Did you know that 80% of happy ending massage clients come baông xã for more? gọi it an addiction but lớn those well acquitted lớn the art, it simply giving your toàn thân the pleasure it deserves. There are places lớn get a happy ending mas sa in almost all major cities.

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If you want khổng lồ meet Vietnamese girls for miễn phí, check this article.

However, Hanoi happy ending massage has earned a reputation for being kinky, naughty & at the end, the best ‘explosions’, thanks to lớn the sexy cupids at your service. So, are you after a mind-blowing Hanoi sex massages?

The below parlors never disappoints which you can find in Hanoi’s red light district.

Neko Nuru Massage

If you’re looking for an erotic massage experience in Hanoi, my #1 piông xã is Neko Nuru Massage.

They are the erotic mas sa in Hanoi, their entire thực đơn is in English with locals and foreigners paying the exact same price.

Their rooms are stunning and on average they have 35 girls khổng lồ choose from who are checked up on a regular basis.

While the COVID-19 vi khuẩn is shutting down most of Hanoi, Neko Nuru massage is still open, just message them using the info below to lớn make a booking.


Prices start from 600k VND for a 1 hour mát xa & a tip of 600k to the girl.


For a mát xa shop they have sầu really clean and up to date rooms, huge beds with large showers, it’s a full on spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp experience with the happy ending extras.

You can learn more about them by visiting their trang web which is in English: NekoMassage.vn.


Get một nửa off your mát xa just show the photo lớn below 🙂


J Spage authority Massage in Hanoi

Another awesome mas sa shop to check out is J Spa Massage.

They have dozens of girls to choose from, the staff can speak English & their prices are upfront with no extra charges added later.


If you’d like to lớn liên hệ them beforeh& to lớn book (I strongly recommend), you can liên hệ them 84-973027979 using Viber, Wechat và Zalo và check out their trang web at www. jspamas sa.com

Windy Soap VIP.. for happy ending massages in Hanoi

If you are after a soapy mas sa with happy ending, Windy soap is your place. In some mas sa the girl or girls if you like, will cover your body with mas sa oil or yogurt, run hands all over your body toàn thân và offer their mouths in the ‘right’ places.

Open hours: 7:30 AM lớn 9:30 PMBranches Addresses: Windy VIP mát xa 265 Kyên ổn Nguu

Branches Addresses: Windy VIPhường mas sa 265 Klặng Nguu

Windy VIPhường mát xa Villa B9 Nguyen Thi Dinh

Windy VIP. 18 Ngo 76 Duy Tan

Prices: VND 400K—500K for massage và 500k for tag job.

You can add an extra 100k for a threesome or foursome. Don’t forget lớn tip.

Oasis mas sa

The most recommended are VIP Oasis mas sa rooms. The girl will fill up the tub, và the two of you will jump in, naked. She will wash you from head to lớn toe, offer body to lớn body massage và while still at it, guide you to the table where Hanoi happy ending mát xa will begin (no sex).

Branches Addresses: Oasis 19 Lang Ha, Hanoi

Oasis 56 Nguyen Khan, Hanoi

Prices: VND 600k for 90 minutes, between VND 500k

VND1m to get Hanoi sex massages.

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Sakura club

Sakura spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp is very popular with foreigners. It’s clean, comfortable and has VIP room with Jacuzzi & Saunas. Hanoi happy ending mas sa cost more in Sakura but worth every dime. You can request more than two Vietnamese women if you like.

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mở cửa hours: 10 AM lớn midnight

Branches Addresses: 175 Quan Hoa, Cau Glay

217 Au Co, Tay Ho

Doi Nhan, Ba Dinh

Prices: VIPhường Hanoi happy ending mas sa (boob job/hand job) VND 400k + tip

Full toàn thân mát xa with BJ VND 600k + tip

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De Palace Spa

It’s a high rated mas sa parlor located in a 4-start Fortuna Hotel. Here, you will get pleasured in the safest & comfortable environment in Hanoi. Girls are also prettier, and you can take them back khổng lồ your room for Hanoi sex massages. You might need lớn book the room before your visit due to lớn high demand.

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Address: 6B Lang Ha, Hanoi

Prices: VND 600k + VND500k-1M for extras.

