It’s all well and good coming to lớn market with a single product, hoping that the consumer will catch on and be prepared lớn be limited lớn what you think are the igiao dịch. But if you really want khổng lồ make a splash anywhere, variety is the spice of life. And that is what EPOS | SENNHEISER are attempting with their gaming headsets – multiple varieties, each with slightly differing options that will ensure that the millions of gamers out there are able to find a headmix that suits. The EPOS | SENNHEISER GSPhường 500 headphối utterly proves that.

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The middle-of-the-road branding that the 500 range giao dịch with sees it sitting behind the superb GSP 600 series – with our favourite being that of the GSP. 602 – yet ahead of the cheaper, more cheerful, more throwable GSP 300. Whilst you may think that middle ground means that the GSP.. 500 comes complete with a host of extras over the cheaper option, but doesn’t quite bởi vì enough to lớn compete with the more expensive range, you’d be wrong. For this is a headset that will happily go toe-to-toe with EPOS | SENNHEISER’s top of the range Xbox-compatible cans.


The EPOS | SENNHEISER GSP. 500 headset is also a rather hefty old lump, running a near mechanical-like aesthetic – much like all of the EPOS | SENNHEISER ranges in fact. Again, I love sầu this look, & I think it looks great on the head, but the sheer bulk that it comes with, when mixed with the 358 grams of stated weight và stunning hinges on the earcups, may again mean it won’t suit all. It’s not heavy as such, but it’s also far from the lighdemo of units that I’ve sầu had the pleasure of using over the years. But hey, you will know exactly what you’re getting yourself inkhổng lồ from a single look at the box.

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So, the EPOS | SENNHEISER GSPhường 500 headset. Is it worth a look? Yes, by all means you’ll want to lớn put this on your consideration danh sách for when you next go headphối shopping, và if you lượt thích the feel, look & sounds produced by the open-back cups, you’re going to be well sorted. For myself, I’d go with the slightly more expensive GSPhường 602 – not only vì chưng I prefer the closed-bachồng system which I feel allows more immersion, but the dark blue & chảy colour that comes with means it is quite possibly the best looking headmix on the market today.

Whatever you decide though, it’s clear – EPOS | SENNHEISER have got you covered in the gaming headmix market. In more ways than one.

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Massive sầu thanks go out lớn EPOS | SENNHEISER for sending over their GSPhường. 500 headset for unboxing and reviews. If you’re sold on this open-bachồng kiến thiết and want to lớn give sầu the 500 a whirl, head over to lớn EPOS direct. You’ll find the GSPhường 500 available for around £179.99.

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