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Name _____

Scarcity, Choice, and Decisions

Activity 1: Planning the Prom

Your class has been engaged in various fund-raising projects during the past several years, và you nowhave a total of $9,635 lớn spkết thúc on a big bash - your last school dance. You may not spend more than thisamount on the dance, but you vì chưng not have sầu to lớn spover all of it on the dance. Any money "left over" can beused for a class project, designed to help your school or community.You have sầu decided that there are three categories of expenditures for the dance. 1) hiring a band, 2)renting a place to hold the dance, and 3) providing refreshments & decorations. A committee hasprovided the following information: Bands Available: Cost Name $1,000 Plain, Loud, và Cheap, a local roông xã & roll bvà. $2,500 Busting Gourds, roông chồng with an English twist $4,000 Granite - good hard rochồng $5,000 The National Debt - "getting bigger every day" - a popular new group. $6,500 Philadelphia Transit Authority (the PTA) - nationally known, 2 gold albums. $8,000 The Rolling Rocks - well known touring group from England

Places Available:Cost Name$200 School Gym$600 American Legion Hall$1,500 The Inn on the Hill$2,000 The Two Seasons Hotel$3,000 The Valley Country Club

Refreshments and Decorations:Cost Name$500 trang chủ Economics classes fix sandwiches & make decorations$1,000 Catered - snacks and decorations$3,000 Catered - fancy snacks & fancy decorations$5,000 Package deal -snacks and decorations at dance; and an after-dance meal at a restaurant.Your task now is khổng lồ decide, with the other members of your class, which band to hire, where lớn hold thedance, & what type of refreshments & decorations khổng lồ provide.

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Your class must select one thành tựu fromeach expenditure category.Discussion QuestionIn what ways is this problem similar to economizing problems faced by your family? In what ways is itdifferent?

Activity 2: Breakfast on the Run

A growing number of working professionals are eating breakfast at the office, rather than at home.Others are eating during their commute. Reflecting these trends,that since 1984 the number of breakfasts brought from home has dou a retìm kiếm firm, NPD Group, has found bled. Meantime, the number ofpeople buying their breakfast from quick-service restauranthave sầu opened their cafeterias early in the morning so that employes has doubled since 1995. Some employers es can eat breakfast at work.

The reasons for the replacement of family time with work time include the fact that employees areworking longer each week: since 1976, the proportion of employees worapproximately doubled. As a result, work encroaches on to meal times. Second, breakfast time offers a king 49 hours or more hasquiet time in an otherwise hectic day for many workers khổng lồ catch up on emasecretaries. Third, commutes are growing longer, reducing the time people have sầu for breakfast. More a ils and talking khổng lồ theirtenth of morning commuters leave sầu between 5 a.m. & 6 a.m. (Stephanie Armour, "Breakfast eats time, so workers gobble at the office," USA Today, June 22, 2000)


Word Bank: Economics, Scarthành phố, Opportunity, Want, Need, Resources, Limited, Unlimited,

Production, Distribution, Consumption, Lunch, Choices, Cost, Good, Service

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