainly looks more high-over.

Let"s fire up the review, but not before you"ve sầu had a peek ...


Radeon RX 470 Red Devil edition from PowerColorpackedwith 4GB GDDR5 memory

IntroductionProduct PhotosProduct PhotosArchitecture & SpecificationsHardware thiết lập | nguồn consumptionGraphics thẻ temperaturesGraphics Card Thermal Imaging Measurements (FLIR)Graphics thẻ noise levelsTest Environment & EquipmentDX12: Rise of the Tomb Raider (2016)DX12: Hitman (2016)DX12: Total War: WARHAMMERDX12: Ashes Of The Singularity BenchmarkOpenGL và Vulkan: DOOM (2016)DX11: Far Cry PrimalDX11: Anno 2205DX11: Gr& Theft Aulớn VDX11: Tom Clancy"s The DivisionDX11: ThiefDX11: The Witcher III Wild HuntDX11: Battlefield HardlineDX11: Alien IsolationDX11 5K Ultra HD: Middle Earth Shadow MordorDX11: 3DMark FireStrike (2013)DX12: 3DMark Time Spy (2016)DX12: FCAT Frame Experience Analysis Tomb RaiderDX12: FCAT Frame Experience Analysis Hitman AbsolutionDX12: FCAT Frame Experience Analysis Ashes Of SingularityDX12: FCAT Frame Experience Total War: WarhammerDX11: FCAT Frame Experience Analysis Far Cry PrimalDX11: FCAT Frame Experience Analysis Gr& Theft Aulớn VDX11: FCAT Frame Experience Analysis Alien: IsolationOverclocking The Graphics CardFinal words and conclusion
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