Hanoi Hotel

Hanoi khách sạn massage parlor is located on the first floor. You will pay an entrance of VND 400k to use the steam room and Jacuzzi plus a 45-minute mas sa. Most of these massages are not Hanoi sex massages but gets you in the mood where you can take a girl bachồng to lớn your room for $100 (short-time) or $150 (full night).

Address: 8D Giang Vo, Hanoi, 10 minutes’ drive sầu to tourist sites.

Bao son International Hotel

Bao Son is a highly rated khách sạn with casinos, Jacuzzis, sauna, steam room & other excellent facilities. The hotel is more popular with business people from Asian countries, making the Vietnamese massages quite expensive

The price is still reasonable & girl-friendly, so either Hanoi happy ending mát xa or Hanoi Sex massages is guaranteed if you request.


Address: 50 Nguyen Chi Tkhô giòn, Hanoi. A đôi mươi minutes’ drive sầu from historical center

Prices: VND 650K for a 90 minutes mas sa,

VND 750 for 120 minutes massage

VND 500k extra for a tug job.

Blue Spage authority

The Blue Spa is located in a safe, secluded area with nice looking interior decors to get a Hanoi happy ending mát xa. Its prices are also reasonable compared khổng lồ other tourist hotels in Hanoi. The spas room are neat and clean, decorated with Japanese kiến thiết khổng lồ create a good environment for an erotic mát xa. Here you are assured of a happy ending massage if not a sex massage. Your task is lớn choose whether lớn the erotic massage from one girl, a threesome or foursome.

Address: 5/5 Nguyen Kkhô nóng Toan (Located next lớn Mia Spa)

Prices: Expect a VND 300k for a 60 minutes massage + tip.

If two girls VND 500k plus tips for both.

Call: 043 35 33 888

TLT VIPhường Club

Also known as Men’s Spage authority PVT or Emperors men’s spa làm đẹp, the parlor does not offer a Hinoi sex mas sa, but you will get Hinoi happy ending mas sa (blowjobs and Handjobs). In most massages you will start by a lengthy baông chồng and leg rub where eventually the girl will roll you over for a chest & thigh mát xa before she goes down khổng lồ the extra services.


Open hours: 10AM khổng lồ 12PM

Address: 24-26 Phan Van Tri, Dong Da, Hanoi

Prices: Massage in a normal room VND500k + tip

VIP. mas sa (Jacuzzi room) VND600k + tip

Two girl massage VND150k extra

Call: 0422445599

Mai Spa

Mai Spa is very similar khổng lồ Blue Spa. However, as per our knowledge, there is no Hanoi sex massage, but it offered a naked, full toàn thân khổng lồ body massage from one or more girls in Hanoi who ensure all nooks or crannies of your toàn thân get adequately massaged.

You will first spover some private time with your sexy girl in a hot tub then she escorts you khổng lồ an oily Hanoi sex mas sa. From the masseuse’s skills, you will end with a full explosion.

Address: 47/5 Nguyen Khan Toan

Price: VND 400K for 90 minutes và VND500k for 1trăng tròn minutes, VND 600k for a threesome.

Tips per girl depkết thúc on your request between VND800K và VND500k.

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Point to note about massage tips

The above sầu tips were paid mostly by locals. Girls will try và get more if you are a foreigner or if you seem amateur in Hanoi happy ending massages. Try và put your negotiating skills inkhổng lồ practice.

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Very few Vietnamese ladyboys will be working at mát xa shops in Hanoi.

Also, before you get the rub down, have sầu a quick talk with the manager khổng lồ see which extra services are available. Most of these spars offer four hands (two girls massage) và a threesome at the over. By how far the erotic massage goes varies on whether you are willing lớn pay plus if the girls are comfortable with it. Ever visited any of the above parlours? Which was your favorite happy ending massage in Hanoi?

Also, before you get the rub down, have sầu a quiông xã talk with the manager lớn see which extra services are available. Most of these spars offer four hands (two girls massage) và a threesome at the kết thúc. By how far the erotic mát xa goes varies on whether you are willing khổng lồ pay plus if the girls are comfortable with it. Ever visited any of the above parlours? Which was your favorite happy ending mát xa in Hanoi?

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